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u/SovAtman · 9 pointsr/startrek

> We all need to be more respectful no matter what side of the argument we land on. If you don't like something about some incarnation of the franchise, by all means voice that opinion, but please don't insult the artists who have spent time making it. Don't insult your fellow fans who might actually enjoy it. And don't try to invalidate it by re-labeling it.

I really appreciate the call to be more respectful, and that "true trek" is this pretty flexible and personal metric, people watch it for different reasons. I think part of it is that there's plenty of trek fans that just enjoy, fulfillingly or not, being really analytical about the whole thing. I remember being a kid watching Voyager, loving it, but then also nitpicking it with my friends the next day. It's really a big part of the passion.

I mean this is a thing and it's a freaking text book and I had it as a kid and read it for fun.

This is different than how civil our approach is, and whether we're being respectful, but ultimately it's a pretty big sign of passion that you'd care this much to get into it.

> I am a real fan of Star Trek. And I am pretty sure that if you are taking time to post in this forum, you are too.

So yeah, that's beautiful.

But I do want to say in defence of nitpicking, whether you think its fair or not: since it's very inception Star Trek has been surrounded by people in the industry who just really did not like it and wanted to change it. From the network down to the directors, and sometimes the cast itself. They politically and professionally disagreed with so much of it. The sets, costumes, stories and message. It's something that, to me at least, starts to explain a lot when you see it, and I started to see it a lot more places than I expected when I knew to look for it. There's tons of anecdotal stories about the whole thing from the cast and crew. But I think what kind of tied it together in a sorta shocking way was watching the Chaos on the Bridge documentary in which you see former working mates, decades after his death, still kinda shit-talking Gene straight to the camera.

Now the thing is before I watched this I had very little background knowledge about Trek's production, I just watched the show as a kid, loved Janeway and Picard, and only kinda got back into it years later when a partner got me back into the reruns. I caught this documentary just channel surfing on TV and the thing I remember was the producers, directors and writers still kinda condemning Gene for many things he chose that ultimately turned out to be true. How he went through teams of writers because just nobody could understand writing a show not based on interpersonal conflict, until he could collect a group willing to at least give it a shot, and from their spawn the whole franchise.

I guess my feeling is this. It's unfair to fight with fans about what is and isn't Trek. But there are people in the industry who aren't fans, or maybe make a pretty poor justification for it, who are making decisions that manifest in the franchise. And you can see the changes. You can. Sometimes they're small, sometimes they're huge, but we can see them and it hurts. Because for different reasons it can be things that are very important to people. Maybe it's little things like Uhura not getting to wear her rank or larger things like destroying one of Star Trek's most iconic homeworlds just for shock value and a rarely-referenced plot device ("they literally blew up logic" was what my partner said at the time). But the issue is these aren't just mistakes and negligence on some people's part, these issues are in the series because a portion of those people actually believe this is how the show should be. They've disagreed with the iconic efforts the show has made since its inception.

The new ST: Beyond was really reassuring. Regardless of the volume and form fan criticism has taken is justified, it seemed like they listened. Hell, they even did reshoots, and they fixed some things. The characters are softer and more balanced, the message is more positive, the tech is more serious while still being fun, and Uhura gets a freaking rank again (not to mention better screen time). But the new movie opens (minor spoiler) with a toast between McCoy and Kirk in which McCoy says “To perfect eyesight and a full head of hair". Which seems quaint and anachronistic in a way that perfectly represents the efforts of the new Trek movies. But I gotta say I kinda was instantly reminded of this quote from Patrick Stewart, who was genuinely emotional about his early baldness when he was a young actor:

> [Stewart] expressed gratitude for Gene Roddenberry's riposte to a reporter who said, "Surely they would have cured baldness by the 24th century," to which Roddenberry replied, "In the 24th century, they wouldn't care."

Yeah I seriously doubt this opening "toast" in ST:B was a direct shot at the later Captain of the Enterprise (and his Chief Engineer). I just think it was maybe oddly careless. And I do kinda believe the production behind Star Trek now probably believes being bald sucks and would still suck for the crew of the Enterprise. But beyond that maybe it means they wouldn't make the same argument Gene did, and would have never cast the same actors (or roles) a second time-around.

As much as I enjoyed ST:B, I'm afraid that some carelessness and the rare intentional malice is around in the franchise. And not because of the fans, but because of the non-fans who want to "be fans" of a thing they never liked in the first place.

But yeah I appreciate your post as it pertains to this forum, I just don't think there's no place for discussing Star Trek's tekkyness by people who care about it. It's how we do it that's important though.

u/gloubenterder · 3 pointsr/startrek

Well, the most important thing when learning a language is having people to practice with :)

/r/tlhInganHol is where you'll find the highest concentration of jatlhwI'pu' and ghojwI'pu' on Reddit ... though, admittedly, it's still not very active. You'd have better luck on Facebook; the Learn Klingon group has daily activity from both new learners and experienced speakers.

Apart from that, the most important resource is The Klingon Dictionary (TKD) by Marc Okrand, which contains all the basics.

