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u/smayonak · 3 pointsr/tablets

Have owned it for several months and use it every day. It's a Signature Edition from Microsoft -- so no bloatware. Unfortunately, it is sold out there.

The same model is available on Amazon for $67. But you have to ask them directly about the warranty because chances are: there is none though Amazon. That they don't list the warranty should be illegal.

It is a rebranded (NuVision is not a manufacturer, they sell rebranded Onda devices) Onda 8-inch tablet. The difference is that it only includes Windows 10. NuVision also released an "updated" version of the tablet called the Solo 8, but from what I can tell, this thing is identical to the Nuvision 8 in hardware. In software, it comes with the Creator's Update (which you can update to for free anyway).

Cherry Trail is adequate in performance. Were it running Android, this thing would be a performance beast. For Windows, it runs OK in 1920 x 1200 and slightly better in 1280 x 800. The battery life is good if you optimize it properly (here's a great Cherry Trail optimization video ).

People with poor battery life are installing lots of crapware, malware, PUPs, and software that runs in the background. That's why they're reporting increased battery drain later on down the line. They are installing lots of software that runs in the background that drains battery life. This tablet isn't for most people.

The thing about a 32GB tablet is that you ABSOLUTELY need to install software you 100% trust and -- ON TOP OF THAT -- you need to use a microSD card with good random read/write speeds, like a Samsung EVO+ or EVO Select card for offloading apps onto (which requires additional configuration).

Again, this is the best tablet. But mobile ARM processors are arriving in Windows 10 soon. I'm hoping a 64GB (or 32GB with microSD card storage) with 4GB of RAM device, with stylus support, and a 7-inch screen comes out. Chances are it'll be better than the Cherry Trail devices. Particularly in battery life.

u/xelf · 5 pointsr/tablets

Feel like a broken record saying this, but the kindle fire hd is a great tablet for the price. Does not come with google play installed, but it's free and easy to install it and gain access to all your apps from both the amazon app store and google play store.

For the price, hard to beat. $150. Kid's version is currently on sale for $160 which includes the "2-year worry-free guarantee: if they break it, return it and we'll replace it for free. No questions asked." which is nice if you're getting this for a kid, or just clumsy. =)

u/Ildera · 1 pointr/tablets

I use a Samsung Ativ Tab 3 myself for exactly that purpose. It can't cope with Drawboard PDF (specifically), but it's perfectly fine for Microsoft Office and OneNote, and pretty much any other pdf annotator I've tried. In a pinch, you can use something like Splashtop to remote into your desktop, but I've only needed to when I've taken it on weekends away.

The digitizer is perfect, I have no complaints. It's just as good as the much more expensive specialist Tablet PC I have from about five years ago. I'd really much rather use the Ativ than cart that brute about.

Atom has the advantages of being lighter, cheaper, and having seriously long battery life. And the Ativ is thinner than a paper notebook.

With that set of priorities, I have no hesitation in recommending it. Just don't try to play Hearthstone while your virus scanner is actively doing a scan. That... didn't go so well.

EDIT: And buy several of these - the Galaxy Note variant. I've tried both, and those work best (I think it's the same digitiser as the Note 10.1?)

u/highorderdetonation · 1 pointr/tablets

The one relevant question is probably what your budget is, but discounting that and just going straight for "fairly cheap" the Fire series from all reports may be the best thing you can get for classicmememom in that category unless you find a really good deal on something like a Galaxy Tab A (which otherwise butts up against the Amazon Fire HD 10 price-wise). And if you're going to be the one setting it up, you'll probably be the one doing tech support for it--for better or worse--so you'll definitely want to set it up any way you see fit so she can have minimal issues with it.

u/StupidMadeUpName · 2 pointsr/tablets

I agree with a Surface. I am not sure for Android tablets, but Drawboard PDF is available on Windows and is fantastic. I speak from experience, as just about every college professor I've had posts their lecture slides online as a PDF. My Pro 4 has been a great device. I'd suggest looking into Drawboard if you haven't already to see if it fits your demands.

Additionally, although an Android based tablet would be cheaper, having access to desktop versions of Office apps and compatibility with other applications you might need for class is great.

You don't have to get a Pro 4. But I'd suggest a Windows tablet computer with a stylus. I'd also highly suggest getting a typecover/keyboard folio. That way, your device is a tablet when convenient and a full laptop when you need it.

