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u/Polar_Wolf · 2 pointsr/steroids

I wanted to make a liquid suspension but i've found that making my own capsules is so much easier. And you can play with the dosage a lot easier if you have a mortar and pestle to mix the stuff.

If you had a good experience with anavar, you can adjust your capsule dosages to replicate it/make it better.

If you really want an oral suspension,

> Unixpro: instead of PEG/Alcohol, you can use this and it will taste muuuuch better.

idk if any of my old thread is useful but i asked if capsules are better or an oral solution, have a look

u/SlowSteadyProgress · 1 pointr/steroids

You'll hear it a lot here, but read the wiki. There are books linked in there too.

It'll help if you keep reading this "Ask anything thread" for awhile too.

On the non-steroids side of things, consider reading something like Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. It's very conversational and even entertaining, but will help you nail down form before you lock in the wrong way of doing something. I highly recommend focusing on basic compound barbell lifts before you try anything exotic. You have to build a strong base before you can sculpt it.

u/ozcur · 2 pointsr/steroids

I'm pretty sure this doesn't count as source talk, so here's a link to the stuff I use. Good price, pills aren't too massive.

Anything from 1.5g to 2g a day should be good. People will tell you to split them up to minimize flush, but ignore those nerds. Just take it all at once (along with the aspirin). The first few days you may get a super, super mild flush, but then it'll be gone. Wait like a month before stopping the aspirin, then try a dose without it and see how the flush goes.

u/BananaMuscle · 1 pointr/steroids

Thanks to the answers to one of my other Q's in this thread I've decided to get a shampoo with 1% Ketoconazole but I'm being much more specific with the question. Which of these do you guys like more?

Nizoral or L'emarie (or something different?)

I realize Nizoral is the most popular but I would love something less harsh on my hair and the L'emarie is marketed much differently than the "anti-dandruff" Nizo and just seems to be made by gentler people although it still says "DHT blocker".

u/Celidion · 1 pointr/steroids

Looking for recommendations on the best electric razor. I've had this for a few years:

It's great for my pubes and decent for pits/legs/chest, but it honestly leaves a ton of spots and I feel like I have to dig that shit in so deep and go over areas a shit load of times. I've also started doing my arms recently and it just doesn't get them as smooth as I'd like.

I've tried Nair and I like the results but I think it irritates my skins, as I did it yesterday on my legs and whenever I get goose bumps rn, it feels like I'm being pricked by a 1000 needles.

Am I better off just getting some 5 blade regular razor or are there electric razors that can get me smooth af? I plan on doing my entire body neck down.

u/Jooceyjooce · 2 pointsr/steroids

Not source talk, no. I use ora sweet to make the combo palatable. Put a little ora plus in the bottle, put in the powder, fill the vial to 3/4 full with ora plus, shake it to get the powder in suspension, fill the remaining area with ora sweet, shake, good to go.

u/xSimoHayha · 3 pointsr/steroids

Idk what that guy freakout out about lol but go to any pharmacy or online and they should have one of these there. make sure the cuff is appropriate size for your arm. Check at home freely and they are pretty darn accurate.

P.s. always take 3-4 readings. ignore the first one and average the last 3. thats your BP.

u/averageuse · 2 pointsr/steroids

Went to a swinger party once and they had these. It was fun. The girl I was dating and I did them for a party we threw later. Pull them out when everyone is drunk and hand them to the drunk sloots.

u/beefSwollington · 3 pointsr/steroids

So is "sustained release" the same as flush free? This is the one I purchased from Amazon last go around and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile or not.

u/IronChin · 1 pointr/steroids

> instead of eating a few cups of rice since I simply do not have enough time

Buy a rice cooker. This is a great one for the money, and you can set up to a 15 hour delay on it. It will also keep the rice warm pretty much indefinitely (although the manufacturer recommends no longer than 24 hours I believe).

White rice takes ~12 minutes to cook, brown rice takes a bit over an hour.

This is some mighty tasty brown rice.

No excuses.

u/PinkBootedBandit · 1 pointr/steroids

I was recommended this

Slightly pricey but so worth it. No acne from shaving, quick ez and most definitely high quality.

u/MasterWrong · 1 pointr/steroids

I don't know if it matters. I just have a $4 bottle of Now soy lecithin (100) but some people say sunflower like this is better ($11 for 200)

u/Thundercruncher · 2 pointsr/steroids

I've got one like this. Works really well, even on small pills.

u/Kreuzheben · 1 pointr/steroids

What compounds were you taking your first cycle? If you didn't go beyond test and an oral, your acne may have been estrogen related, in which case it could potentially be fixed by an increased AI dosage. If that isn't the problem, another user here recommended this shampoo that contains 1% ketoconazole, which they claimed made their skin more clear than any other time in their life. Personally, I'm currently on a Test/Tren cycle and have had almost no acne taking 12.5mg aromasin daily, as someone who previously got acne from test alone when my estrogen wasn't in control.