His follow-up book, Klingon for the Galactic Traveler (KGT), uses language as a vehicle for exploring Klingon culture; it reads almost like a tourist's guidebook. It's not as important as TKD, but still a must-have for any Klingon language student, and it's also very enjoyable (it's my second-favorite Star Trek book, following The Final Reflection).

There's also a great audio guide called Conversational Klingon (CK), starring Michael Dorn as Worf. Like KGT, it's played like a tourist's guide, with a lot of humor and cultural insights. I used to listen to it on the commute to school; very enjoyable. Plus, you get to hear Marc Okrand himself pronouncing the sounds of the language; straight from the figurative horse's literal mouth.

The follow-up audio course, Power Klingon (PK), is even better, but it's not available as a digital download, so it can be difficult to find.

Some useful websites:

  • Klingonska Akademien - Features a dictionary (with sources), grammar guides, overviews of the pIqaD alphabet, an extensive archive of the language's canon (very useful for advanced students), and more. (Unfortunately, the server crashes for a couple of hours about once every two weeks.)

  • Klingonska Akademien on Facebook

  • Hol 'ampaS - Features a dictionary (with pIqaD text included), grammar guides, media files, a pIqaD transcriber, and more.

  • Hol 'ampaS on Facebook

  • The Klingon Teacher from Germany - Quvar, also known as Klenginem, has made quite a few video courses (in both English and German) on Klingon. His pronunciation is excellent.

  • tlhIngan Hol in Star Trek works - Note that most Star Trek episodes and books don't use proper tlhIngan Hol; instead, the authors usually make things up on the fly, or do word-by-word translations (or, lately, Bing Translator, which is a big no-no). This list contains many of the exceptions.

  • tlhIngan Hol in other media - Likewise, when "Klingon" is used in popular culture, it usually isn't actually tlhIngan Hol. The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Garden State, you name it; they all abuse the Klingon language for breakfast. This list has a lot of counter-examples that students may enjoy.

  • qepHom wiki - A newly launched wiki aiming for all things tlhIngan Hol.

  • The Klingong Language Institute (website under construction) - The KLI's old website is sort of legendary for its outdatedness ... but they're working on it!

    Hope that helps! batlh yIHaD!
u/Sessamy · 1 pointr/startrek

You're mad if you think they "upscaled" ENT. There's a common thing in film of recording on film or 2k or higher tapes and then editing them and finally broadcasting shows or movies In a lower resolution. That may be why you're getting your info from whereever wrong. Cable broadcasts in 720p and before the advent of HDTVs, everything was broadcasted in 480.

I don't care what you say, but my ENT BD set from the UK is native 1080 and was not scaled up. It was actually scaled down for TV, cable and sattelite broadcasting, likely from a digital tape.

Here's a link so you can see what the details say about what resolution it is in and if any reviewers complained it was a taboo of the filming industry of showing low resolution on BD (they didn't):

Recording info from:

"Finally, we come to Star Trek: Enterprise. All four seasons were broadcast in 16:9 widescreen, and the DVDs are in anamorphic widescreen. This means that whereas an older 4:3 NTSC television will have black bars blanking out many of the 480 lines, one of the newer 16:9 televisions will get the full 852x480i, though this will be compressed on the DVD to 720x480i. Thus, for full quality an NTSC-type interlaced DVD with anamorphic widescreen is the way to go. PAL up-conversion and high-density optical discs won't help.

For the third and fourth season of Enterprise, though, the broadcast wasn't in 480i but in 1080i HDTV. This means that the DVD sets are actually featuring far less resolution than the original broadcast. Many fans are thus also downloading high-quality versions online ripped from the original 1080i broadcasts, from extremely clean down-conversions to ~480i to some episodes in 720p format. I'm not sure if the PAL versions of the last couple of seasons of Enterprise are properly-done transfers of the originals straight to PAL or if they are upconverted from 480i. In either case, though, until the emergence of high-density optical discs, these few 720p HDTV-rips will be the best available versions.

S1, S2, S3, S4: 480i 16:9 (35mm Film down-conv.) 1080i60 16:9

Best Consumer Recording (Next-Gen):
S1, S2, S3, S4: 1080i NTSC (HD-DVD / Blu-Ray)"


Same page about DS9 and Voyager:

"With TNG, DS9, and Voyager, things are a little confusing. These were all shot on 35mm film and then transferred to an interlaced analog signal (480i) (a process called telecining) for broadcast. Further, the special effects (at least during TNG) were largely done on simple 480i video, though the model shots and whatnot were also shot on film. These would be telecined to 480i video and composited, with certain effects like phaser beams and torpedoes done entirely via video. Certain other effects like computer-generated viewscreen images by Okuda and company would be done in quite high resolution before transfer to video. So, in theory, you could get some reconstruction of this film-quality imagery via a 480p player, but certain FX elements were natively 480i. I'd say the safest course to ensure the closest-to-native quality would be simple 480i, just as with the Original Series. PAL viewers are watching up-converted (non-native) versions, meaning that they're gaining almost 100 artificially-interpolated scan lines but are losing ten fields (five half-frames) per second. There's little point to buying the show on the next-generation optical discs."