Here's a quick list to check out:

Surface Pro 4

Asus T102

Acer Alpha Switch

u/Nymenon · 2 pointsr/tablets

If 10" is a must, then I would have definitely recommended:


I've been roaming through Amazon, and those are definitely the best tablets under $160. Both have amazing specs. 2GB RAM, 1080p screen, and both have Android M Asus one is bit more recent, while the Lenovo one is more cheaper.

You may want to research on which one has the better battery life and so on. Also, you can return your recently bought tablet to Amazon within 30 days, even if it is already opened.

u/Jairou · 1 pointr/tablets

A stylus can be any little stick that you use on your screen. A stylus with an active digitizer is what you want for drawing - popular examples are Wacom and the S-pen. Styli without an active digitizer are basically only good for touch commands (think the biggest pencil tool in MS Paint). /u/cereuc's comment about "crayon style" is very accurate.

The Surface Pro 1 is a perfectly acceptable drawing tablet since they added the WinTab drivers. Source (Disclaimer: auto-start Youtube video that's kinda loud)

I don't know anything about the Cintiq honestly, but what could be so special about tilt recognition? My oldest smart phone has that. A Wacom stylus (read: an active digitizer) does typically add a lot to something's price.

As far as I know, the Jot stylus is strictly for iOS systems (iPads). Any active digitizer is good for drawing, there are just several brands out there - again, like Wacom and the S-pen for Samsung devices.

Edit: The tilt recognition is in the stylus, got it. Unless that's something you'll use frequently (sounds like a calligraphy thing), I don't think it's worth the price tag.

Edit2: You can generally mix and match styli and tablets, but you need to make sure the software matches. There is software in both the tablet and the stylus that determines whether it's digitizer-enabled or just capacitive.

For example, the Bamboo styli are commonly paired with Samsung Note tablets because some people prefer the thicker "pen" feel over the thinner "pencil" feel of writing. Here's what the Note 10.1 stylus looks like for the sake of comparison.

u/MonsterTea · 6 pointsr/tablets

I'd also recommend taking a look at the new Asus T100. Do not limit yourself to the Surface RT and see if you might need full windows. Like Surface RT, the Asus T100 comes with microsoft office as well. In addition it comes WITH a keyboard dock, which is another plus. Did I mention that the price is 400 dollars for the 64gig version?

Highly recommend this tablet over the Surface RT

Amazon is out of stock ;(, I'm not sure if you'd like 3rd party sellers

u/Pharnaces_II · 2 pointsr/tablets

ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400C-C1-BK - $424.99

Acer Iconia W3-810 - $429.99

Both are Windows 8 tablets with Intel Atom processors. They will be okay for web browsing and should be able to handle the Reddit Enhancement Suite, 720p Twitch streaming, 1080p movies, and inaccurate emulation (fine for 99% of games). They are a bit higher than your price range, but if you look around I'm sure you could find one on sale.

Alternatively you could get any decent Android tablet and use it instead. I haven't tested this personally, but apparently you can use RES with Opera Mobile Labs. You would probably want to use a client like reddit is fun or Reddit Sync instead, though. These tablets can be purchased for around $200.

u/iX1911 · 2 pointsr/tablets

Bought the Amazon Fire HD 8 on Christmas. It's great for the price and while the build quality feels average, I'm still more confident in it lasting longer than cheap Chinese tablets.

I think the Fire HD 8 is great for web-browsing, reading and light gaming. The battery is good, the SoC feels good enough for my needs and it is really easy to side-load the regular Google play store (takes 3 min, just download and install 4 apks).

My only wish is for the screen to be higher quality, but it's hard to complain with such a great budget tablet.

u/Histocorder · 1 pointr/tablets

if you hurry you can get this for 250. its got full windows 8/8.1 on it so you can run office. keyboard is optional but they work great. i loved working on mine.

u/artistebot · 1 pointr/tablets

There are several styluses that will work on Samsung devices w sPen (Notes, Tab A w sPen, MS Surface pro 1/2..)

Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Wacom Bamboo Smart Stylus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 S Pen with Eraser

Fujitsu Stylus Pen

Wacom Grip Pen UP-911E-02DD

IMHO, they all suffer from cursor off-set with the exception of the new "Wacom Bamboo Smart Stylus" that seems to be most comparable to an actual sPen. The other choice is the Samsung Spen w Eraser. If you are comfortalbe with pen offset the Fujitsu and Wacom grip have two side buttons.

