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u/saoirse77 · 5 pointsr/tall

The only book I can think of is called Don't Cry, Big Bird BUT I would ask you to preview it to see if you think it's acceptable because I don't remember all the details and I don't want to be held responsible for traumatizing your cousin!
From what I can remember, it's a picture book where Big Bird is very sad because he's too tall to join in games (jump ropes are too short, etc.). He's all sad about it, but then Mr. Snuffleupagus, who is also really big, says that he likes Big Bird's size. He helps Big Bird modify games (tying two jump ropes together) and eventually Big Bird likes his size and finds it useful-- he rescues his friend's kite from a tree when no one else can.
The reasons I can remember for not recommending this book wholeheartedly-- I believe they use the word "big" instead of "tall." It seems like a little thing, but for a girl who is already feeling self-conscious, it might not be the best choice of words. (And yes, no one should be ashamed of their body, regardless-- but I know that personally, when I was called "big" as an underweight but tall preteen, it stung.)

Another resource-- not specifically for tall girls, but adhering to the theme of loving yourself for who you are-- I found this list of "Positive Princess" books really helpful when I started nannying for a very appearances-centered kindergartener. She loves princess books, but a lot of them weren't sending a very positive message. These princess books focus more on having a healthy view of yourself rather than idolizing some airbrushed "Princess" character. I haven't read all of these, but Jane Yolen's and Heidi Stemple's Not All Princesses Dress in Pink is phenomenal.

More awesome picture books celebrating differences and diversity (Amazon has most of these for less than $3 used, and they're mostly popular enough that I would think your library would have them):
It's Okay to be Different
What I Like About Me
I Like Myself!

To take a different approach-- I know this sounds shallow, but when I was still growing and way more self-conscious about my height, I LOVED the fact that Nicole Kidman was (well, is) 5'11" (I was obsessed with Moulin Rouge). I ordinarily do not care about celebrity...stuff, but I thought it was so awesome that she was the same height as I was! Depending on what your cousin's interested in, consider showing her some pictures of tall girls to boost her confidence. For example, if she's familiar with the President's family, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha Obama are all quite tall (Michelle and Malia are both 5'11", and Malia's only 14!) The Obama girls are gorgeous and stylin, and I know I would have loved to see photos of tall younger girls when I was a kid (as opposed to tall women). Hell yeah, tall first family!
5 is too young for The Hunger Games, but Jennifer Lawrence is 5'9 and taller than her costar. She also seems to have a fairly positive view of health/body image as well.
There are a lot of tall women in the media-- Queen Latifah and Tyra Banks are 5'10, Taylor Swift (if she's into her music) and Karen Gillan (I love Doctor Who too much to not include her) are 5'11... and that's just a start! Look at Olympic athletes (Missy Franklin is only 18, 6'1, and a 4-time gold medalist) for other tall role models!

But at the end of the day, more than any books or media, you are the one who will have the most positive impact on your cousin! Make sure to talk about your own height in a positive manner, don't set a bad example by saying anything negative about your own body (or anyone else's), and be sure to mention how much you like being tall when you're around your cousin. I outgrew my mom, sister, aunts, uncles, and all my male and female cousins as a kid-- I would have loved to have a role model like you! Your own personal relationship with your cousin will be by far the most powerful and long-lasting influence on her self image.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/tall

I wish I used my degree! I majored in biological anthropology, which is essentially evolutionary biology. My main concentration was in forensics, which deals a lot of skeletal anatomy, because I wanted to solve murders and such. However, because SO MANY people are getting into the field now (the SVU Effect), there aren't very many jobs available here. You pretty much need an MS or PhD to get anywhere in this career. I've worked a few cases and I'd like to pursue it further, but grad school isn't in the cards for me at the moment. I'm trying to find a job in a different field, but it's proving to be near impossible! It doesn't really help that I'm in Austin, and pretty much everything here is in technology.

ANYWAY, that was a novel. But, if you're really interested, you should definitely look into it! If you're interested in a career in forensics, there are excavation digs that you can join in on without a degree in South America and Africa. Some of my classmates had worked on sites excavating mass graves and their work was really important in the war crimes trial of a former Guatemalan dictator. Or, if you're just interested in the subject and would like to read more about it, I'd totally recommend this book by one of the best forensic anthropologists about some of his most famous investigations.

u/jammintx · 2 pointsr/tall

Ha. I haven't had a doorframe pull-up bar in a while, in part out of fear of bringing the door down, but in just as large part because of the lowered clearance. I just got one of these, and am pretty happy with it so far:

Not ideal height-wise, but sturdy and a better option than a doorframe pullup bar almost certainly; I think the height is 7 foot, with the leg-tuck (or extension) not awful as an option.

Also, here's a similar product which people in /r/bodyweightfitness seem to regard well:

u/JVM_ · 1 pointr/tall

Hoping I didn't leave this too late.

My wife bought me this book a few years ago. It's perfect 'for Daddy from the Baby' gift. The book is actually a decent baby board book as well.