Format Info:
Native: 480i / 35mm film down-conversion

Best Consumer Recording (Next-Gen): (none)


So at least they were recorded on film. We will see a blu ray copy of the two eventually.

u/iVandal · 2 pointsr/startrek

Does it need to be TNG specific? If anything Trek is fair game this pizza cutter is pretty clever.

I always think custom ice cubes are pretty fun also.

Again, this is more Voyager than Next Generation, but a cooking book with Neelix on the cover would make me laugh too.

Hope these help. There are tons of stuff. I'm sure you'll do great!

u/directive0 · 9 pointsr/startrek

The moderation staff here at /r/StarTrek would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike and Denise for their time today. It’s rare we get to host such legendary figures of the Star Trek universe, especially ones that were responsible for so much of the world building and fit and finish of the universe we all consider almost more real than the world we inhabit. To some -like myself- there is no celebrity behind or in front of the camera who could illicit such excitement and interest. We have been absolutely thrilled and honoured to be able to serve as a forum for this AMA and look forward to seeing what the Okudas do next!

We invite the community here to check out the newest endeavour of this enterprising couple the Roddenberry Vault available at Amazon now, as well as the revised and expanded Star Trek Encyclopedia. Do also check out the movie Sully which Mike worked on, out on DVD and Blu-Ray today.

Thanks again for your time Mike and Denise, live long and prosper!

u/thecraftinggod · 2 pointsr/startrek

I would have switched TOS and ENT in your order, but everything else looks pretty good. Since Garak is your favorite character, I would recommend A Stitch In Time which is basically a bunch of letters from Garak to Bashir written by the actor who plays Garak. I am part way through it and it's pretty good especially reading it in his voice.

u/CaptainIncredible · 2 pointsr/startrek

> I wasn't able, however, to find any plans, schematics, measurements, etc. online.

Wow. I'm sort of shocked, actually. I just assumed those plans would be all over the internet.

I'm pretty sure there are technical blue prints in this publication.

Which has these two pages.

Here's some other stuff from the book. (Its a great book BTW.)

Here it is as a 3D .stl file for 3D printing and whatever else.

EDIT: Maybe my google-fu is better than yours? Didn't take much effort to find those... Although, admittedly, I knew about the technical manual because I own it. And I took a guess and searched for Type-II phaser TOS 3D printing and searched images. BAM. There it was on thingiverse... just like I figured it would be.

I think you could use the .stl from thingiverse in a video game if you needed to.

Anyway, I am happy to help and good luck with your project.

Just out of curiosity, how are you going to make your model? What are you going to do with it?

u/Lysander_Night · 3 pointsr/startrek

From what I've been able to find, the UK version and the US version are exactly the same discs in different packaging. The few minor errors made in the remastering (a blue light instead of a red light, a planet rotating in the wrong direction, those are the only 2 I can even remember) were not fixed and are so minor who really cares. The UK ones are region free, on Amazon the US ones are listed as region a but from what I've heard they're exactly the same as the UK ones so that may or may not be an error. I am in the US I bought the UK version from Amazon.UK which currently with shipping converts to $66. I Can verify they are region free and I've have watched through them and am perfectly happy with my purchase. If the Best Buy one is different than the regular US release I don't know anything about it, but I doubt anything significant is different. I suggest buying whichever is cheapest...

The UK one isn't better, its just cheaper for the same content.

u/arcsecond · 2 pointsr/startrek

Honestly I made most of it up on the spot. But I do have an extensive collection of Star Trek technical manuals many of which discuss the in-universe technical issues. The most popular being: TOS Tech Manual, TNG Tech Manual, Mr Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, and Enterprise Owner's Manual

The big flaws are that canon Star Trek tends to over-rely on manual human action instead of automation. The classic example being hand delivering a stack of PADDs to your superior officer, one for each document, instead of just emailing all your reports from a single PADD.

Good or non-android robots are nearly unheard of as well. But maybe more in use off screen in construction or industrial scenarios.

Really, it's just the idea of how easy large projects would be if you have reliable and cheap access to vacuum, zero-g, force fields, tractor beams, and transporters. Plan ahead and make everything modular and large construction projects become easy.

u/PhilR8 · 2 pointsr/startrek

I just don't understand this reaction and frankly I'm surprised to see so much of it. Did people not realize this was a promotional event organized in conjunction with the release of the Season One Blu-Ray set which, by no coincidence at all, was released today?

And how did the two unedited, remastered episodes without commercial breaks feel like an advertisement? How did the two short featurettes about the remastering process, which will be included in the Blu Ray sets as bonus materials, feel like an advertisement? The two commercials for the Season One and Season Two Blu-Ray sets were commercials, but they were at the very end and heck, the season two commercial was brand new and really got me excited about it.

I don't get it. We saw two episodes, we saw a lot of bonus content about the show that included some really cool behind-the-scenes stuff (the original Star Trek TNG logo from 1986, the really hilarious screen tests, etc) - how can anyone complain about all of that?

u/VonAether · 6 pointsr/startrek

Both the maps you and the OP posted are from Star Trek Star Charts. They're not super-canonical, but they've been used as reference for many official works.

> WTF, why do the Klingon and Romulan empires cut the Federation in two? How did the Federation colonize (annex) worlds on the other side?

