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u/fantasticdonuts · 3 pointsr/sports

Pete, setup informational interviews at organizations near you, professional and college. This is a form of networking that will help you learn who holds positions who will give you 10-30 minutes of their time to learn about duties and skills in different roles at different ballclubs.

You have to ask, ask, ask, but you will learn of many ways you know someone who works at these clubs. Use your networks to find connections that are 1,2,3 levels deep. You will find its likely that over time you'll only have to go 1 or 2 levels of connection. Ask the athletic departments at your university. A lot of clubs have spring training in AZ, so you're likely in a good spot to find connections. Here is an example of what you could ask:

> I'm so_and_soap, a senior here at NAU. I'm interested in working with MLB and am wondering if there are some staff here who can help me setup informational interviews at the Diamondbacks, MLB?

There are three goals (or however many you make up) for informational interviews.

  1. Get answers to the questions you have about skills and duties. Skills are valuable to learn; by knowing the required skills you will interview well and likely do the job well. Duties help you think about the jobs you would like.

  2. Get the word out that you want to get an entry level job when you graduate, titles might include coordinator, analyst, associate, etc. Be open, say yes to things.

  3. Build your network. It is nice to meet people and is the most likely way to get anything done in business. Don't feel an obligation to be close with informational interview people. Keep it light and focussed, having fun. You will run into the same people over time and relationships will build from it. In the meantime, they might be able to help you with making introductions to people who have the power to hire you. It is these people you who can hire you that you want to meet.

    You might find something at your ballclub within your search timeframe quickly. Most likely, though, you will need to include more companies in your search. Whatever the job, focus on developing those skills you think ae most important to land you at MLB or other targetted companies.

    Networking ideas:
    Linkedin, parents, university alumni, directories, friends, friends' parents, guest lecturers, professors, bosses

    Say Yes
    In your replies to comments you have said 3 times that you don't know something or don't have requisite skill for something. That is not productive nor useful to your efforts. Instead think of a question that might get that piece of information answered.


    Highly Effective Networking by Orville Pierson

    Use your head to get your foot in the door by Harvey Mackay

    Nonviolent Communication

    Spin Selling
u/njndirish · 3 pointsr/sports

> When America rapes the Olympics every 4 years and embarrasses the athletes of other, lesser countries (often on their own turf)

Only a recent phenomenon. The gold medal run from 1996 to 2004 was impressive, but the Soviets have long been dominant in that field.

> the country is allowed to enjoy its superior sports on its own time.

How does one define superior?

>America doesn't give two shits about soccer.

TV ratings and attendance says differently.

>Soccer is a boring

Personal opinion, but I must ask, why do you find it boring? Lack of scoring? Then I assume you consider a perfect game or a defensive battle in American football to be an affront to nature. Perhaps you lack the intelligence to understand the overall tactics of the game to fully embrace it. People overseas find American football incredibly boring because it lacks fluidity, but upon learning the game grow to respect it.

>simple minded game

Pitcher throw, hitter hit and run, players catch

Put ball in hoop

Put puck in net


> designed for poor Europeans

Then what was American football designed for? The two sports had very similar rules and roots deep into the 1890's.

>feel a sense of belonging and purpose connected their respective clubs

Incorrect, soccer was encouraged as a recreational game between organizations. Some were athletic clubs filled with influential individuals, some were universities, others were clubs at manufacturing plants created by workers to utilize their day off. Over time people became willing to pay to watch.

>Which is why they have sing a songs

I assume you refuse to applaud and cheer when a pitcher is on the second strike with two outs in an inning. Or make noise when your American football team is on defense.

>get drunk as fuck with each other while absentmindedly watching grown men

So I assume you don't watch college football

>flail and flop along a grass field

Happens in every sport

>cheering their beta hearts out when they manage to draw a card.

I would recommend not using a phone to post, autocorrect can be so silly. In the sport of soccer a draw is worth one point. Now if a club is vastly overmatched by a superior opponent, but that club manages a draw on the road, the fans would be happy has the draw is worth one point. In the NHL it used to be similar until they introduced the ridiculous shoot-out. But that's what's nice about soccer is that the match is less than two hours long. Extra-innings and extensive overtime periods can be incredibly boring.

>There is no strategy

>no heart

>no skill

I assume you have never heard of Messi

>it will never be embraced in United States


u/yellowstuff · 2 pointsr/sports

Sports writing has a long, rich tradition and it's probably worth tapping into some of the older stuff.

The New Yorker has printed some great sports writing, and this collection has articles going back almost 100 years. The most famous is John Updike's description of Ted Williams' final at bat at Fenway.

Dr. Z has some great stuff. His book "The New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football", published in 1984, blends statistics and subjective insight in a way that anticipates modern sports writing. The chapter on Marion Motley is wonderful.

You've heard of Bill James. I like this abstract but he has a lot of good work.

Boxing has a long tradition of being elevated by great writing. My favorite boxing writer is AJ Liebling, some of his best work is collect in The Sweet Science.