You may consider getting the newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 10.1. It has comparable performance to the Note 2014, but the Spen technology is better with 2046 (maybe 4096..) levels of pressure (double) and tilt recognition. Currently only Clover Paint, and Art Rage recognize stylus tilt, and possibly the beta version on Infinite Painter.

If you find my comments helpful I appreciate an^up-vote

u/Hitokage_Tamashi · 2 pointsr/tablets This one is $108 (I know that's well above your budget, but believe me, you are not going to find a good tablet for $70 unless you are God of Discounts) (This is slightly weaker than the one listed above I believe, but it's $80 right now (it's on discount), I know that's also over your budget but not by much) Edit: This one is your best bet, the processor is clocked a biiiit slower, but it's running a newer version of Android

u/class-actress · 1 pointr/tablets

Thanks, can you check the following:

Dell Venue:

Nexus 9:

NVIDIA Shield:

NVIDIA and Nexus have both good reviews and have been out for a long time (not sure about the newest Dell). Aparently, NVIDIA and Nexus both runs android, with an NVIDIA touch and with vanilla respectively. As for Dell Venue, it runs Windows 8. I think all are reasonable prices for those devices, but they aren't the most updated in the line so I am unsure of the support you might get from the manufacturers. You can also look at Google's Pixel C if you want something up-to-date.

u/rohrhor · 2 pointsr/tablets

I was aware of refurbished tablets, kind of trying to narrow down to the tablet I want to get. Since this is going to be mainly a reader, I'd like to spend around 300 or less. Since the Nook is 145 on Amazon (ironic) I might swing by a Barnes and Noble and see what it feels like.

What do you think about the Transformer TF103CX-A1-BK 10.1-Inch? Apparently it comes with KitKat, and it's only $180 on Amazon right now.

u/justcurious12345 · 1 pointr/tablets

Thanks for the reply! I usually carry a backpack right now because I haul my laptop around. I think I could downsize to a large purse/bag if I didn't have my laptop. As a girl, I doubt my pockets would allow for any tablet. They barely fit my phone as is.

I found levono and asus tablets that are 10" I think. ( and They're a little cheaper than the Samsung. Do you have any thoughts about those?

What would pen input do? When would it be superior to not having it?

u/haploid-20 · 2 pointsr/tablets

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 10.1"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-P580NZKAXAR (B01LFV5SI6)


Product 1: Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel for Galaxy Note Black (B00IWJM9SW)

Imgur pricing graph

||Amazon|3P New|Used|
|Cur|Not in Stock|$28.99|Not in Stock|


Product 2: Wacom Bamboo Smart Stylus for Samsung Galaxy Note (CS310UK) (B01694XUQQ)

Imgur pricing graph

||Amazon|3P New|Used|


Product 3: Wacom Grip Pen UP-911E-02DD (B00014HR3I)

Imgur pricing graph

||Amazon|3P New|Used|
|Cur||$55.74|Not in Stock|


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Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 10.1"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-P580NZKAXAR (B01LFV5SI6)


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u/Reshak · 1 pointr/tablets

Well, since the thinkpad 2 and the vivotab note are about the same price is the thinkpad the best bet as they both seem to have the digitizer/one note as well as a slightly larger screen?

u/lotusblotus · 2 pointsr/tablets

Just saw this in a /r/gadgets thread. Seems easy to carry around and onenote would make note sharing easy.

u/Imidazole0 · 2 pointsr/tablets

This thing has won me over. $900 when released, less than $300 now, in roughly a year and a half. Built in stylus = win.

u/solontus_ · 2 pointsr/tablets

Cheap windows 8 tablet with an Atom processor and use OneNote for note taking. If your main computer runs windows as well, all you need to do is sync using OneDrive.

The Asus Vivotab Note 8 seems good for simply note-taking besides the fact that it's 8 inches, so there isn't as much space as a piece of paper.

If you're ok with a used tablet, the surface pro is borderline over you budget after you factor in the cost of probably having to get a new stylus + charger, but it's 10 inches and has fairly good stylus capabilities.

Of course, if you're going used, other choices become available such as the Thinkpad Tablet 2.

u/Flubly · 1 pointr/tablets

She liked the 9.5" size of the iPad but would be happy with 8".

These are the two I'm eyeing right now:

First choice: Lenovo Tab 2 10-Inch 16 GB - This says it comes with Android 4 but after some research it appears that it can be updated to Marshmallow.

