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u/Alortania · 3 pointsr/swtor

If you're not interested in endgame (you will be ;P) I'd suggest getting an amazon/origin bundle and subbing for a couple months.

Save your CC's until you really know what you want to spend them on.

Once your sub lapses, you'll know more about what features/perks of being a sub you really care about, and if the contrast (being pref) is enough to sub on a recurring plan or if you just want to buy certain unlocks and sub intermittently.

Now Here's a paste of my "short sub guide";


I thought the same as you. I bought the Amazon 3m sub (extra coins, cheaper than 3x 1m sub, etc) thinking the same way as you. I've been sub'd ever since. Ops are addictive... and once you have all the perks thinking of going back is cringy.


  • If you don't have active toons but have done stories, there's not much prep you really need to do... if you do, decide which you want to be your main, and make sure that one ends up with all the goodies.
  • Get at least a toon to 50 so you can spend most of your time at cap once you sub, and doing the sub-exclusive stuff.
  • You can plan out a bit as far as what you like goes; if you know what roles/classes you enjoyed playing it would be a good start. The sub-exclusive content starts off fairly easy (groupfinder ops, easy uprisings, etc), but it's best to at least kinda know your class and have a main to do stuff on.
  • put 1k cartel coins aside and don't use it. Since you'll be dropping server slots, etc, it will be wise to transfer one toon (with some starter credits, other useful items and so on) to the other NA server right before your sub dies to duplicate your legacy. More on this at the bottom.
  • Join a guild that does events. Can do this once you sub, but it's not something that needs to wait, so~
  • Download Teamspeak, Discord, and set them up. Some things benefit from voice comms, and adding a server is far quicker than having to download and set up stuff while people wait.
  • You can also download/install starparse to see how you're doing. It's not really needed, but once you get good gear you might be interested in seeing where your DPS stands.
  • If you plan to do groupfinder operations (esp if you're hoping to try some hard mode ones), it's a good idea to look up guides/vids just so you have a slightly better idea of what they're like. Not needed, but~
  • Buy the starter strongholds. A week or two ago, DK was 6 credits, so I assume Coruscant is as well. Might as well buy them now and set up a bit.
    • Go to fleet and check out public strongholds; that will give you an idea on which you might like to buy/unlock once you have enough credits
  • You can pass time by grinding heroics, etc for credits. Legacy bank (you get one once you have a SH and do a lvl 15 mission on fleet) lets you skip escrow as f2p, and escrow goes back into your wallet anyway once you sub.
  • See if there are any 2x XP events or other things you might want to be sub'd for to maximize your time.


  • Use a referral code once you are sub'd; this will let you keep all three crew skills when your sub runs out, extra week of sub time, etc. You might also get a few mil from someone.
  • Try to get at least one person to use your referral code; it gives you a speeder that has a constant 110% speed, even at piloting 1 (all other are at 90% at that skill level).
  • If you like certain races (sans togruta/cathar) you can make them for free, so DO so. Once these are leveled to 50 the race unlocks for free and you can use them on any new future toons (see last section for why this is important)
  • For speed leveling, Get kicked to Yavin by a friend or kind stranger (for max effect, buy full exploration character perk + run a boost, then either start doing heroics or just grind mobs at [A Question of Motivation] (imp) to get to 70. Save story for later, though be sure to at least have your ship for toons you plan to do events on (summons requires ship).
  • You want to get to 70 and start earning CXP, because that's where gear comes from, and you can only earn it while you're a sub. Save your tokens, save gold shells since those can be upgraded later (if you PvP).
  • Do groupfinder operations.
    • They're sub-only, and they're fun as hell (even SM, at first)
    • They drop tier 2 gear, which you roll on (etiquette is 1/person unless stated otherwise, then greed on them)
    • You want to do Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace at first. Stay away from pug Ravagers and Dread anything for a bit until you get used to them and hopefully catch good groups.
    • You want to have plenty of time to do them; since you'll be pugging assume 2h as a minimum window before you have to go. They usually take less with a good group, but you don't want to have to leave before finishing them
    • You can do each operation once per week per toon (per difficulty, but unless you really REALLY like them and are willing to put in a LOT of work you probably won't get to do the higher difficulties... maybe EV/KP), so stay away from "Last Boss lockout runs" or ask groups if they're doing full runs when you join. Once you kill a boss all previous ones auto-lock for you for that week.
    • SAY you are new, ASK when you don't understand and read/listen carefully. Many times people are more than willing to explain, but don't want to wipe 5x+ before asking if you're new. This also goes for flashpoints.
  • Do uprisings (or at least try them); they're like mini flashpoints without cutscenes, etc. I personally dislike them, but SM ones are worth trying while you can.
  • Grind heroics and work the GTN, ETC to make credits, and spend them on various stuff that's above f2p/pref credit cap
    • Unlock strongholds; buy the fun ones. I personally love NS the most, but YMMV
    • Unlock global perks in legacy for credits. Quick travel, rocket boost, mount while moving, etc are all great investments
  • Try out various specs of classes, since they don't cost anything to swap around as a sub. You want to know what to leave toons at once it runs out.
  • Buy/get legacy shells and augment them, then use those to gear. Ripping insides/augmenting is cheaper as a sub