u/stolenlunches · 1 pointr/steroids

I can't stop looking at your username. If you have a recipe on hand for bukkake pancakes, you have to send it to the author of this.

u/droid-user · 1 pointr/steroids

I've been searching around the forum and it haven't seen much mention of the dosage required for TUDCA. Was going to buy some off Amazon to run with my 4 week cycle of dbol (25mg twice a day). Should I just follow the serving size dosage on the container (250mg) or should I be taking more? Thanks.

u/Mereviel · 1 pointr/steroids

Anyone here used a electronic BP cuff and can verify its accuracy? I was looking at this one on amazon and thinking of buying it in conjuction with a manual one also.

u/_Kingfisher · 1 pointr/steroids

As for whether I still have the symptoms...I think so, largely. But if so then maybe it's not Low T because those second results came back great from the hospital (except FSH maybe?). I do wonder if the Low T clinic faked my bloods for business, or if a small amount of Test Cyp kickstarted my gonads, or if its a natural cyclical thing, or if the Test Cyp created a reverb/rebound effect.

I have a WiFi scale that tracks my weight for me, I'm 6'0" and stuck between 160 and 170 for the entire past 12 months (95% of the time in a 6 pound range). Measure weight every morning after pooping, before any food/fluid intake. I have not yet done a detailed food log.

Nailing down my diet and lifting plan now. Food scale will be here tomorrow, and I supplement with protein shakes that include oat flour/powder for extra slow carbs. I'm aiming for 480g slow carbs (primarily oat and rice), 100g fat (primarily canola/olive), and 170g protein every day (whey/eggs/chicken/beef/pork/milk). Not quite hitting macro goals yet. Food log + WiFi scale should answer questions about weight gain difficulties.

I'm going to get training on lifts and programming from Andy Baker in the next couple months. I've got a power rack in my garage that I've had since college, and use it 1-2 times/day (morning or evening). Lifts are abysmal, please don't ask. Form is pretty good though. Had to do yoga for a year to get the hamstring flexibility to deadlift, only achieved that a couple months ago and I'm very happy with my flexibility now.

Fatigue isn't as bad anymore but I've been supplementing modafinil which helps a ton, and focusing a lot more on my daily schedule, diet, workouts, and staying away from alcohol.

Anxiety is still quite bad, stops me from being as productive as I need to be (paralyzing worry), and makes me (internally only) "jump" at sudden noises/movement. It's very annoying.

u/Captain_Fun_Dicks · 1 pointr/steroids

Here you go dude Click

Fuck that's a big link. Hope it works. I still can't reach everywhere, fucking t-rex arms. But this helps. It was recommended by another user here, can't remember who unfortunately.

u/jocq · 1 pointr/steroids

Nothing too special.

Here's some relevant sections from my first cycle post I did a while back under a different user (got outted irl, had to kill it).


Calorie Intake

When | Goal | Intake | Rate | Weight | Length | TDEE
Pre-cycle | Cut | 2100 kcal | -1.5 lbs | -15 lbs | 10 weeks | 2850 kcal
On-cycle | Bulk | 3600-4100 kcal | +1.5 lbs | +30 lbs | 20 weeks | ~3100 kcal

Weight graphs

Pre-cycle cut:

On-cycle bulk:

Some MFP calorie graphs (not perfect, particularly low days were only partially tracked and even some higher ones are only partial):

On-cycle Macros

Protein: 200-220g

Fat: 80-100g

Carbs: 500-600g carbs

Fiber: 80-100g

Sodium: 2000-3000 mg

Potassium: 4000-5000 mg

Meal Timing

Breakfast at 9:30, lunch at 2, afternoon meal at 6:30, workout in the evening, and then eat about 2 meals worth between 10-midnight. Each meal has a balanced macro ratio. I almost never snack between meals.


Staples: oatmeal, greek yogurt, milk, frozen berries, bananas, tilapia, cod, rice (brown, red, black, wild), lentils, quinoa, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, brussel sprouts, protein bars (Kirland & Fortix)

I tend to eat the same foods a lot for long periods. Last year it was a lot of chicken and bean burritos instead of fish and rice. Same shake for breakfast, afternoon, and night. Same lunch almost every weekday, often the same foods for dinner as lunch. Bacon and eggs on the weekends. On bulk though, especially this one, I ate more foods outside my staple, ate out more (but still not that much overall), and had more days where I didn't track foods and calories as precisely as I usually do.

I supplement a few things. Fish Oil 2x/day, vitamin D, lecithin, zinc & magnesium, cranberry concentrate, when on the anavar 500mg TUDCA before bed. 12.5mg ephedrine and 150mg caffeine each morning on weekdays (skip weekends).


Programming is probably my weak point. I work hard and push myself, particularly on progressing weight, but I don't do particularly high volume. I do think 5 work sets gave me better results than 4 work sets has been but I had lowered it to try and reduce my overall workout time.



5 minutes of light cardio and 15 minutes of various stretches and body weight squats.


