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u/glassesguy21 · 1 pointr/sunglasses

First of all, in using polarized lenses you should notice a pretty drastic decrease in eye-strain (a known cause of migraines), especially if you don't usually wear sunglasses. You can further reference this here, (

Also, if you have a problem with the extra cost of polarization I got really lucky recently with a pair of sunglasses from this company (, and they don't charge extra for polarization. They're roughly 100 cheaper than a new pair of polarized Bans, and, if you'd care for my opinion, better constructed. (I got the blue lenses and they've proved to be really relaxing on the eyes as well.)

Raen Optics ( also makes some reasonably priced polarized sunglasses (the polarization is about an extra 20-30 bucks on average), and I've heard good things about them comfort-wise. They have a pretty large assortment in terms of color (lens and frame) too.

That said, I can vouch for the RayBan G15 as being a reliable lens for the sun (they are a bit heavy though [ they're glass] and, depending on the frame you get, could contribute to the protraction of your migraines). But, do make sure that you get them discounted like jetxobri recommended as they are quite overpriced.

p.s. If you're looking to go overboard on eye protection make sure to check these out, ( I have had a pair for over a year and, while they're absolute overkill, the level of protection achievable with these sunglasses is unmatched. However, if you do plan on driving (I noticed you said you don't often), the leather guards make it a fair bit difficult.

u/istvanx · 2 pointsr/sunglasses

These are vintage glasses, but I managed to find a replica on AMAZON.. Just got mine in today. AMAZING quality for $36 and being made in China. SUPER CRISP AND VERY VIVID. Comes with a beautiful case as well!!

LORSEX Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses

u/lime_st · 1 pointr/sunglasses

Lots of retailers who sell Ray-Ban will have options for polarized lenses, and a lot of opticals will be able to order them for you from the manufacturer. You can definitely get them online, it’s weird that Ray-Ban doesn’t have them. As the other commenter mentioned, Sunglass Hut is great. Amazon has a few as well. Good luck :)

u/josephtancc · 2 pointsr/sunglasses

You can try duduma sunglasses on
Looks pretty similar to the one you have on your link and around the same price range or cheaper. They do have a ton of reviews (and almost close to 4 stars) so am assuming they are made of good quality.

Personally, I do not think the brand for aviators are that important since you cannot really tell anyway. There just isn't much real estate there for branding or the logo. Hope this helps...

u/BryanWake · 1 pointr/sunglasses

I found these on being sold through HDO Sport. They're not exactly the same sunglasses, but close and they have a more reputable seller. Also, the price is a little cheaper and shipping is free.

u/TareXmd · 1 pointr/sunglasses

MJ's are awesome... Just picked up a pair for tennis and general wear based on reddit's recommendations. I love my new eyesight.

u/lwbrown10 · 1 pointr/sunglasses

They kinda look like these Gucci's. I've seen Floyd Mayweather rock these before too.

u/ARGO_SUPREME · 1 pointr/sunglasses

Try the Ray Ban Highstreets. They're pretty much bigger Wayfarers.

E: Also it looks like they may be discontinuing them because I'm seeing them on sale all over (except Sunglassbutt).

u/DLK601 · 2 pointsr/sunglasses

Sunglass hut and Ray-Ban are both owned by Luxotica so they are fine. But Amazon will be cheapest because aside from sales, they both charge full retail. Here is a example of How cheap rayban are on amazon. Sunglass hut and Ray Ban direct would both charge full price ($130)