    Right Before Sub Ends

  • Decide which toons (if you made too many) you will be keeping active; get anything important off the others, put in cargo hold/legacy (inc all credits in the legacy bank)
  • On mains check to make sure all outfits have the hide head on/off on various outfits; these will stay but lock when sub runs out, so any outfit slot with hide head will still have hide head, until you sub again. Make sure you leave a few with head showing in case you later make outfits you want helmets visible on, etc
  • Pick one toon and transfer it to the other server. This will copy your legacy and global unlocks, race unlocks, etc.
    • Buy strongholds on that server. Once the base is bought, all the unlocks from the other server are auto-unlocked
    • Send this toon with money, etc. so you can jumpstart future toons.
    • This costs 1k cc atm, but saves you all those unlock costs and other achievements you've done.
  • Make sure all but 350k are in your legacy bank, not on your character
  • Pop all CXP packs and make sure all gear is done right/augmented/in legacy shells
  • NOW buy any vanity items you want off the GTN
  • Make sure all toons you want to play are in the right spec, etc.
  • Double check that there's nothing you forgot to do/try out

    Once it ends

  • Say "screw it" and renew the sub...
u/DragonDai · 1 pointr/swtor

Well, first off, I can only assume you're the person who gave me the gold. So yeah, thanks for popping my gold cherry! :D

As for resubbing, the benefits of resubbing before level 50 are REALLY small, especially between now and the beginning of December (cause there's a server wide XP boost that helps negate the XP penalty for not being subscribed). That being said, they are big enough, IMO, to warrant the cash. If nothing else, subscribing on or after the second of December will get you the new DLC (which launches on the 2nd) for all your characters forever (as well as any other DLC you're missing unlocked for all your characters forever as well).

And Amazon has been running a REALLY good deal for a while. Here's a link:

(Disclaimer, that link is via an affiliate link for my favorite Twitch streamer. My browser automatically sends all Amazon traffic through the affiliate link. It's way more hassle to get the non-affiliate link then it is to just post a disclaimer. So use that link for reference purposes only unless you want to help support a random Twitch streamer at no cost to yourself lol).

That's 3 months of time for 40 bucks (instead of 42 bucks or whatever it is normally), but you also get 20 bucks worth of Cartel Coins (the in game premium money) and a cute little baby rancor pet for all your characters forever. So you save a couple extra bucks on the sub, get a BUNCH of free Cartel Coins, and a little buddy to adventure with.

There is also a referral code I or any other subscriber can give you if you haven't been a subscriber in 90 days. It gives you some nice stuff including 7 days worth of Subscriber benefits (sans the DLC unlocks). If you're going to subscribe anyway, it's worth getting someone's code for the free 7 days and the goodies (the nicest of which is a free row of inventory space for all your characters forever). I'll be happy to supply a referral code if you want it, but if you know someone playing, they get some small but nice benefits, including Cartel Coins, if you end up subbing, so no hard feelings if you got a friend that plays or something and you'd rather use their code.

As for the text being small, the game features and EXTREMELY robust interface editor that will let you increase the size of individual elements (as well as move them, hide them, etc). This could be used on the tool tips box to increase it and therefore increase the size of the text. And since the tool tips box is a popup, it wouldn't get in the way of actually playing the game, even if you made it gigantic.

SWTOR is one of those MMOs where each class gets a billion abilities. I have 24 abilities mapped to my mouse alone and still have a couple more (like Stealth on my Consular or my 60 minute class buff or my quick travel button) that aren't bound to any key and I click when I need them. That being said, most classes have a "core" of about a half dozen abilities that really define how they are played, with everything else being either some sort of utility ability (like a stun or a defensive/offensive cooldown) or an AoE or situational ability.

This means that, starting out, you'll only have a couple of buttons to work with and, for the most part, they'll be the "key" abilities that you build your combat rotation around. Sure, a couple abilities may get replaced by something else (Slice on the Jedi Guardian is a great example), but most of them are gana be used from the moment you get them all the way through max level/raiding.

Because of this, they sort of build "out" in terms of complexity, if that makes sense. The stuff you get for the first 20-30 levels is the "core." The big abilities that define the class. As you go, these abilities will generally be the ones getting modified by the passive abilities you'll get automatically as you level. And these passives are what enable your core abilities to interact with your utility or situational skills, which you get later on.

So, my advice for overcoming the complexity of an MMO like SWTOR is to start with the basics. Identify which skills are you "builders (the ones that grant resources) which are your "spender fillers" (the ones that spend resources and just do damage, and not a lot else and are best used when you have nothing else to do), which are single target/AoE "power" skills (the BIG buttons that cost a lot of resources and produce big results, via damage, temporary crowd control, etc), and which skills you can safely relegate to the hard to reach buttons cause they're not something you're using a lot.

Once you get the abilities separated into the broad categories outlined above, you can make decisions about which abilities work best in which situations by viewing how they interact with each other via the passive abilities and via trial and error out in the world.

It sounds complicated, but really it's just about compartmentalizing everything into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Once you do that, you see how the compartments connect to each other, and everything falls into place, becoming second nature. And that's when games like this get really, really enjoyable, IMO.

Suddenly, your Jedi is dancing across the battlefield, force leaping from one enemy to the next, giant, sweeping strikes cleaving down a slew of enemies, massive overhead swings dishing out the hurt on the baddie's leaders, etc, etc, etc. SWTOR has really enjoyable LOOKING combat, which is something I think a lot of MMOs lack. And once you get your rhythm down, you can really enjoy it.

So yeah, I really hope you give the game a try again. Even if you're still struggling with combat, the leveling content (which is 95% of the games story) is worth experiencing. It's really fantastic writing and I think a lot of people end up missing out on some fantastically written and voice acted Star Wars stories because of the way the game plays. And that's a shame.