After lifting, 20 minutes of medium intensity steady-state cardio on an elliptical 2-3 times per week.


Lift | Weight | Sets x Reps | RPE | Rest | Warm-ups (kg x reps)
Highbar ATG Squat | 125kg | 4x6 | 9-10 | 2 min | 40x10, 60x8, 80x6, 102.5x4
Barbell Calf Raise | 145kg | 2x20 | 8 | 2 min | none
Bench (paused) | 62.5kg | 4x10 | 8-9 | 1.5 min | none
Pendlay Row | 57.5kg | 3x10 | 8 | 1.5 min | none


Lift | Weight | Sets x Reps | RPE | Rest | Warm-ups (kg x reps)
OHP | 70kg | 4x6 | 9-10 | 2 min | 30x12, 40x10, 47.5x8, 55x6, 62.5x4
Chin-ups | 12.5kg+BW | 4x6 | 9-10 | 2 min | none
Dips | 25kg+BW | 3x8 | 9 | 2 min | BWx8
Cable Face Pull | 82 lbs | 3x8 | 8-9 | 1.5 min | none


Lift | Weight | Sets x Reps | RPE | Rest | Warm-ups (kg x reps)
Highbar ATG Squat | 140kg | 3x3 | 9 | 2.5 min | 40x10, 60x8, 80x6, 102.5x5, 125x4
OHP (paused) | 42.5kg | 4x10 | 8-9 | 1.5 min | none
Deadlift | 160kg | 2x3 | 8-9 | 2 min | 110x10, 130x8, 140x6, 150x4
Barbell Curl | 35kg | 3x8 | 8-9 | 1.5 min | none
Ab Wheel Rollout | - | 3x12 | 8 | 1.5 min | none


Lift | Weight | Sets x Reps | RPE | Rest | Warm-ups (kg x reps)
Bench | 105kg | 4x6 | 9-10 | 2 min | 50x12, 60x10, 70x8, 80x6, 92.5x4
Pendlay Row | 95kg | 4x6 | 9-10 | 2 min | 40x10, 55x8, 67.5x6, 80x4
Lying Leg Curls | 36.25kg | 3x8 | 8-9 | 1.5 min | 25x8
One-armed Band Pec Fly | - | 3x15 | 8-9 | 1.5 min | none


Lift | Increment (weekly) | Total Added | Added per week
Squat | 2.5kg | 35kg | 1.75kg
Deadlift | 2.5kg | 35kg | 1.75kg
Bench | 2.5kg | 25kg | 1.25kg
Row | 2.5kg | 25kg | 1.25kg
Calf Raise | 2.5kg | 35kg | 1.75kg
OHP | 1.25kg | 17.5kg | 0.875kg
Dips | 1.25kg | 15kg+BW (13.5kg) | 0.75kg (1.425kg)
Chin ups | 0.625kg | 7.5kg+BW (13.5kg) | 0.375kg (1kg)

In the last half of the cycle there were weeks where I didn't feel ready to progress and repeated the last week's weight. Dips and chin-ups were more like every other week all along. Also, particularly towards the end, I used 1.25kg per week progression instead of 2.5kg on squat, bench, and row. Accessories I just upped whenever sets felt less than RPE 8.

u/superman_in_hiding · 4 pointsr/steroids

I don't see why not. I got my TUDCA from the most UGL there is nigga. But don't tell anyone


u/JJMasterBall · 1 pointr/steroids

I got this one and I think it will last me forever.
The flush is REAL though. I almost had to call out of work when I popped two and ate a banana. Literally sat in the bathroom running water over my face.

u/SwoleFox · 7 pointsr/steroids

I got a body groomer and I am never going back to shaving, look into it man.

u/ThatPwn · 1 pointr/steroids

Would this be suitable enough for a gear box or should I look for something bigger?

I need to keep everything hidden, so this would store all the vials/pills/needles/etc.

u/touchmestepthru · 1 pointr/steroids

I take this one, its not flush free, so it still works on lipids, but since it is sustained release instead of hitting you all at once, the flush is minimized. I don't even really feel it taking 2g a day.

u/Cobra-_-Commander · 6 pointsr/steroids

Yesterday got a delivery of my Mangroomer back shaver, a bottle of Veet, and the precum/giant-cum-loads trifecta of pygeum, lecithin and zinc.
Can’t wait to get my smooth af ass rimmed and paint some faces with huge loads.

u/VapeBoy420 · 9 pointsr/steroids

I take Naringin as a supplement daily which is what's found in grapefruit to lower RBC and hematocrit. Both are always in range on blast with hematocrit never going high than 48-49%. On a cruise it drops down to 45-46%. This is what I take

u/Brojangles1234 · 2 pointsr/steroids

Naringin Extract Powder by BulkSupplements | Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Management (100 grams)

Swanson Naringin 500 mg 60 Caps

These two are the cheapest I have found. I get the Swanson one because i prefer to take it as a capsule.