The galaxy is 1000 LY thick. The UFP could be incorporating systems on the "upper" side while the Romulan Star Empire is on the "lower" side. No bisecting required.

> Finally, the map suggests that the Federation is 750 LY across, but it has been said several times on the show that the figure is between 8,000-10,000 LY.

Either the book itself or the website it was based on cover this. There was a bunch of conflicting information so they took it all and decided that the UFP has a "core" of a few hundred LY, with a few far-flung territories, making it about 8000 LY end to end, but with 90+% of the worlds within the core.

Many of the worlds visited in the series, for example, are within the UFP's vaguely-defined boundaries, but aren't UFP members.

u/dougiebgood · 3 pointsr/startrek

About a decade ago I got the complete collection on a DVD Rom. I'm surprised its still available, honestly, I think it's one of those unknown treasures. I've honestly only read a few of them, there's just so damn many stories I know I'll never be able to read them all.

I read the DC issues in their second run of TOS in the early 90's. They felt heavily heavily influenced by TNG at the time, for obvious reasons. I've read the early Marvel comics, and I learned just recently that one of the reasons they were so terrible is that they were totally restricted to using just elements found in the first film. They had grand plans of making sequels to old iconic episodes but weren't allowed.

One thing I liked about the 80's DC comics was that they created their own secondary cast to play around with, including a Klingon who joined Starfleet, well before TNG was developed.

u/JRV556 · 2 pointsr/startrek

I managed to pick up this collection from a Half Price Books but I've only read a handful of the stories so far. I really liked The Gorn Crisis from Wildstorm comics and most of the monthly comics for each series from marvel that I've read. I also like most of the IDW comics, like Blood Will Tell. Some aren't the best, like Hive, but are still enjoyable and the art is usually good. Romulans: Pawns of War is another good IDW story, and I've really enjoyed the ongoing series for the reboot films.

u/63_Corvette · 6 pointsr/startrek

Buy from Amazon UK even if you are in a different country. Great Price! Great Box Set. Each Episode was re-mastered and the extras are awesome.

u/AndrewJRobinson · 9 pointsr/startrek

Basically, they are the same, but obviously very different circumstances. With acting, it's about creating a character, and with the writing it's creating that universe. In the memoir I just wrote I had to create the world of my childhood from memory and it was just as satisfying as creating Garak's world in A Stitch In Time.

u/MHB210 · 2 pointsr/startrek

> I thought examining how history is not always correct or something like that would have been interesting.

You really should pick up The Good That Men Do. It basically re-writes These Are the Voyages and uses the same concept that I'm quoting from you and executes it in a much, much better way. Anyone who needs to wash the taste of Enterprise's finale out of their mouth will be happy reading that book.

u/Rispetto · 2 pointsr/startrek

I really wanted to buy it..

Then I seen that season 1 alone was over $100 CAD and I laughed my way to piratebay.

Sorry guys. I understand you did a lot of hard work, and put a lot of man-hours into this, but you need to sell it at a reasonable price (do what you gotta do) if you expect people to purchase it.

$700 on Star Trek TNG re-mastered? Sorry man. Even if I wasn't a broke college student.. which I am.. that wouldnt fucking happen. Ever.

Now that they've all been released, you can buy the box set for $350 which is MUCH more reasonable. Still a punch in the bag.. sure.. but if I wasn't poor as hell I would probably do it as a gift or something to a friend.

Now... put it up online for stream at $10 a season? You've got my money.

$70 > $0

u/CrydamoureContemode · 16 pointsr/startrek

fyi you can get the region free TNG Complete Blu-Ray for like $70ish shipped from Amazon UK - and it occasionally drops to like $60ish shipped

again, region free, and has all the subtitles and available dubs too. source: own it

u/thinkreate · 1 pointr/startrek

You want Star Trek recipes? There's a Star Trek cook book that not only tells you how to make your favorite Trek foods, but it also tells you how they made the prop food for the show. It has a drinks section, and even includes a handful of recipes that the actors themselves like, from their personal lives. Best "frivolous" purchase I've made in ages. Also, it's even more epic if you have kids that are into Star Trek.

u/Kiirkas · 2 pointsr/startrek

Right on, that sounds totally cool! One of the cool things about the recipes is that they are intended to made in batches of various sizes (making it great for parties with large punch bowls). The original WCB was served in a fishbowl, and definitely meant for two or more people. It wasn't until later that Quark's started offering "single" sized drinks. Oh and the WCB tastes a lot like Hawaiian Punch, and the dry ice is worth the effort to get if you're doing a large group presentation.

Also, for your party: my geek, let me show you it. I haven't purchased that cookbook yet, but there's a space reserved for it on my cookbook shelf.

u/bogmad · 1 pointr/startrek

I enjoyed this book.
Short answer is that it's a "status economy" where reputation is what drives people to greatness instead of financial gain or accumulation of wealth.


u/pfc9769 · 3 pointsr/startrek

I know Amazon had the Blu Ray boxed set for $65 recently. Someone posted about it on the sub recently. It was a great price so I'm unsure if the sale is still in effect or whether there's any left. But it should be something Amazon normally carries. However, I don't know what country you're in and whether Amazon is easily accessible there.


