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u/wwcoop · -1 pointsr/spartanrace

On the Z Walls, I recommend left most Z wall, left side. Make sure you bring plenty of food. I brought a cliff bar and a gel blocks pack which wasn't nearly enough. Wish I had brought twice as much. It's plenty muddy - make sure your shoes are tied TIGHT! If very much recommend a pair of gloves. My gloves really saved my hands from a lot of abuse. I WILL NEVER DO ANOTHER SPARTAN RACE WITHOUT THESE GLOVES! Fricking awesome and cheap.

They won't give you super powers or anything, but they will save your hands from a lot of abuse.

- Protect your hands when doing burpees in thorny or rocky area.

- Protect your hands when holding chains or bucket.

- Protect your hands when doing rope climb and herc hoist.

- Helps with grip on slip wall.


I can't even remember everything I used them for, but they really saved my hands from a lot of abuse. They are super light too. Super cheap so just throw them away after and bring a fresh pair to each event.

u/deblasi · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

I've honestly never heard of a waterproof backpack, it may well be a thing, I don't really know, even if it is, I'd think it would be a hindrance during a swim unless you were able to push out all the air. What I'd suggest as an alternative is a bag with good drainage with either a dry bag or ziplock bags inside containing your food. I know you aren't really looking for a camelbak, but I used a dolfin pack for my last two races and it worked great, it was super comfortable and didn't get water logged during the river crossings due to the neoprene construction and drainage. Check it out, it may we'll do the job for you whether you decide to use the hydration portion or not.

u/eternalphoenix64 · 1 pointr/spartanrace

Thanks for the advice.

Another quick question, in my searches I came across this guy:

I really like the features (the laptop pocket for a 30lb ruck plate, the dedicated pocket for hydration reservoir, what looks like drain holes built in, stuff like that). Question is, any feedback? It looks like it's rated pretty close to the same as similar 5.11 bags.

u/Meph616 · 4 pointsr/spartanrace

Did it last year, going again this year. Really the main thing you need is comfortable clothes that don't hold water. They don't have to be waterproof, and you don't need super expensive compression gear. But they should not hold water. Basically avoid cotton clothing like the plague. A regular microfiber shirt will work. Light shoes that do good on trails. These dry up quickly, so they won't weigh you down. As well especially with the shoes, good shoes won't hold onto mud either. I can tell you from experience when I used to use "throwaways." When you have a shit pair that holds onto mud and water you're running with cinder blocks attached to your feet. It gets exhausting right quick.

Last years shoes I was wearing Reebok RealFlex 2.0 which are great on trails, great at not holding water/mud. But they absolutely suck on walls. They have 0 traction when trying to climb over a wall. I can't get a kick up from them, and that bites. This year I'm trying the Reebok Wild Trails because I got them on sale for about $55. Plus they look to be almost identical to the new Reebok Trail Supers designed in part by/for Spartan Race. Only without the water ports built in.

I've heard great reviews for shoes from Inov-8. I haven't used them so I can't recommend which exact one would do well. They do cost a bit more than your average Nike/Reebok trail shoe, but then again it's likely getting what you pay for (quality). After all it's your feet. If it separates you from the ground it is worth investing into. Shoes. Tires. Mattress. You'll thank yourself in the long term.

It will be the end of may/start of june. It will be warm. Like 85-90* warm. Was last year, all sun no clouds. And it will be on ski slope. Meaning mountainous/rocky terrain. Do not expect a mud pit for the barbed wire crawl. It will not be that nice. It will be crawling over rocks. I bought these and they have been a life savers on the knees for this obstacle specifically. I've worn them to Tough Mudder, a few Spartans, Savage Race, Warrior Dash, Superhero Scramble too probably I forget all the ones now. They are still holding up like new, same pair. They look like they won't do shit with how thin they are, but they are surprisingly great. I swear by them after the first couple years getting tired of bruised and cut up knees since here in the North East Every. Single. Event. Is up and down a damn ski slope with more rocks than dirt.

