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u/M374llic4 · 1 pointr/tDCS

Hey there,
A bit late to the party, but I just recently came across all of this information in general and find it quite intriguing and am wondering if you might be able to give me a quick pointer? I am quite interested in trying to enhance my working memory, as I have had to deal with ADHD my entire life. I was prescribed Adderall at age 30 and it changed my life, since then over the last few years I have finally been able to fulfill my dream of becoming a programmer and have been learning a number of programming languages, but unfortunately still often have issue with working memory. Not nearly as bad as it was, but I am trying to make it as good as I possibly can.

So my question is in relation to what you mentioned above. Not sure if being left handed changes anything, but I am in case that matters. What would you recommend I purchase to get started? I see you mentioned Anode on F3 and cathode on FP2. Out of context, I gather that would mean placing a pad from a device (what device do you recommend? Is it something I can buy from say, Amazon? I came across this one) on F3/FP2, which are referring to parts of your head?


u/judasblue · 1 pointr/tDCS

Yeah, I saw a picture of your setup before. Which, by the way, is appropriately terrifying and I commend you for your bravery.

Here is what you do. Go to Radio Shack and get a couple of 9v battery cap things (I can't believe I don't know the name of the terminals that fit on a 9v, but I don't), they are really cheap. Take the battery OUT of your 300 in 1 kit unit. Now, take the black wire from one of the caps and twist it together with the red wire from the other cap. Put them on batteries. You now have one free black wire and one free red wire that are providing 18v from the two 9v batteries in series. stick those into the power rails you are using on your breadboard.

The other thing, if I can give you some random advice here, that I would do is order one of these from amazon. This is a 5ma panel meter and you can put it in series anywhere in your circuit and it will tell you all the time roughly how much current is flowing. It is cheap and has very little accuracy, but they are good enough for this application. There are other ways to get constant current readings from your unit, but this is the cheapest and easiest for what you are doing and your level of experience with electronics.

u/DIYtDCS · 1 pointr/tDCS

Anthony, I got my Iomed PM 700 and I'm about to order the 2" x 2" Amrex sponge electrodes from Amazon. But it doesn't say anything about the connectors. Elsewhere I saw banana plugs mentioned, but these keep coming up alongside the electrodes in Amazon, and that doesn't look like a banana plug. Can you recommend a saline solution? PS if you make a kit list with an affiliate link I'd be happy to purchase through that link.

u/redidtsmith · 1 pointr/tDCS

Hm. The website says it's from this book.
Jaak Panksepp

It was published in 2004. So that data is 2003 and earlier. This isn't new info at all.

Which made me wonder why it was posted, followed by an, "Oh..." I question whether rats are actually doing something like human seeking. On the human side, I think we're zapping ourselves because there's something there. We don't know what exactly but it does have some positive (and negative) effects. It's seeking something better, not just inflicting harm because there's nothing else left in the environment.

u/John-A · 3 pointsr/tDCS

Snap-on sponge electrodes? Sorry I can't find any either. You can probably source a snap to pin or banana plug adapter but I haven't seen those either.

It might seem too 'arts and crafts' but it would be pretty easy to make a sponge-holder of Sugru that would go over your existing snap electrode. If you go that rout don't use a dish-sponge, they're way thicker than you need and have big pores that create voltage differences on your skin use [sponge cloth] ( instead.

u/meglets · 1 pointr/tDCS

These rubber straps are better than a lot of other options, but they can still be cumbersome. The folks who made the Jove video are working with a new type of strap that they call the EASYstrap, which the sponges they sell kind of "clip" onto so that you can position them before putting them on your head, and then you just stick the whole mess onto your head and fasten the strap. Here's the link.

Also, what I did before I got the official straps for my research is use medical tourniquet (available at medical supply stores or your friendly local ER) and punch holes in it with a holepuncher, and then use the mini hooks sold by Scotch instead of the little dot fasteners. It worked pretty well actually.

u/thedirtyscreech · 1 pointr/tDCS

Obviously, these aren't true IQ tests, but the book does seem to keep the tests pretty evenly balanced with the type and difficulty of questions. Seem like a good start for tabletop testing.

u/tdcsbuilder · 1 pointr/tDCS


What did you use to secure the electrodes? Would sweatbands like these work? (thinking that if they absorb the saline the might be able to conduct inappropriately)

Is there an easy way to mount the device by oneself?

u/MrOmegaPhi · 1 pointr/tDCS

You will be limited to with your anode and cathode placement. Many of the tDCS users are praising different placements across the head that are not in range of the headband for various different purposes. So yeah a head band will work, however if you are interested in different "montages" or "placements", your better off with the baseball cap or rubber tubing. Here you go, I just order one for myself -

That's a little overkill though if you are only using one cathode and one anode and no "montages", so medical resuable sticky pads, may be an option, or saline "glue" to press the tinfoil conductors to your skin or hair.

u/MagicC · 1 pointr/tDCS

Don't use those sponge electrodes - they're too small. The reason people are adapting the device in the first place is to reduce the current density (i.e. Amperage per unit area). The reason this is necessary is, H2O + NaCl solution, under high current density may behave like NaOH (lye) and HCl (hydrochloric acid). To enter a lower energy state, the OH- and H+ ions may bond to skin, rather than one another, causing chemical burns.

The solution is to reduce the current density, either by lowering the current, or by increasing the size of the electrode. It also helps to use lower salinity (0.07-0.15 Mol seems to be best - that's roughly 1-2 teaspoons per liter) to wet your sponge electrodes.

Typically, scientific studies use sponge electrodes that are about 25-35 square cm (i.e. ~2x2-2x3 inches), like these Amrex electrodes. Problem is, there are very few online suppliers, so they're selling out of them quickly.

My solution has been, cutting up cellulose sponges and using alligator clips to connect them to my tDCS kit (The Brain Stimulator). That may not be an option, since you have the device, but you may be able to do something similar by taking a cellulose sponge at least 2 inches x 2 inches (5 cm x 5 cm), and placing it underneath the built-in electrodes.

u/mercurysinking · 1 pointr/tDCS

You should get this one if you don't need it immediately. I have it, it works great.

u/Kulty · 3 pointsr/tDCS

Final electrode size is 2.5"x3.5" (6.5cmx8.7cm).

I used aluminum screen instead of steel because that was what our hardware store had in stock. So far aluminum has worked well for me, and I've also not had to deal with any kind of rust.

A friend of mine did the machine sewing (you can tell I'm not a seamster by the first and last picture). She used a white, heavy duty thread.

My experience using them: way nicer than my old sponges, less or almost no tingling/itching/burning. The voltage at the leads was under four volts (ca. 3.8V) at 2mA, and dropped to as low as 2.6V at 1.5mA after running it for a while. This was on bare skin for both electrodes.


Lola Sponge Cloths (Amazon)

3/8" Snap Fasteners (Amazon)

You can find different aluminum screen products on Amazon too. I just got mine by the foot at the local hardware store.

Edit: formating, more details

u/Linclin · 1 pointr/tDCS

I am assuming you are not using a TENS device for TDCS which it isn't meant for. There are TENS pads that are just carbon rubber that you apply paste on. Go to and search for electrode gel or tac gel. Tac gel is an adhesive. I am guessing it will rip the gel layer off of regular pads eventually (?). I think it is meant to be used with carbon rubber pads. Electrode gel coats and rehydrates gel pads making them last longer.

I used to use my TENS unit for stuff quite often. I use the gel electrodes linked below. About every third use I smear a very light coating of electrode gel (not tac gel) over them. They last quite a while and the gel keeps the pads moderately sticky. If you over saturate the electrode it falls apart. You can also buy a bandage and hold them on that way. It requires very little force to keep contact. TENS is quite forgiving so you won't get burned nearly as easily as TDCS. Because of this you can be more sloppy with your electrodes without getting burned.

Gel electrode I used for TENS

Electrode paste

carbon rubber electrode example

tac gel example

u/nocko · 1 pointr/tDCS

Your best bet would be to buy cut the electrode end of the fixed cable off. Then you can strip the ends and use a screw or solder banana connectors attached to end to interface with the Amerex sponge electrodes.

u/personwithusername · 3 pointsr/tDCS

I've noticed you've posted a lot of questions to this sub reddit, and most of them go unanswered. You might find it helpful to take a course in neuroscience (like this one, or perhaps read a neuroscience textbook, like this one

Even if you're not a student, it might be worthwhile looking in your local university library. So long as you don't check anything out I doubt they would stop you.

u/crypt_pwd · 1 pointr/tDCS

I have decided to buy the banana plugs and jacks from amazon can anyone here verify that I am going to buy the correct ones

Also, will this meter be ok to measure the current?

I tried finding the fuse but I was unable, can anyone post a link to where you got yours. Finally, I was wondering if has anyone experimented with HD-TDCS

u/jonathanstarks · 1 pointr/tDCS

For the $40 tDCS-kit, instead of buying the more expensive banana plug to mini-alligator-clip adaptors mentioned, would it work to use standard alligator leads like these?

Alternatively, would the $6 'Alligator Clip Adapters' for the Brain Stimulator work for the tDCS-kit?

u/vigrant · 3 pointsr/tDCS

I would buy an analog ammeter just so you can be sure at all times the current going through.

u/schwachmach · 1 pointr/tDCS

According to Amazon reviews, they are the same as the copperhead Duracells, just cheaper due to bulk.

12 of them are $15.09 [on Amazon].(

u/Freezerburn · 2 pointsr/tDCS

Maybe this could be a shortcut for those without circuit literacy.

Amazon Link to wall timer

u/Robo_Bobot · 1 pointr/tDCS

I use but I imagine any sweatband would do.

u/winnie_the_slayer · 1 pointr/tDCS

Well, you could try trauma release exercises (TRE) which tone the vagus nerve through movement without any extra equipment. Takes about 30 minutes. book