Found it! It's $64.99.

u/houtex727 · 24 pointsr/startrek

Hell no, he's not a good character. Much less 'really good'.

He's a great character. Fantastic even. Andrew Robinson was excellent in portraying him.

In the Pale Moonlight is awesome for just his speech alone... and then Sisko's right behind it.

Did you read the book by Andrew? It's a great read, about Garak, by Garak!

u/keozen · 2 pointsr/startrek

Not likely, they're from a book by the same name so it's highly doubtful they would release them for free via pdf. For the record I actually have the book and it's quite awesome :) The big quadrants map is in a 4 part fold out.

u/the_c0nstable · 1 pointr/startrek

If you're interested, Manu Saadia wrote a book I really liked called Trekonomics, where he lays out how the economics of Star Trek works. It's probably the most in depth any one person has delved into the topic, and he cites examples from the shows. He argues that it's rooted in a shift in technology, policy, and human economic behavior. People, for example, can't be motivated by wealth or showing off possessions that anyone would have easy access to, so instead they build capital in the prestige of personal and professional accomplishments.

u/Clinozoisite · 8 pointsr/startrek


If you havent picked this up you will love it

u/StarFuryG7 · 1 pointr/startrek

I don't know if you saw any of my prior posts about this, but the Amazon UK site is selling the complete Set at a reasonable price, and the price gets reduced even further once you sign in and put it in your Cart and proceed toward checking out because we live in the U.S.

Star Trek: Enterprise: The Full Journey - Blu-ray - Region Free

Also, this site is a good resource for Blu-ray reviews, although these complete Box Sets usually don't get the usual coverage as the single by season releases, so you would have to scroll down to those and click on them one by one to read the review for each one.

I know you have this thing about HD, but now there's 4k and Ultra HD, so you might as well get over that peeve at this point.

u/beavis420 · 3 pointsr/startrek

No, the first one that introduces everything and is essentially the first one of the three part series is called, "The Good That Men Do" and is the back story to the Klingon mutagenic virus and takes place where Enterprise ended. I didn't read it, but a lot of it is mentioned in "Kobyashi Maru" so you get a sense of what it was about, Trips involvement with the Romulans and how the Klingons were nearly whiped out because of the mutagenic virus (which explains why the Klingons look different in TOS).

Here's a link if you're interested:

I highly recommend "Kobayashi Maru" though.

u/Electrorocket · 3 pointsr/startrek

The British edition is on pre-order, so I can't imagine the US version will be too far behind. I'm sure they don't want to make any announcements until after Christmas, so they can milk that sweet, sweet individual season money.

u/s810 · 1 pointr/startrek

Wow, something new under the sun!

Thank you for posting this, OP, this looks awesome. I look forward to comparing it to this and nerding out later.. I intend to let the guy know how close he is to Okuda's own charts.

u/dgoforthedoggo · 2 pointsr/startrek

Oh yes. It's glorious. They took the original film negatives and recomposited them for blu ray. TNG has never ever been so beautiful.

u/dreadpiraterose · 1 pointr/startrek

I have a some personal favorites I can recommend:

DS9's Terok Nor Trilogy

DS9's A Stitch in Time

TNG's The Romulan Prize

TNG's Imzadi

TNG's Kahless

I.K.S. Gorkon Trilogy

Note: I think all of these are available for the Kindle, which is handy because so many are out of print.

u/edflyerssn007 · 1 pointr/startrek

Read the books. Start with "The Good That Men Do"

You'll enjoy it immensely.

u/PatternOfKnives · 5 pointsr/startrek

Not that I'm aware of. But I have the book Star Trek: Star Charts and it's very good - I'd recommend getting a copy of that.

u/nx_2000 · 1 pointr/startrek

I bought The Full Journey Box Set a few months ago when it was for sale for about $50... that deal was just too good to pass up. I'm happy with my purchase but the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. Price notwithstanding, I'd rather have the Complete Series box set that packed all the individual season releases together.

u/eternalkerri · 9 pointsr/startrek

If you read the old Star Trek Next Generation technical manual...

They clearly state that they cannot create the chemical reactions and complexities of living flesh. the few attempts all created a lump that looked like it was covered in chemical burns.

u/SweetBearCub · 1 pointr/startrek

Enterprise-D Technical Manual

Not exactly canon, but it might as well be, seeing as it's written by the same people who did all the on-screen and control panel graphics, invented the computer interface, and were responsible for the whole "look and feel".

u/Siesna · 1 pointr/startrek

Are these the ones you are referring to? I ask because Amazon seems have folded it together with an older DVD release of it and I want to make sure this is indeed the HD remaster and not just the originals on Blu Ray.