But I have every confidence that with a little practise and determination that you'll do just fine. So yeah, thanks again for the gold, and I hope you enjoy whatever time you end up spending in the game. :)

u/hawks5999 · 1 pointr/swtor

As others have said, if you plan on playing a while, subscribe for a month to get all the expansions.

However, I would suggest you put this off as long as possible. I started F2P during a May 4th promo 3 years ago. And I played 2 months just as happy as I could be as free to play. There was some limitation to my inventory, fast travel, etc but I just played around those limitations and had a blast. Then BioWare offered a 1 month subscription bundle that didn’t require storing a credit card (something I was trying to avoid doing). I took the 1 month of subscription and realized how much more was available as a subscriber and I could never go back to those limitations of free to play (or preferred even) and really enjoy it. So play free until you are sure you are ready to invest into the game regularly.

And once you do decide that (as I suspect you will, it’s worth it), the best way to kick it off is by using the Amazon Bundle, which will give you 3 months sub time, a mount, and bonus cartel coins for less than 3 months of subscribing. There’s also a bundle on Origin that has a unique mount, bonus cartel coins and 2 months of subscription for less than the subscription cost of 2 months.

Have fun!

u/KesafatLegacy · 1 pointr/swtor

Two weeks in and this game is still providing quality content! Went through both Sith lines and now half way through the Jedi Knight class. The dark side choices on republic aren't actually too bad, but personally I can't wait to return to Empire.. that's my true home, heard great things about agent class. Had a bit of cartel points saved up for a while and with the amazon bundle I was able to get the new lightsaber that just recently came out... and man does it look amazing with a white-black crystal! This game is an amazingly true Star Wars experience and any Star Wars fan should at least sign up for the free bundle just to experience this amazing game and story. Previous subs should definitely come back for the free 7 days of subscription time and experience some of the new content- only takes 1 month of sub to unlock all new expansions!

My Character Screenshot:
My Swtor Referral Link:
Use my Referral Link above and get these freebies:
Returning Subscribers will get:
Complementary server transfer
7 days of subscription free
The "Preferred Friends Bundle" which includes:
Customization Control: Display Titles
Customization Control: Unify Colors
Unlock: Inventory Module
Unlock: Crew Skill Slot
New Subscribers will get:
The "Jumpstart Bundle" which includes:
1x Quick Travel Pass
5x Minor XP Boost
1x Inventory Module
Amazon Bundle - Only $40!
Don't forget about the Amazon Bundle that includes:
($45) 90-day Subscription +Additional 1650 Cartel Coins/550 Monthly Sub Freebie
($15) Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion
($20) 2400 Cartel Coins

u/medullah · 1 pointr/swtor

>I have some high grade weapons for sale but they just sit in the GTN for days at a time. Augments move well and quickly enough but with the requirements for companion influence leveling now being so absurd I have to spend a good chunk of my profits (if I'm lucky) for them to get the required purple grade materials to just keep doing it.

This is part of the problem. Augments and Augmentation Kits are generally the most stable, reliable selling item. However, in order to sell augments, you need 4 crew skills - in your case the base three, Armstech, Scavenging and Investigation. Sounds like you picked Slicing in lieu of Investigation, so you have to buy the purple Investigation mats (which should be relatively cheap).

Ultimately if you want to make money crafting, you're going to need to become self-sufficient - have multiple characters with multiple crafting skills. Even if you don't play them, get another character to level 10 for the 4th skill you need so you don't need to buy parts. Alternatively, just sell the Augmentation Kit Components themselves, which still sell well as other people can craft augmentation kits themselves and hope for a crit.

Really crafting is not going to be your quickest way to riches unless you've already got a good amount of starter money. Running Heroics in a group is still the fastest time vs. credits, though it's definitely not the most exciting.

If you're willing to spend some cartel coins, you can buy something from the cartel market and sell it on the GTN - a Hypercrate will net you 25-30 million depending on the server, and the current Taun-Taun mount and Wampa pet both are selling well currently and will likely skyrocket in price once the Life Day event is over.

If you're a sub and haven't used the promo yet, an easy way to get 2400 cartel coins is to buy the KOTET/KOTFE starter pack for $40 - same price as 90 days of subscription, but it gives you some cartel coins as well. This code can only be used once though so if you bought it last year, you're out of luck.

u/AccomplishedSnow0 · 0 pointsr/swtor

It seems like you don't realize that the majority of the rules on that thread is about posting referral codes and how to subscribe. Here let me show you:

      • What is a referral code?


        All subscribed players have a referral code they can share players who have subscribed in the past, but who are not subscribed now, or with players who do not have accounts yet. If another player uses their link and then subscribes, the referrer recieves free Cartel Coins for every month the referred stays subscribed.

        Preferred Players

        If you are a preferred player who has subbed in the past, but you are not subbed now, you can use a referral code to get a free bundle of useful items and 7 days of free subscription (note this does not unlock expansions). Preferred players can only use a referral code once ever 90 days. Please note, that offering in-game credits or item in exchange for referrals is not allowed in this thread.

        Free-to-Play Players

        Free-to-Play players can not use referral links (nothing will happen if you use one).

        New Players Without Accounts

        If you do not have a account yet, you can click a referral code and then sign up. This will give you a small bundle of free items when you create your character.

      • So it sounds like you really need to start arguing for a separate screenshots thread
u/SirUrza · 1 pointr/swtor

Depends on you and your hardware.