Second choice: LG Electronics G Pad II 8-Inch Tablet (LGV498)

u/forgotamous · 2 pointsr/tablets

Here's a LINK to the zenpad I was refering to.

I wouldn't say I loved the Fire HD 7. Tolerated is a better word. :-). It was an odd device. It was from back in the day when Amazon had rigged FireOS to disable the Google Play Services - so any apps you had purchases on the Google Play Store would have to be re-purchased through Amazon (if they were even available) . Thankfully Amazon has softened their stance on the Google Play Store and you can now install it without having to root the device.

u/LucretiusCarus · 1 pointr/tablets

The xiaomi mipad 2 is a decently priced device. It runs android so your apps will be usable from your Nexus. I have used it and it's a very good tablet.

A lot of people here also praise the nvidia shield.

Edit. There are also a lot of cheap chinese tablets with dual os (android-Windows) that can also double as netbooks. The quality varies though.

u/NottaGrammerNasi · 2 pointsr/tablets

I like to keep an eye on the tablet market and the Dell 5855 $450 and HP 608 $420 both have extremely nice 8" tablets that have 4gbs of ram but they're much much more expensive.

If you drop the 4gbs of RAM requirement, then a whole slew of options open up. A friend bought a few of these tablets during Microsofts 12 days of Christmas sale. And they've been holding up so far. He also bought a few of these 5 or so months ago (he has no impulse control) as gifts too. One died shortly after receiving it and he had to pay $20 bucks or so to return it and get shipped back another. If it was me, I might give the NuVision one a try.

I currently have an Asus VivoTab Note 8. Its able to do most things I throw at it, even a bit of GIMP photo editing but I wouldn't suggest multitasking with it and I think that's where the size comes into play. When you get into the 10" size, they start having keyboard options and become more productivity machines than entertainment devices so the additional ram becomes more important.

The last thing to note; Intel may have killed the Atom chip line. I don't think any new 8" tablets have been announced recently and I would suspect the market for them will start to shrivel up but that's just purely speculation on my part.

I've personally found that I've gotten more use out of my 8" Android tablet than my Windows one simply because, at that size, I use it for media consumption and the Android one is easier for that stuff but that's just my 2 cents.

u/Conno351 · 1 pointr/tablets

Understanding your position, I would recommend the #1Best Seller on the All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8". Those you mentioned aren't bad in terms of where you are going. But, my recommendation should satisfy your demand comfortably.

u/cH3x · 1 pointr/tablets

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is great bang for your buck at $60. Just realize Amazon steers you away from Google (Chrome, Gmail, Play store, Youtube, etc.).

u/skyairtime4 · 2 pointsr/tablets

I recently purchased this and I love it. Checks all the marks you were asking for.

u/jedinatt · -1 pointsr/tablets

Save $50 more and get that. Or buy the crappy Fire tablet for $50, root it put the play store on it, and get rid of all the amazon crap, and use it for now until you can afford a nicer tablet. It runs things surprisingly well.

u/nybras · 3 pointsr/tablets

I have an Amazon Fire 10 HD and I think its great for watching movies and reading books/comics. A 10.1" screen along with the price of $150 for the 32GB model makes it quite the bargain (IMO)

u/woze · 3 pointsr/tablets

The regular iPad 2018 supports the Apple Pencil. That's about $400 to buy both iPad+pencil.

Perhaps the cheapest tablet with an active digitizer/stylus is the Samsung Tab A 10.1 with S Pen. (has to be "with S Pen" otherwise it won't have an active digitizer.) It's about $230 now on Amazon. The price of that thing fluctuates a lot:

An active digitizer/stylus make all the different in handwriting notes. The number of tablets that have one are fairly few and they do cost more.

The surface tablets are an option too. The Surface Go is relatively cheap (as surface tablets go) but buying the bigger model with pen will make it more expensive than the ipad 2018 alternative.

If you're not in a hurry, Black Friday is only a few weeks away too.

u/tuckmyjunksofast · 2 pointsr/tablets

Amazon currently has it for $199 32GB $229 64GB version and yes it is new and directly from Amazon. I snatched one in fear that they would sell out by the back to school tax holiday.

u/Ravynmagi · 2 pointsr/tablets

The one thing that comes to mind is the ASUS Memopad 7 ME176CX-A1-BK. It's a bit more expensive, normally $150. But Amazon often has sales on it, it's $125 at the moment. That would be better, a real Android experience, a bit bigger.

u/Baron164 · 4 pointsr/tablets

I'd recommend the $50 Amazon Fire 7" Tablet. You can upgrade the 16gb model for an extra $20. It's also rootable and you can get the Google App Store on it without even rooting it. It also has an SD slot.