EDIT: Nevermind. Just started the Amazon Prime available episodes and this is DEFINITELY remastered.

u/Luigi182 · 1 pointr/startrek

It's from the book, Star Trek Star Charts: The Complete Atlas of Star Trek. If you manage to find a decent copy of said book, there is a 2 section foldout poster of that exact image. Just carefully remove from book, paste to together, and frame. Makes for a wonderful conversation piece when hung on a wall in the rec-room, man-cave, personal Ten Forward lounge, etc.

u/ChoiceD · 1 pointr/startrek

That's cool, I had never heard of this. It lists for 24.99 USD on Amazon. Good deal for the content, I would say.

u/Wyatt1313 · 5 pointsr/startrek

Not to mention there is already a book about it. Voyager homecoming is all about the crews lives once they get back to earth. It fills the needs of the people that would be interested quite well.

u/AngrySpock · 2 pointsr/startrek

The TNG and DS9 technical manuals are both cool resources and are packed with jargon that is easily referenced. Those plus Memory Alpha should give you plenty of technobabble to go on.

u/Rodec · 8 pointsr/startrek

The amazon link, [DS9: A Stich in Time] (, one of my favorite Star Trek books!

u/impshial · 4 pointsr/startrek

Read the books after the finale. They aren't canon, but it's as close as you'll get because newer Star Trek books are almost all linear, with the various authors working together to make sure their storylines mesh with each other.

These books are considered the "Relaunch" books, and pick up the story after the series ended. IMO, they do a very good job of continuing the story:

Last Full Measure

The Good That Men Do

Kobayashi Maru

The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing

The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm

Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Future

Coming March 25th:

Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel

u/seattleque · 2 pointsr/startrek

This gets posted whenever the ending comes up, but go read The Good that Men Do

u/aethelberga · 6 pointsr/startrek

Did you read the Garak backstory book written by Andrew Robinson, A Stitch in Time? It's excellent.

u/anudeglory · 1 pointr/startrek

> If you're holding out for the whole set, it will be at most 3 to 400$

The UK price for the S1-7 box set is ~£160 which is roughly $ might be lucky and get it for that price, but yeah it's about half the price of what they cost to buy on release day £50 * 7 = 350, although I have never paid more than £28 for them...

u/almightyshellfish · 3 pointsr/startrek

Seek out this book. It was a fantastic read.

Ship of the Line (Star Trek Next Generation (Unnumbered))

u/BamaFan87 · 1 pointr/startrek

Came here to post the same thing. Glad someone else was on it already! I saw the same message over at as I recently purchased from there for $60. (See now the price is higher:D does not matter though, I would have gladly paid full price of $129.99.

Ghost edit: Formatting

u/FriendlyITGuy · 3 pointsr/startrek

> Did Janeway and Voyager really cripple the Borg when they destroyed the transwarp hub? Or are they merely licking their wounds, and preparing to lay a beatdown on the Alpha Quadrent the likes of which we've never seen.

You should read Homecoming and The Farther Shore and that will answer your question :)

u/Dennis_STUF · 59 pointsr/startrek

It is a Tri-Dimensional chess set from the Franklin Mint. It was played in TNG. Here is a link to one for sale on Amazon with the chess pieces included: [Amazon] (

u/mlor · 1 pointr/startrek

Nice! - My dad has one of these at home somewhere.

u/frisby_dyke · 4 pointsr/startrek

That map is from a book of Star Trek maps . It's a good little collection if you can get it for around $15.

u/sasquatch007 · 7 pointsr/startrek

This cookbook exists. My wife gave it to me as a gift. It's nice, but I haven't yet been able to persuade her to actually make me any of the recipes yet. (What, do it myself? Nah...)

This blog also exists.

u/drogyn1701 · 3 pointsr/startrek

I bought the Star Trek Stellar Cartography book and posters set, and then at the Las Vegas con this year I got all 10 of the maps autographed by appropriate people. I think my favorite is the ancient Vulcan map that I got signed by Kirstie Alley, cause I've always loved Saavik and it was the first Star Trek convention she'd ever been to.

For the others I got the Cardassian map signed by Casey Biggs, the Klingon map signed by Michael Dorn, the Romulan map signed by Denise Crosby, the Alpha and Beta quadrant maps signed by LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner, the Dominion War map signed by Nicole DeBoer, the Romulan War map signed by Dominick Keating, and I can't remember the other 2 off the top of my head.

In the process now of finding good frames to hang them up.

u/DV8R · 2 pointsr/startrek

I would suggest anyone interested in learning how humble Garak is, should read A Stitch In Time.

u/spilk · 3 pointsr/startrek

I used to carry the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual around with me in high school and it definitely has these drawings in it.

u/crzagazeta · 2 pointsr/startrek

Yes, there are books. I've been learning from here:

It was written by the linguist that helped develop Klingon in the first place. However, you must have some previous understanding of grammar and linguistics in general.


u/meeowth · 1 pointr/startrek

This is a scan of the folded up map at the back of "Star Trek Star Charts: The Complete Atlas of Star Trek".

The map is 4 large folded sheets that have to be removed and put together if you wish to replicate the image here (which is obviously 4 scans with the seams poorly photoshopped out)

u/stacecom · 1 pointr/startrek

I have volume 1 and 2 of this. You would like it.

u/egoslam · 2 pointsr/startrek

I remember getting the Klingon Dictionary as a kid and thinking I was pretty badass. Looking back on it, a prepubescent uttering the guttural Klingon dialect may not have been the most intimidating thing ever.


u/k3rn3 · 3 pointsr/startrek

Unfortunately, it's super impractical since it was designed for Star Trek and most words have to do with battle and space/technology. The Klingon Language Institute (apparently this is a real thing) might be helpful. Here's a cd, but there's also The Klingon Hamlet, Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, and The Klingon Dictionary

u/cmdrNacho · 1 pointr/startrek

lol, thanks for indulging my st questions on the st subreddit, but if there weren't people like me, would we have the

Star Trek The Next Generation: Technical Manual a book I apparently need to read.

u/Tele_Prompter · 3 pointsr/startrek

Larry Nemecek (who also wrote the TNG Companion and for "Star Trek Fact Files") has created a collection of large high quality star maps from Star Trek:

Here is an unboxing:

u/fourthords · 3 pointsr/startrek

Have you read Ship of the Line by Diane Carey (1999)? It focuses on the Bozeman crew before and after they travel through time. link

I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I originally listened to the audiobook while driving across the US back in 2003, and learned what "abridged" meant.

u/TheGow · 1 pointr/startrek

I recommend this book. It covers the entire war. You can get it pretty cheap if you get just the book instead of with the display stand.

u/Etunimi · 1 pointr/startrek

If you don't mind UK box and labels, the whole set is currently US $89 at UK Amazon when shipped to USA (probably slightly more to Canada). The discs are exactly the same worldwide, with no region locking.

edit: seems the cheapest "sold by Amazon UK" listing is gone now, I guess they are out of stock and not yet sure if more will come. 3rd party sellers still sell it via the above link but with a higher price (still cheaper than in North America though).

u/Low_Tolerance · 3 pointsr/startrek

Actually it's only $73.75 with the right listing.

It fluctuates like a lot of items but it rarely costs more than $85.

u/Engineer3227 · 1 pointr/startrek

Star Trek 3D chess rules:

and about another few hundred links which you can find by googling "star trek chess rules"

Did you seriously think that the massive Star Trek fan base hadn't come up with rules for Star Trek chess yet?

Also, the "Custom Tri-Dimensional Chess Rules and Strategy Booklet" is included in the official Star Trek 3D chess board:

u/NateCadet · 2 pointsr/startrek

There is this book which I have...somewhere. If I can find it later, I'll try to see what's in there. I also want to say there was at least a small one in the Okuda encyclopedia that came out in the '90s.

Also, I discovered this awesome-looking thing while searching for the above. Comes out Dec. 3rd.

u/_badwithcomputer · 12 pointsr/startrek

I remember having these books

When your universe has multiple editions of encyclopedias published it is sort of expected.

Though at the same time when the writers have access to the same encyclopedias in order to maintain continuity.

u/I_Am_Rondon · 1 pointr/startrek

It kind of went under the radar, but there's now a 50th anniversary edition, with everything up to the latest JJverse film. I've just had too many other things to put money towards so far.

u/rsayers · 4 pointsr/startrek

The first time my gf cooked for me, it was a recipe from this:

That night I knew she was the one.

u/OutofSpec · 1 pointr/startrek

Read this. Written by Andrew Robinson who portrayed Garak

u/lastwarning · 3 pointsr/startrek

It gets assimilated and re-processed into food or furniture or other things.

Source: Technical Manual of the Enterprise.

u/xThomasOL · 2 pointsr/startrek

It's this book by Sternbach and Okuda:

Should be available at other places too.

u/EternityofBoredom · -2 pointsr/startrek

Umm that is a very old picture...this picture was used on the paperback for the Klingon dictionary.

u/jswhitten · 2 pointsr/startrek

Epsilon Ceti B II, according to Star Charts.

u/GeneralRose · 1 pointr/startrek

Here's the reading order for the entire Trek Relaunch Series.

Homecoming is the first relaunch book, but the String Theory Trilogy (Pre relaunch) sets up events that are concluded in later relaunch books.

u/Luomulanren · 4 pointsr/startrek

The most accurate and recent map would be from Star Trek Stellar Cartography. It's obviously not canon because the only things that ARE canon are the TV shows and movies.

u/Citizen001 · 9 pointsr/startrek

For all you need to know for the first 150 Years of the Federation and Earth pre-Federation/Star Fleet I give you this :P.

u/Omega2112 · 3 pointsr/startrek

Have you read Federation: The First 150 years? That might be what you're looking for.

u/Coridan1984 · 5 pointsr/startrek

There's many books and papers that discuss post-scarcity economics. There is one specifically written from a Star Trek perspective.

Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek

u/heythomwhatsup · 1 pointr/startrek

I did a screenshot from the dvd that I ordered from Amazon, linked in another comment. Here are pages 1 and 2 from that specific book!

u/nefthep · 5 pointsr/startrek

>I doubt Voyager's path was THAT much of a straight line.

It just looks straight because of how zoomed-out it is. There are more zoomed-in and detailed routes in the same book that show the ship's route in a more zigzag pattern.

>But that is a two dimensional representation of three dimensional space. Borg space could reach over and under the path that Voyager took

I think that same principle could be applied to Voyager going under/over Borg space as well.