You might wish to change movement from WASD to ESDF. The reason being you'll have more room to the right and left of your movement keys to bind abilities. QW and RT for abilities is much nicer then just Q and E... assuming of course you got rid of keyboard turning for your camera, which I hope you did. Moving to ESDF also makes more numbers reachable, 123456 are all within a reasonable reach.

If you have mouse software, you could for SWTOR rebind any of the mouse buttons 3-5 to shift, alt, or crtl. This would allow you to SHIFT-Q for example without contorting your hand or taking your hand off movement keys. It would also very easily allow you to use your movement keys whether they WASD or ESDF as shift, alt, or ctrl keys. Shift-W is a whole lot easier to hit when the thumb on your mouse can be shift. :)

Of course if you have a mouse with a ton of buttons like the Razer Naga you'll want to bind those as numpad buttons so that you have 1-6 on your keyboard as different keys then 1-6 on your mouse.

As for what to assign what abilities and layout of the ui, there isn't any right way to do it. You want to see target of target, you want to see focus target. You want debuffs to be larger then buffs, especially large on the raid frame so you can cleanse them. Highlighting your own effects as well as cleansable debuffs will help you know what's what as well.

u/bleuvault · 1 pointr/swtor

Hey mate, I'm sure someone has suggested a similar solution, but I just thought I would throw in my two cents and recent experience.

I've always been a clicker, and I had trouble reaching those keys as well, it just felt so weird doing the whole 1-9 thing.

I recently bought these for me and my wife and I honestly only use the keyboard for F keys and jumping. It's on sale right now pretty significantly, so I highly recommend it. you can fine tune the sensitivity and all the keys are situated right under your thumb. I'm sure everyone in this thread has bellowed "NAGARAZRMOWS" at you. They are probably great, but on the off chance that you happen to be on a budget like myself, I can vouch for this bad boy. The logitech gets it done.

Also, it has presets. I have a different LED color and preset for SWTOR, Terraria, and PoE. It's sweet. PM me if you have any questions!

u/ktlin27 · 2 pointsr/swtor

I would highly suggest to do NOTHING with those coins, at least not right away.

It sounds like you've been gone for a while, so I would suggest just playing as a preferred initially to get your bearings.

Take a couple days to figure out where you are, set up your UI, figure out if you want to continue with your existing characters or start over (you will probably want to start over anyway to get some of the freebies during the DvL event that is going on right now). The server you are on might be dead so figure out if you want to start over somewhere else.

After your get your bearings, you will want to use someone's referral link. The link will take you to your SWTOR account page and after you log in it will ask if you accept this person's referral. What will happen then is you will get 7 days of subscription access, along with a preferred friends bundle which every character you have or will ever create will always get. This is important because this gets you all 3 crew skills, an extra inventory module, I think the ability to display titles and one other thing (you can look on the sidebar for more information)

Finally after those 7 days you can decide if you want to subscribe for 1 month (this should unlock all the expansions and chapter 1-16 of KOTFE for you).

During this time you should just be playing and making money slowly. Don't unlock anything until your sub ends, but before your sub ends, every so often you should look in the GTN (auction house) for your account unlocks. Some of them you can buy with credits.

It was a year ago when I bought my Artifact Authorization (account) unlock, but I paid 8mil for mine (good luck finding one)

On a side note, instead of paying EA/BioWare directly for your 1 month subscription, there is a very good bundle you could get from Amazon (

Finally there are many different ways to find referral links to use. I'd suggest using one from a friend (if you happen to know one) or use one from someone that is willing to help you out in game for.

u/motoki · 9 pointsr/swtor

There's a ton of lore and they went and did 8 different class stories that really do play like a single player game for the most part. The interesting thing is that they do inteweave with each other in different aspects so you may get one piece from playing on character and another related piece from playing another. If you've ever seen a movie where you get to see the same event from multiple characters viewpoints it's a bit like that.

If you just want the lore without playing the game the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia is a great resource however I would recommend at least giving the game a try and playing through some of the class quests as a free player to see if you like it. There's a lot story there that's all voice acting plus there's plenty of back story and text on lore objects etc.

This is definitely not your typical MMO in terms of story and lore.

u/T3mpust · 0 pointsr/swtor

I had many issues with it and finally just opted to get the original game in DVD never had an issue since then.

You may be able to find it cheaper used or on ebay.

Bitraider is a pain and has caused so many problems.

I been away for a while so not sure what the latest bitraider Help links are but here are a few:

u/psychgrad · -5 pointsr/swtor

Have you already used a purchased game code with the free 30 days sub included? What I did was I purchased the physical game for 8 bucks on Amazon because it comes with a free month of subscription status and 500 coins to use in the game shop.

If you use a referral link, like mine below, you get an extra week of subscription time and a referral bonus pack of items and unlocks.

So I've spent 28 dollars total (8 dollar disc on amazon + 20 new expansion) and I have 37 days of sub time to level.

u/TorrAbsolute · 3 pointsr/swtor

Have fun! Another FYI, after you use up your week and decide that you fall in love with it, its on Amazon for only 20$!

Another pro tip: Play on one of the more populated servers ;D have fun!

u/_Apostrophe_ · 1 pointr/swtor

IIRC - Pre-ordering gave you:

  • Initial Game Purchase
  • Early Access
  • First Month Free

    The 30-days of free gametime, were applied to the very first month the game launched, so that 30-days is long gone.

    The Amazon KOTFE Bundle is afaik the best deal around at the moment.