Also, the course is only about 4 miles. Save the weight and skip on the Camelbak if you were thinking of using one. There will be a water station or two, as well as one at the end.

Shit this got longer than I originally anticipated.

TL;DR - Wear clothes that don't hold water (so avoid cotton). Good shoes, again that don't hold water, is a solid investment. Expect a shitload of rocks compared to mud, it is on the side of a mountain. I recommend those kneepads but they aren't mandatory. It's only 4 miles, skip the hydration pack you'll be fine.

u/dafunkee · 6 pointsr/spartanrace

I bought a refurbished Garmin Forerunner 235 on Amazon, looks like it's $230 right now but maybe Black Friday could get it under $200?

I used it for a Trifecta + two other OCRs and while I had to clean it pretty well after mud made the buttons hard to press, it's still working very well for me.

u/markmartel · 1 pointr/spartanrace

I've done 4 Spartan races - all sprints - but in a variety of temperatures and conditions.

I'm not about showing my junk either, so I go for a "superhero" style layering approach. Here's my go to gear:

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u/axe_kicking_anteater · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

I sprained my ATFL ligament in my ankle back in March, and tweaked it again in June during a race because I thought I was recovered and my ankle didn’t need support. Ice and PT were huge for me for recovery.

Like the others said, I would ask your PT for brace suggestions, but I’ve had good success with this one. I’ve been wearing this for BJJ and OCRs and haven’t had issues with either)

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer, Black, Small

I am no doctor, nor built like a linebacker, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

u/Eccentrica_Gallumbit · 1 pointr/spartanrace

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u/zildjanavedis · 1 pointr/spartanrace

Been looking at some myself, Mack from OCR kings used a Dolfin Pack during an Ultra Beast and did a review on it: .


Its not terribly expensive on Amazon ($44) but a few others linked here are cheaper and seem nice also!


I've not used it myself, and dont speak on behalf of their youtube channel, just something I came along during my search.

u/lbobrien · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

As an additional precaution, you may want to think about using a brace if you do end up running. Won't guarantee a pain free race, but at least will provide some additional support on the trails. This one seems to be well thought of.

u/leadtpt74 · 1 pointr/spartanrace

I've been using this one this year ( It's gone through six Spartans and one BFX and has held up pretty well.

u/useless-spud · 3 pointsr/spartanrace

I just got Salomon Speedcross 4 and did my first race over the weekend they were great, kept rocks out, and I had grip on everything.

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Runner, Black A1U8, 12 M US

u/tejoman · 1 pointr/spartanrace

Generally gloves are unnecessary at a race. If it's cold or the terrain is garbage, then maybe. However, gloves are basically required at HH and HH12HR. I'd recommend Mechanix gloves like these

u/MeadeNJ · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

I've always used Mechanix gloves:

Good, general use gloves - it comes down to personal preference, but I like the finger coverage especially for pulling the gravel into the buckets or hauling the logs around

u/ocr_racerunner · 1 pointr/spartanrace

I also wear these over the top to protect my knees.. I've been getting 20-25 races out of a pair.. Also wear them when I just wear compression shorts on the course.

u/TegidTathal · 1 pointr/spartanrace

I'm going to second the Salt Tablet recommendation. I used and it was night and day vs my previous mountain races (3xWintergreen Super where I ALWAYS cramped like crazy and I was 20lbs lighter and in better shape for the 2016 Wintergreen race). I had only minor cramping on a few downhills and zero on the death march or barbed wire in Killington.

u/MeadeOCR · 1 pointr/spartanrace

I started with this one and use it for simple trail runs, I changed to ( since it has some easy to get to side pockets.