My take away is that space is freaking BIG, and even though the Borg have spread out quite a bit, there's still plenty of room to dodge them and for other life to flourish.

u/Camelregularfresh · 3 pointsr/startrek

The board seems to run about 45 dollars on ebay. In case you want to turn it into a full set to sell....

Full set seems to run anywhere between 150 to 400 (unopened).

Amazon has a guy trying to unload 17 brand new ones for 275.

Since there seem to be a ton of new ones still in the box from the 1994 release, what you might think about doing is selling them individually on ebay, for people who need to replace a piece they've lost.

u/BallsDeepInJesus · 10 pointsr/startrek

I feel like nerd-raging today so I whipped out my TNG Technical Manual. I will paraphrase some relevant sections.

The Structural Integrity Field System (SIF) has five different field generators located on two different decks. Each field generator has 20 separate graviton polarity sources. The SIF has four independent backup generators as well. So, that is nine total and only ONE is required during normal spaceflight, two during extreme maneuvers.

The Inertial Dampening Field System (IDF) is provided by 6 seperate generators located on Decks 11 and 33. Each generator consists of 12 independent subspace field distortion amplifiers. In addition to the 6 main generators, there are another 6 backup generators. So you have a total of 12, with the minimum being, again, a single generator. This is only in a reduced power situation, during normal spaceflight 2 generators are usually online.

To give you an idea of how integral they are, under complete SIF/IDF failure the Enterprise's spaceframe can only handle 3g of acceleration. Under impulse power, the Enterprise experiences more than 1000g on a regular basis. The failure of just 2 generators can have the Enterprise canceling the mission and heading to a starbase.

u/Making_stuff · 2 pointsr/startrek

The FJ ships were part of a book done in the late 60s/early 70s called "Star Fleet Technical Manual" - they were supposed to round out the Starfleet back when TOS was the only Trek available. Here's a link to a used copy of the book on Amazon.

The staples of the FJ designs were the Ptolemy (tug), the Hermes (scout) and the Federation (Dreadnought) class ships. They show up throughout the fanon from the 70s onwards.

Now...they are arguably canon since they show up on the display screens of the Enterprise during Trek III. But those display screens are literally just color-inversed copies of the Franz Joseph ships from his tech manual! So their canonicity is a little bit chicken-and-egg, and I'm guessing someone will come on here after me to correct me and ensure that I'm aware that they are indeed canon b'cuz b'cuz b'cuz.

EDIT: I forgot that the Hermes actually gets an iota of screen time as a legit ship in DS9, as part of the ruined fleet.

u/AviatorHathawayBrown · 1 pointr/startrek

Found this on Amazon a couple years ago. Relived my childhood on my iPad for $25. And I finally got an answer to why the comics disappeared mid-storyline by reading the editor's letters. Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection

u/voltar · 1 pointr/startrek

WTF? They're all used and at least $90. Makes me REALLY glad I bought a copy a couple of years ago at a Hastings.

u/JustLemons · 1 pointr/startrek

Yeah, she likes Garak. I do too, but damn, that book is expensive!

u/SilveredFlame · 2 pointsr/startrek
  1. Literally everything a replicator can make
  2. Starfleet Combat Rations
  3. Hasperat

    Also, I have the Star Trek Cookbook!
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/startrek

> Outraged, Commander Charles Tucker III fakes his own death and teams up with Section 31

Thank you. I have been toying with this in my head; Tucker didn't die. He just made it look like that. Fuck Berman and Bragga, seriously.

On that note, the buildup to the Romulan War and the war itself has been covered in Federation: The First 150 Years. It's pretty good, but I don't know if it is canon.

But I like your stories also.

u/Chairboy · 1 pointr/startrek

I've read... pretty much all of them, and I'll say they're uneven. There are some stinkers, but if you hit one of those early on don't be discouraged, because there's also plenty of good ones.

Some recent stuff I've really enjoyed was the post-Enterprise stuff that came along and 'fixed' the finale then took the series to the logical next step: Romulan conflict.

  • The Good That Men Do
  • Kobayashi Maru (not to be confused with the TOS book of the same name that came out decades ago)
  • The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing
  • The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm

    These books really lay out a strong foundation about WHY the Romulan war was so bad and why emotion was still as strong as it was by Balance of Terror when crewman whathisname flipped out on Spock after they learned the 'terrible secret'. They also go into the logistics of how this secret could have been maintained, tie into TOS and even Voyager episodes in completely legit feeling ways ("Did Chulak of Romulus give an ultimatum after his defeat at Galorndon Core?", A Piece of the Action) that rewards knowledge of trek lore.

    They even tackle (in what I felt were pretty convincing ways) explanations for why the bridge of the TOS Enterprise looks more 'primitive', and the reasoning they come up with adds depth and texture to the Trek universe. No spoilers, but it makes practical sense.

    There's a little bit of suspension of disbelief needed, especially in that first book (which uses a post-DS9 Jake/Nog wrapper, no spoiler this is in the first few pages), but sometimes surgery hurts.
u/mrtomservo · 5 pointsr/startrek

There is this image:

Out of this book (1975), but I never understood how the Klingon and Romulan Empires could be at war with each other if they were separated by the Federation.