    You get:

  • 90 Days of Gametime (worth $45)
  • 2400 Cartel Coins (worth $20)
  • All Exp Packs (no value at this point)
  • Vanity Pet

    It's $65-ish worth of stuff, for $40.

    Something to note: I do believe you can only redeem this code once per account.
u/swtor_bot · 2 pointsr/swtor

    • -
      > It seems silly that they have a full micro transaction store and yet still a $15 sub.

      you can get a mountain of content without subscribing.

      or buying any of the cc (mostly cosmetics, a few qol) for that matter. - by RollWave_
    • -
      I dont have an actual AWNSER. But dont other $15 a month games also have bid ol Microtransaction shops? I know wow has one for mounts and such. FFXIV also has the mogstation selling the same services as mounts, appearance changes, and things like that. SWTORs is only more agressive because its primarily Free to Play, doesn't mean i necessarily like it, at least let me equip Purples smh. - by ItsTrucy
u/OohLaLapin · 1 pointr/swtor

I have to second the recommendation for a tank class (Immortal Juggernaut for Sith Warriors, or whatever the tank version of a Guardian is for Jedi Knights) with a companion healing you, plus a gaming mouse. I bought this one back in 2015 and it's still working fine; I'm sure there are upgraded models out there.

Another one I find pretty easy for solo play is to play a Sith Sorcerer in Lightning spec and AOE everything down; have your bubble up as much as possible, have your companion in healing mode, and use the channeled AOE power to just nuke everything.

u/bytetemplar · 4 pointsr/swtor

I started playing few weeks ago and after a time, the restrictions of f2p starts get annoying. Did some research and if you are willing to spend some money to the game, best bang for buck is this:

You get 90 days premium, extra 2400 CC on top of monthly and mount.

Basicly you get 70$ worth of stuff for 40$ and its only usable ONCE per account.

Also, get authenticator app if you got smartphone, its free 100CC per month and secures your account!

u/darthrevan · 3 pointsr/swtor

Highlight of this video for me: finally seeing what Jennifer Hale looks like in real life. She's the voice of Bastila in KOTOR and Satele Shan from TOR (female Shepard in Mass Effect, too).

Was that Mark Hamill @ 0:37? Wow the years have not been kind. But then it's easy to forget that Return of the Jedi was almost 30 years ago.

Must've been awesome to meet Drew Karpyshyn there, too. We all have him (along with other writers, but mostly him) to thank for making The Old Republic era so awesome. Can't wait 'til Revan comes out in November.

u/Raccoon_Army · 1 pointr/swtor

A lot of this art in the official SWTOR Encyclopedia, good not for just great art, but great lore as well!

u/FenrirIII · 3 pointsr/swtor

You're referring to this bundle?

  • 90 Days of PREMIUM Unlimited Gameplay Access as a Subscriber with Full Game Access.

  • Enjoy being at the center of your own epic saga in the latest expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne.

  • Bonus of Three Story Expansions. Plus, as a bonus you will get access to the three previous paid expansions, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Shadow of Revan and Knights of the Fallen Empire – the prequel story to Knights of the Eternal Throne.

  • 2,400 Cartel Coins. Purchase valuable Cartel Packs along with collectible gear, unique weapons and other items that offer both customization and convenience, at the in-game Cartel Market with these coins.

  • KOTOR-Inspired Swoop Bike – Kakkran Daggerstar. This super sleek speeder was designed as a tribute to the game that started it all, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic!
u/kamiztheman · 2 pointsr/swtor

If you're looking for the best deal in terms of cost to the amount of game time and CC you get the best deal is the Amazon Pack. The other selections they have are on origins website.

u/ormins · 2 pointsr/swtor

That is the 90 Day subscription code I bought, I believe it was on sale when I got it but even now it's just $40 like you said. And then you get 2400 cartel coins for free so, not a bad deal.

u/Hohawl · 4 pointsr/swtor

Cartel Coins cards do not grant subscription time.

There are Game Time cards for 60 days.
All the possible subscription options are listed on

Also you can still find the Digital copies of the game in markets. back in time when game wasnt F2p you had to buy the game before able to use it. The Game purchase included a one-time 30 day subscription time.
After the game went F2P this product become obsolete and usually is sold with big discounts. So you can buy it for $5-9 and have a 30 days of subscription (can be applied only once per account).


sub refer a sub feature is still working.
The owner of the reflink gets 500CartelCoins one-time and 100CC for every month the referred person stay subbed.
Also there is a ingame reward: unique speeder(mount) and 4 minipets for every new refferals.

The refered person will get a 7 days of subscription time, free transfer for 1 character, «prefered friend bundle» with 4 unlocks.

u/mcgunn48 · 1 pointr/swtor

I don't know if you can buy this where you are, but this KotFE Starter Pack on Amazon is a good deal. You can only use it once per account though. It's a digital code you are buying so there's no need to wait for shipping. Another alternative is finding the 60 day time cards. They can be rebought and applied to an account indefinitely of course, but they are physical cards that take time to be shipped. Amazon sells those as well.

u/BrimmStone · 1 pointr/swtor

You can NOT sub via steam. I have tried. The game isn't listed.
Amazon has a good sub card deal: The time is the same price as the SWTOR website, and you get an extra 2400cc
You also receive 90 days of Prepaid Subscription Game Time and 2,400 Cartel Coins to ensure you start with all the gear and equipment you need to get off to a fast start.
Get it all in one bundle for $39.99 USD and save more than 35%† off the retail price of each bought separately.

u/jmmiracle · 2 pointsr/swtor

Edit - I wanted to look up the links for you. Please keep in mind that I am in the US so there may be a difference between US and Canada on price and availability,

Option 1 - Your best bet is this "The Amazon Bundle"

u/DorjeeVajra · 1 pointr/swtor

I recommend getting a hard copy of the game from Amazon and do away with bitraider all together.