My only issue is that it took my 3 attempts to get one without dead pixels. But Amazon replaced them without issues. And my experience with the screen, according to reviews is in the minority.

u/Sneaque · 2 pointsr/tablets

Like this usb 16" or this battery 7" ? Still use the phone as touch control/digitizer

u/johnny_fortune · 1 pointr/tablets

Good idea.
BTW, what do you think about Lenovo Tab 2 A10? It got 1920x1200 display...

u/ajaxanon · 1 pointr/tablets

The aspect ratio is good for portrait mode, browsing, reading, etc, but not great for watching videos.

Personally, I would not worry about the screen resolution or battery life. Would you be looking at the 9.7" model?

I am probably going to get a samsung tab 8.4 s refurbished off of amazon for my brother. If you get a lemon/dud, you have 90 days to return it.

Another option you might look into is the Nexus 9, although I think it also has the 4:3 aspect ratio. Another option would be the Asus Zenpad s8, 4gb version.

u/Nooberbooberx · 1 pointr/tablets

The Kindle Fire is a good option for $50. You can get that game on their store, or do some tricks to get access to the google store.

u/mrahole · 1 pointr/tablets

Why don't you just get a portable monitor?

I'm a programmer as well, and everyone at my company works remote, and I was using an iPad mini as a second screen when we'd all get together and one of my co-workers showed me his portable monitor, I was an instant convert!

Here's an example:

u/patstewart · 5 pointsr/tablets

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176CX can be found for a little more than $100.

I prefer this for a cheap tablet, but it's usually $150+:

ASUS MeMO Pad 8 ME181C

And not to be a dick, but you have $300 a year and you are going to spend more than a third of your income on a tablet?

u/lunatic36 · 1 pointr/tablets

I would definitely recommend the Amazon fire tablet , although not full android but man you can't beat that.

u/cereuc · 2 pointsr/tablets

for $150, I'd try to catch an HP Slate 7 Extreme or Slate 8 Pro on sale

otherwise, I'd be shocked if the Asus ME176 doesn't go down to $130 er so in the next 30 days ... quad-core 1.8ghz Atom, microSD, kit Kat ... fairly well reviewed, as well

maybe look for a refurb Nexus 7

I'd at least take last year's Dell Venue 7 over that Toshiba ... it's usually around $11x

u/sedp23 · 1 pointr/tablets

There's apparently a 2017 model with the 8300 processor

That one has Good reviews I've seen Good reviews on here as well

I don't have one but I'm looking for a tablet ass well I may end up picking one up

u/criscokkat · 1 pointr/tablets

I don't think having to have wifi is that big of an issue. I'm always looking up SDK's and stuff online while coding anyhow.

However, having a large screen is a requirement for me. I couldn't really see myself doing much coding when I am away from a larger monitor or at least multiple screens.

Unless I also got this to go along with it.

u/SlantedPictureFrame · 1 pointr/tablets

You can look at Amazon's Fire HD 8. Alternatively, it's a bit more expensive than the tablet you linked to, but you can look at the Zenpad S 8.0.

u/mi7chy · 2 pointsr/tablets

$99 Amazon Fire HD 10 has Blue Shade feature.

u/santiagorook · 2 pointsr/tablets

For your needs, the kindle fire is your friend or you can try the kindle fire hd 8" if you are willing to spend another $100, but i wouldnt recommend it.

u/Cheese124 · 2 pointsr/tablets

I haven't used ether of thoes but I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab-A it's $160 USD I think it's on sale now. However it is a bit dated now I got it about a year ago. I use it for manga and anime with vlc. And up to 256 gb SD card with 16 internal. It has a 10in 1900x1200 screen and a low price point this is the reason I got it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKAXAR 10.1-Inch 16 GB, Tablet (Black)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/tablets

I'm looking at Amazon's newest Fire tablet and I think it would work fine. Has anyone had any issues with it? If it's really bad, I'm willing to jump up to a Samsung or Apple's new $330 iPad.

u/rtechie1 · 1 pointr/tablets

That iView tablet is stuck on Lollipop, so no. If you want cheap, go for the Kindle Fire HD 8.