u/Brosecker · 4 pointsr/spartanrace

>I bought a refurbished Garmin Forerunner 235 on Amazon, looks like it's $230 right now but maybe Black Friday could get it under $200?\_B07DPGR44N?\_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

this or a refurbished fenix 3

u/Kay1000RR · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

You sound almost exactly like me. You are either heel striking or over-striding or both. Look into barefoot running to fix your form. If you're tired of doctors and PTs telling you what you can't do, you should seek out a running coach. I also highly recommend this book.

u/thedannmann · 1 pointr/spartanrace

AH. in THAT case:

That guy is clutch. Doesn't damage the door/walls. Get up to doing as many pulls up as you can in the AM and as many chin ups as you can in the PM.

u/bloodscourge · 3 pointsr/spartanrace

These. All. Damn. Day.

Put them in a steel, waterproof pill holder (which are also cheap). The holders I have will hold 14 tablets per tube. These kept cramping away even during the ultra beast today after it started to get hot during the second lap.

Take one two nights before. The the morning before. One the night before and any you need during the race. Scale up as needed based on length.

SaltStick Caps, Electrolyte Pills for Hydration, Supplements for Exercise Recovery, Youth & Adult Athletes, Hiking, Camping, Hangovers, & Sports Recovery, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Bottle of 100

u/Mechachrome · 1 pointr/spartanrace

What brand/kind? example IMO when OCR's started becoming a thing i would have to say there were the unofficial gloves :

my pair of there i just throw em in the washer an hang dry

u/jimmyF1TZ · 1 pointr/spartanrace

These Mad Grips are the gloves I used in my race a couple weeks ago. They worked great, not too water logged in my opinion. However, I did slip off the monkey bars within .01 seconds which pissed me off. Otherwise I thought they were good.

u/spitfish · 8 pointsr/spartanrace

Salt tabs are the better alternative. I cramped at every race until I started using them. My first race with them was the 2016 Killington Beast. One every hour & not one cramp for the almost 12 hours I was on that damn mountain.

Disclaimer: Your results may vary. Always test new things (gels, blocks, food, equipment) before using them in a race.

u/jamesewelch · 4 pointsr/spartanrace

MudGear. Wear them for CrossFit rope climb days and my last 3 Spartans (and 2 non Spartan obstacle races).

u/rudylishious · 3 pointsr/spartanrace

Highly recommend [these.]
( Add compression and I was able to do the rope bridge with no burns or visible damage to the socks.

u/SamkonTheMankon · 3 pointsr/spartanrace

Some people like them, some people don't. TBH I don't think they help at all on grip strength/hanging obstacles like Multirig and Twister. That being said, I do wear them to prevent rope burn on Herc hoist, Rope climb, slip wall and plate drag. And protect my hands for buckets and burpees on gravel.

I've tried the expensive gloves and don't think any have a noticeable difference from the cheapo ones I wear.

Fingerless is the way to go and I don't mind ruining a pair of these at less than a dollar a pop.

Once gloves get wet, they're useless outside of being protection. If the rigs are wet, you are more likely to slip with gloves vs without. I usually slip my gloves on as I approach an obstacle that I need it for and leave them in my pockets (or pack) the rest of the time.

u/joejance · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

I bought the Mad Grip gloves. I used them for the same thing as you: to save my hands on some specific rope obstacles, and I think I may have used them with the bucket too.

BTW, I don't like them on monkey bars at all. They grip too much. I need to be able to swing and use my body movement to flow between bars. These just grip way too tight on the bars.

u/Vyceron · 1 pointr/spartanrace

Compression gear allows me to run without pain. Try it!

Last year I tried C25K, and had to stop after week 2 because my left IT band was killing me.

I signed up for the Nashville Sprint (my first Spartan race) a few weeks ago, and decided to start the C210K program. After the first run, my left IT band felt sore again. A coworker that runs marathons told me about compression gear (socks and knee sleeves). I bought some from Amazon, and now I can run without pain!

Here's the compression gear I use:

u/twisted_dice · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

Haven't done a Spartan yet, but I've read nothing but love for these mad grip gloves: