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u/KitCatK8 · 2 pointsr/stbernards

The best thing I’ve found to walk a giant St. Bernard but also a an extremely determined low-gravity Basset Hound is a gentle leader. No pain involved, not a muzzle, they can still eat and drink and play, it guides them by their noses and will pull their nose to the side if they tug. Dogs lead by their noses naturally so they’ll stop the behavior which results in their nose being guided away. Has taken just a few times with it on for all my dogs to get used to it. When they do, it’s amazing.

Edit: I’m a 5’5” small-average lady. I have 0 arm strength. So these have been a lifesaver for me.

u/Thyshadow · 2 pointsr/stbernards

We feed this

The added OMEGA-3 helps with his coat and scratching in the dryer months. I highly recommend it, especially if you have multiple dogs.

u/Zombies_Are_Dead · 4 pointsr/stbernards

Just a suggestion, along with some Windex. My parents raised Saint Bernards when I was a child and they can easily get car sick if they aren't really stable yet. Even a couple hour car trip when young can potentially be pretty bad. The wet/dry vac base cleans easily with a garden hose or self serve car wash nozzle on idle. It may come in handy until she gets a little older and handles car trips better when she isn't fighting to stay upright when taking a corner.

u/rjwhite_41 · 1 pointr/stbernards

Another vote for a gentle leader. I have 160 lb puller (with a severe hatred for squirrels) and the gentle leader along with one of these leashes makes walks an absolute joy.

u/-whatthefrickfrack- · 3 pointsr/stbernards

PetSafe Easy Walk. I actually love it. He used to pull so hard, my hands would have rope burn, but now I can let my 6-year-old nephew walk him because he loose leashes the whole time.

u/flanntastic · 2 pointsr/stbernards

You should be able to find it at Petco or whatever your local pet store is. If not, Amazon has it.