It's just $11.61 and free shipping if you have amazon prime if you don't have Amazon prime odds are some one you know does.

Even if you don't have amazon prime it just $3 more and a nominal fee for shipping.

I got mine in 3 days in Hawaii.

They only have 3 left in stock not sure if SWTOR even makes these anymore so if you want a hard copy id jump on it before it's gone.


No more bitraider issues with original launcher with the hard copy of the game and much faster reinstall of the game. I haven't had a single launcher issue since I got the hard copy and did away with bitraider.

Hope this helps.

u/mastamind229 · 6 pointsr/swtor still has it for $40 and origin has both the digital and physical for 50 with free shipping (expires mar 31).

edit: amazon has it for $38/$40, with free 2 day shipping for prime members

u/Bishopnd3 · 2 pointsr/swtor

Ah I found that amazon one for the US store, you mean this one? Could always wait to see if it goes on sale and pick it up using my cousins account from the states maybe. Thanks! :)

u/Erazai · 2 pointsr/swtor

>How do you participate in this LvD event?

Create a new character and play as you would. All the objectives are in your achievements under its own DvL section.

>Would it be cheaper to sub for a couple months to get the expansions?

AFAIK subbing is the only way to get expansions. The cheapest is just to sub one month. If you want a longer sub, Amazon has a neat bundle out if you haven't previously purchased the bundle. 3 months sub and 2400 CC for $40.

u/SFG_OddGodd · 1 pointr/swtor

Pretty sure any game package you pay money for these days will have at least a month of subscription included.

This Amazon bundle gives you 3 months game time and $24 worth of Cartel Market currency, for $40, or you can just sub for a month if you want to spend less.

u/Calastir · 3 pointsr/swtor

If you want to spend a bit more, the Origin deluxe pack is a decent deal for $22.50.

You get 60 days of time, 1050 coins and a pet.

If you want to spend even more, Amazon has a great starter pack for $40

It includes 90 days of time, 2400 coins and a pet.

u/complicatedorc · 3 pointsr/swtor

Pretty good deal on amazon for 3 months and all expansions and stuff for 40 bucks.

u/ChadCloman · 1 pointr/swtor
  • The F2P restrictions, even for preferred players, are draconian. For a while now, the PTB have been really pushing for people to subscribe and stay subscribed. Speaking personally, the game is much more fun as a subscriber.

  • There is a special 90-day time card on amazon that comes with 2400 cartel coins, in addition to the ones you get monthly for being a subscriber. It costs $40 and is a pretty good deal.

  • If you attach a security key to your account (now an app and no longer a physical dongle), you receive 100 cartel coins each month. This, even if you're F2P. Also, you'll stop getting the random one-time password emails.
u/Starwarsfan4life · 2 pointsr/swtor

monthly sub has always been $15 a month. most people start a sub for one month then cancel the sub so it doesn't charge their card for the next month. you still get the full 30 days of sub time you originally signed up for.

You may want to check out the KoTFE Amazon bundle it's a pretty good deal for the price even though its $40.

u/swtorista · 1 pointr/swtor
  1. I don't think so, but I believe if you go to a vendor and hover over the item it will show you the sell price. Cartel market / cartel pack items can't be sold to vendors.
  2. As far as I understand it will use your pre-bought time first before charging you monthly. As far as I know there are no perks EXCEPT for this bundle pack which is the best deal you can get but it is one-time. Some of the cartel coin cards have a bonus pet, but not the time cards.
  3. Yep cosmetic. Except weapons.. they are wierd. Sometimes weapons are cosmetic sometimes they aren't.
    Glad you're enjoying our subreddit so far!
u/KaytuKami · 1 pointr/swtor

Try Amazon instead, it has the best Deal that isn't always available in Game. 14500 coins for $99 -- Per penny spent is 1.45 cartel coins getting 6% more per penny for your money spent --

u/Vicious007 · 4 pointsr/swtor

I recommend getting a Razor Orbweaver and Naga mouse. It's a bit of an investment, and it takes some time to get used to, but once you do you'll never go back to using a regular keyboard and mouse.

With these I never need to move my fingers far from the WASD key area. In fact, both my arms rest comfortably on the arms of my chair.

u/xvoy · 2 pointsr/swtor

It looks like an internal error on Bioware/EA servers. The Amazon or Origin bundle deals are far superior for your first sub.

u/shadowblade159 · 4 pointsr/swtor

This one here? If you scroll partway down the page, it says "can only be redeemed once per six-month period." So theoretically, you should be good. I cannot confirm this personally, since I haven't tried to use it a second time yet. I only just used it for the first time last month.

u/vasdrakken · 1 pointr/swtor

if you bought a ce edition they are unique, if you created it before the 1.2 I think... the devs basically promised in writing that the names would be unique for the CE editions and there was only so many sold so they are unique across every server... but I think it is less than five hundred, a thousand? but when they brought it up the ce edt were selling for something like five hundred dollars if you bought them initially they were $149.95 which was more than any of the subs had spent yet. So they were trying to balance the people who wanted their legacy to be the same as their spouse or their friends... mostly I think it came down to they put it in the bill of sale the names were unique and were not supposed to be lost, but remember that is one name per account. because as soon as you name your legacy it is account wide. there was a point when you could have multiple legacies as a CE account but they changed it to one legacy account wide. That was back in 2.0 maybe...

anyway if you want to see if it is available why not play a fee account to the end of chapter one, and check? if you have the cc to spend you can check in what a couple hours of playing and then just log into the other account and buy a rename tolken?
this one has the other image I have the box some where... sold the malgus statue years ago.

u/Tamryu · 2 pointsr/swtor

I assume you're asking for something similar to this?

Not sure why it's unavailable now but that was a really good deal. 3 months sub and also 1000 cartel coins.

u/neundreisieben · 1 pointr/swtor


You are not alone. There are a few people out there, not able to buy something from the SWToR-Store. To enable the buy option, you need to get in contact with EA in that case. There is maybe a problem with your bank, or with the EA payment service.

But you can buy Game-Time-Cards (GTC) from resellers. There are some legal resellers, like Amazon. You will find many more, like MMOGA, Kinguin or whatever they are called. Use these on your own risk.On , you will find that offer: SWTOR Premium Pack (/w aff-link from swtorDATA)*.Sorry for using this link. If you use that, you support swtorDATA with no extra costs. But i needed to copy that link, because i'm using the german Amazon page.

On Amazon you'll find 60days GTC, too. Up to 180days. But i don't know, how it is on your local Amazon.

By buying this, you get a Code. Here you login in your SWToR Account and enter the code in the "redeem a code" field. So you add your gametime.

The good thing about the Premium Pack is, that you get 90days gametime, all DLC up to KOTET and 2400 Cartel Coins you can spend on the cartel market. And you get a mount. Not my favourite, but okay. So i would buy this.

*i'm in no relation with swtordata

u/Synthwoven · 1 pointr/swtor

Uggh, I just paid $40 for 3 months and 2400 cc. This is a better value. Here is what I bought:

u/Shimond95 · 1 pointr/swtor

I just recently got a Dell Inspiron off Amazon for around $800 that does everything great. I think it was a sale at the time, let me dig up the link.

Well crap it's even cheaper now, go figure. I ended up getting another 8g memory and a second SSD drive too.

u/Crimsonbreeze · 2 pointsr/swtor

If you planning to play swtor more than a week i would strongly suggest you to sub at least for a month.

If 15$ is too much you can look into Amazon deals for a Standart Game edition (5-7$). It comes with 30days of sub.

PS Subscribers have a larger pool of «free» races to chose (depends on a class):

Once you get your toon to level 50 you unlock its race for your new alt for any class

u/Valion_Stryder · 1 pointr/swtor

I just recently came back and decided to sub. I found this deal as its the best bang for the buck.

u/supertoned · -6 pointsr/swtor

Man, what if all I want is the data, and none of the physical trappings?

Have a look at the Amazon link, it's still a physical copy.

Honestly, I think it is a legitimate position to want a digitally distributed version without the hassle of Origin. I don't understand all the snark this position garners from this subreddit.

u/Earl_of_Cola · 3 pointsr/swtor

This one here

90 day sub and 2400 cc

I just used it, worth the price easy.

u/Yalpski · 1 pointr/swtor

That was the gist of what I got from it. I wrote them back for clarification and they essentially said that if I want that shipping option I will have to cancel my pre-order (from July!) and re-order the same item if that shipping becomes available again. Never mind that the only CE's that they have left are priced at $300!


> I'm sorry for the misunderstanding about the release date delivery.

> I've checked the product detail page on, and it appears the item is not currently eligible for this shipping option.

> We only offer the Release-Date Delivery option when we know we can get the item from our suppliers in time to meet our delivery promise to you. It is possible that this item will become eligible as the release date gets closer and we've confirmed our inventory.

> At this time, I can only suggest that you check back on at a later time. If this item becomes eligible for Release-Date Delivery, that information will be posted on the item detail page here:


> Eligibility for Release-Date Delivery is indicated for each product on the product page, in the order pipeline, or at check-out. If the option does not appear, either the item or the shipping address is not eligible.

> You can find more information about this shipping option on our Help pages here:


> Once the release date delivery option has been updated on our website, you can cancel open orders, and check your order status, through the Order Summary in Your Account (

> If you choose not to place a new order and leave the existing order open, you will receive this item according to the Estimated Delivery Date on your original order confirmation e-mail.

> Thanks for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

u/erdevs · 2 pointsr/swtor

Well, I'm not sure about buy-1, get-1 specifically. But there is the Origin bundle, which gives you all of the expansions, a 60 day sub, and 1,050 Cartel Coins for $22.50 (was $19.99 a few days ago, I think).

There is also the Amazon bundle, which is $39.99 for 3 months of sub and 2000 Cartel Coins.

Both are good deals, atm. Be aware that if you buy the Origin bundle, it can take up to 2 business days for them to approve your order (they do this as an anti-fraud measure).

u/Teslok · 1 pointr/swtor

You can - subscribe, make sure it goes through, and then the next day you un-subscribe.

You'll still have the game time you paid for, but you won't be auto-billed for another 30 days when that time runs out.

I'm not sure but they might also still offer the 60-day one-time game time purchase.

For a slightly better deal--you're paying more but get more cartel coins, you could also buy a Bundle

And I don't mind additional questions. If I don't answer, it's because I'm busy, but I'll usually try to answer.

u/superhpman · 3 pointsr/swtor

Hi all! Returning player here.