There's a ton of great stuff out there I didn't mention. I think it would be a mistake to draw mostly from writing from the last 10 years.

u/night_owl · 4 pointsr/sports

If you want to learn a little bit of context and history of what English football is all about Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch is a great book written from the perspective of a growing up to be life-long Arsenal fan. Good sense of humor and excellent writing, not some boring paean to sports-fandom. Even my mother like the book and she doesn't know anything about soccer.

u/shantm79 · 2 pointsr/sports

check out

Baseball Between the Numbers is good:

Bill James Historical Abstract is an awesome read. Ranks players throughout history, by position. Needs updating, but still a great read

Also, is a good, up and coming site as well.

u/mkdz · 11 pointsr/sports

I've posted about this before. If you read the book Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan, the author explores the gender gap in athletics. His conclusion is the best women athletes are at about the same level as 14-16 year old men. For example, the US Women's National Soccer team scrimmages against U-14, U-15, and U-16 men's club teams. They can beat the U-14 and U-15 teams but get trounced by the U-16 teams. Also, many women's college basketball teams will scrimmage intramural men's teams for practice, and it will be pretty competitive. Additionally, if you look at track-and-field times, women's world records match up well against 14 and 15 year old men's records while the 16 year old men's records will beat the women's world records.

u/raid18 · 1 pointr/sports

Check out Baseball Between the Numbers. Outstanding look at statistics in baseball and how they are often misused. One of my favorite chapters was about how Pete Incaviglia was more valuable running the bases than Rickey Henderson during his 130 steal season. Really interesting stuff throughout the book.

u/VerboseButWrong · 0 pointsr/sports

I recommend this book to all who are interested in the history of this kinda thing. Just fascinating.

u/cortechthrowaway · 787 pointsr/sports

A remarkable man. After his four minutes of fame, he retired from running and became a brain surgeon. He literally wrote the book on clinical neurology.

u/skeet_on_your_face · 13 pointsr/sports

I'll probably get downvoted for this, but hopefully I can offer some insight into Jackson's comments.

A sports columnist for The New York Times by the name of William C. Rhoden wrote a book entitled Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete. In his book, Rhoden draws parallels between how the owners and/or management of sports franchises dictate the fate of their players irrespective of their wishes to how a slave master values a slave as a piece of property in which the slave master owns.

A lot of people will preemptively dismiss anything Jesse Jackson has to say because of the baggage he carries, but in all fairness, Jackson didn't say anything about race or even accuse Dan Gilbert of racism. Spike Lee also made a (less brash, but) similar statement about Dan Gilbert not owning LeBron on ESPN.

If you're interested in reading Rhoden's reaction to all the LeBron James drama, you can read it on The New York Times website.

Don't kill the messenger.

u/Jeraltofrivias · 1 pointr/sports

>Sam Walker makes the case that Jordan wouldn't have won without Cartwright. His team needed a selfless watercarrier to inspire the others to hustle rather than let the self-centered star do it all.

MJ was already implied to be "God-like" since the 80s when Bird said so, in 87'. Before Cartwright was even on the Bulls.

MJ was doing stupid shit right off the bat, out of the draft.

There is 0 chance he only won because of Cartwright. Or even MOSTLY because of Cartwright.

Put him on the Lakers, Celtics, or Pistons in the 80s, and he is winning a ring every year that decade.

u/A_Real_Live_Fool · 1 pointr/sports

Not sure on the sub-reddit (dear god I hope there is)! But in the meantime, you should read David Halberstam's books Summer of '49 and October 1964.

u/kejadlen · 19 pointsr/sports

In Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan, Gallagher says that the USWNT soccer team will often scrimmage against boys teams. Apparently the USWNT can beat the U13 boys, but not the U15 ones. (Or something like that...) Puberty much?

Edit: fixed the link.

u/AFreebornManoftheUSA · 0 pointsr/sports

Sam Walker makes the case that Jordan wouldn't have won without Cartwright. His team needed a selfless watercarrier to inspire the others to hustle rather than let the self-centered star do it all.

u/westvanthuggin · 1 pointr/sports

The best book I ever read on doping in the Tour de France was Bad Blood it's already probably 4-5 years old but it really called out Lance Armstrong for doping before anyone else was.

The Barry Bonds cover story from Sports Illustrated was absolutely massive at the time, almost as big as his head. here's the article

u/cblizzah · 1 pointr/sports

No, he can see it on page 1 from the "Look Inside" from this book on Amazon

u/borderwave2 · 3 pointsr/sports

Actually, there is a book that makes that exact argument.

u/beholdkrakatow · 2 pointsr/sports

Or this John Oliver clip from Last Week Tonight, it's almost the whole segment from last week's episode. Video at the bottom of the article.

He references this book, Run, Swim, Throw, Cheat: The science behind drugs in sport.

u/APSTNDPhy · 2 pointsr/sports

As I said... Loser mentality. Also has no grounds in science.

Read 'Bounce'.

u/Dirt_McGirt_ · 20 pointsr/sports

Check out the book The Bad Guys Won about the 86 Mets. Lenny Dykstra was the leader of a clique called "The Scum Bunch" that bet huge amounts of money on ridiculous shit.