Toward the end of 2016 I bought the origin deluxe pack.

Today, I want to buy this one from amazon (For the 3 month subscription and Cartel Coins)

My question, Can I still buy the Amazon one and apply it to my account, Even with already having the similar similar pack from origin applied to my account?

u/Ryngard · 0 pointsr/swtor

You can get it on Amazon still and you get a free rancor mini-pet with the purchase.

u/Nuppo · 1 pointr/swtor

Is this the 3-month pack you're referring to? Or is there a better deal that often pops up?

$39.99 for 3 months

u/Pr3t0r · 2 pointsr/swtor

If i bought this at 2016 januar:
I can still buy this: ?

Or its basically the same?

I'm thinking about to reactivate the game, if someone can confirm, this code will work even if i bought a similar a year ago, i will definitely go for it.

u/throwaway728941 · 1 pointr/swtor

recommend the amazon bundle if u are thinking of coming back. $40 gets u 3 months game time and 2400 cartel coins

u/joshA11 · 1 pointr/swtor

It is more money efficient to buy this bundle. You get 90 days plus some cartel coins.

u/Clutch_McGroin · 1 pointr/swtor

Deceived is a good read. It follows the events of the sack of Coruscant.

u/TyroneFreeman · 1 pointr/swtor

You can buy those from Amazon. Hopefully, you live in a state where they don't charge sales tax and can get it for $30 flat.

u/tsak021 · 5 pointsr/swtor

FYI: 14500 coins from amazon on sale for 89.99 from 99.99

If you buy 6 of these (14400 C), you will only spend ~65$, saving you ~35$..

u/BBP-Vas · 3 pointsr/swtor

If you are looking to buy coins, just get this if you have not already.

The three months of subscription that you get is worth more than the price and you get 2400cc with it. Can't really beat this deal if you want coins AND want to sub.

u/zoob_m · 1 pointr/swtor

okay, but how do I start KOTFE/KOTET? I bought this bundle. just so I could use better weapons, (they required ROTHC) but have not started any expansions yet, because I am doing my class story.

u/merdink · 2 pointsr/swtor Not sure if I can recommend it since it only gave 1050 coins while advertising 2400, though I did get the 90 days.

u/night_owl · 5 pointsr/swtor

Well for many people, I imagine it has something to do with the fact that you can't exactly download all this crap

u/Noming0 · 2 pointsr/swtor

So if I buy the regular edition on amazon will I get the code right away?

u/lbcadden3 · 1 pointr/swtor

Amazon Bundle = usd $39.99

90 days, 2400 Cartel Coins, Juvenile War Rancor pet

One time use

Origin = usd 29.99

60 Days, 1050 Cartel Coins, Major Experience Boost 5-Pack

Once per 6 months.

You also get the monthly cartel coin grant for being subscribed using either one, I think the amount varies a little based on length of sub period paid for.

u/AjunNg · 3 pointsr/swtor
$39.99 for 90 days + 2400 Cartel Coins.
That's 2400 CC on top on what you get monthly. 525 per month in this case.

u/EDDYBEEVIE · 2 pointsr/swtor


Origins has a bundled you can use every 6 months that gives 2 months sub, 1050 extra cartel coins and some speeder.

Amazon also use to have a bundle but it comes up unavailable now.

u/GlitchedUser · 6 pointsr/swtor

Amazon has 2400cc instant for 15.99 and a few other slight deals.

u/MutatedSpleen · 1 pointr/swtor

It's the same price on Amazon as it is from Bioware directly.

Here's a link.

u/Python422 · 1 pointr/swtor

Does the amazon bundle also expire on the 19th? The bundle in question

u/FracOMac · 1 pointr/swtor

Not free, no. If you want though you can get the boxed copy from amazon for cheap ($6.85) which gives you a 30 day sub. You can only use this kind of key once per account though.

u/jxjftw · 1 pointr/swtor

I've run swtor on a lot of laptops and have found out first hand that if you aren't running an Intel proc your day is going to suck. If you can stretch your budget 200 bucks this is a stellar deal.

u/Cokebeard · 1 pointr/swtor

it's basically a button pad that you use with your left had (assuming your right handed and your right hand is on your mouse). the G13 has, i believe 26 buttons and a thumb stick that are easily accessible by your fingers and can be mapped to any key you want. the software you down load with it also allows you to set up profiles for each of your characters or games in general you play. i don't believe there is a limit. it doesn't replace your keyboard, but is a companion to it. you would still need a keyboard to type and shit. here's the amazon link. if you want more info head over to

G13 Link

u/gone_gaming · 1 pointr/swtor

You can pick up a digital copy of the game like this if you check other sellers its only $11.50 or so for the actual license n' whatnot which includes a cd-key for a 30day subscription. Same as you would get on G2A or other CD key websites and it's the same price. Saves ya $4.00 from a 1 month sub also!

Disclaimer: If you have previously activated a CD-Key on our account you can NOT use this to extend your sub.

u/venom8599 · 4 pointsr/swtor

It's up for $19.99 on Amazon right now. Half the price they're asking for on Origin.

u/willscy · 1 pointr/swtor

then here, this is a full 30 days of subscription and preferred status + 500 coins I believe.

u/headbusta99 · 1 pointr/swtor

Is this against the TOS???

If so, talk about entrapment...

u/etari · 1 pointr/swtor

I'm tempted to buy this $82.75 at Amazon is the cheapest I can find.