This page is what makes it tall friendly.

I've linked to it on Amazon, I'll take down the referral links if they break some rules.

Amazon link

Referral link link referral link

u/roflstompt · 3 pointsr/tall

I recommend a shower head like this, and/or an extension like this. I have a similar setup, and it's pretty awesome. Obviously not helpful for the road, but for 95% of the rest of life it's great.

u/biscarch · 3 pointsr/tall

I assume you mean movements like cleans, snatch, etc?

If so, it's fully possible to execute these movements as a tall person. Becoming a Supple Leopard is a book that can help you increase your Range of Motion in different joints, if that's an issue for you.

Here's a squat from a 6'7"/6'8" guy and here's the same guy doing a snatch.

Form is paramount to a successful lift. The people over at /r/weightlifting are always helping out with form checks and advice. In fact, there's a thread right now about getting squat depth as a tall lifter.

u/hurricanelady · 2 pointsr/tall

It's OK to Be Different is one of my favorites:

Not specific to being tall, but a goofy book about being different. For a younger audience than her, but still lots of fun :)

u/rsmjr · 3 pointsr/tall

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair

I am 6'5" and rock this chair. I can't really put my head back on it, maybe a gaming chair could do that. But the back support and comfort is amazing. It has adjustable lumbar.

u/Tunde88 · 24 pointsr/tall

Here’s the link! Us Talls gotta help each other out! 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿. Go bigger if you want a looser fit or get your regular size if you want a compression style sleeve like the one I have in the pic.

u/reactivepixel · 1 pointr/tall

I know your pain.... until I picked up this wonderful shower-head. It now moves with me.

Bonus: It has awesome pressure/flow.

u/Baeker · 3 pointsr/tall

Our neck thing was corroded on else I would have put one of these in myself. It's a good cheap fix.

We'd been making do with one like this:

u/iUndef · 5 pointsr/tall

Alternatively, I can HIGHLY recommend this Fresnel lens. You use a little water to stick it to the top of your windshield, and it saves your neck from that bending.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/tall

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Link: this book by one of the best forensic anthropologists

u/fireboxer34 · 1 pointr/tall

I bought this one and I love it. When I bought it, there was a $50 rebate. I am also in Canada so they maybe cheaper stateside.

u/masturbathon · 1 pointr/tall

It won't help THAT much, but there are these things.

I own my house but haven't wanted to remodel the bathroom yet, so I use one. It only adds 11" but it's better than nothing!

u/complich8 · 2 pointsr/tall

I'm a strong advocate of handhelds, Just hold it where you want it!

u/LouGubrius · 27 pointsr/tall

Might also look at this style if you are renting. You just unscrew the shower head, screw on the extender, then the shower head goes on the other end of the extender. You can also loosen the fingernuts which lets it flop free. Makes it much easier to rinse out the shower when cleaning.

u/weeeeelaaaaaah · 19 pointsr/tall

Shower head extension! Enjoy water falling on your head, not your shoulders!

Edit: link formatting

u/CMDR_BlueCrab · 1 pointr/tall

I highly recommend this:
attached to one or maybe even two of these:

u/lord_nikon_burned · 3 pointsr/tall

You should try something like this:
LightInSight Specialized Windshield Lens

u/starbuxed · 2 pointsr/tall

I hav one of those with a remove shower head like this. It makes a world of difference.

u/small_world · 3 pointsr/tall

If we're talking mobilizations Becoming a Supple Leopard is the book I would recommend. You can also do the soup can thing with a lacrosse ball.

u/EduardH · 2 pointsr/tall

A few months ago someone else on r/tall linked to this one and I got it. $17 and worth every penny!

u/q-bus · 3 pointsr/tall

Waterpik CF-201 Cascadia Dual Mode 8-Inch Showerhead, White Waterpik


Moen 116651BN 6-Inch Straight Replacement Shower Extension, Brushed Nickel Mo...

u/xeightx · 2 pointsr/tall

Just going to bum off the top comment to say that for the past few years I've been using a showerhead extender:

Similar to this

Now every apartment I'm at, the shower head is above me.

u/ryzzie · 63 pointsr/tall

Get one of these. It took my husband and I six years to get one. I don't know why we waited so long. They're not that hard to put in, and if your complex is managed you can probably get a maintenance person to install it for you!

u/Somebody_not_you · 1 pointr/tall

I'm 6'7", 255, also lean... Haha.

I bought this chair back in 2012 and love it.

My brother at 6'3" has sat in it and his feet couldn't even touch the floor when it is up all the way (where I keep it). I notice it has a bunch of negative reviews on Amazon now, but I have had no problems with this whatsoever.

Best of luck in your search.

u/Leiryn · 37 pointsr/tall

Same here, according to clothing manufacturers someone my height must be at least twice my weight.

What's the shirt and what size did you get?

Found it

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/tall

Non-mobile: these

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/kitschfrays · 3 pointsr/tall

Not OP but I've installed the same at every place I've rented in the last 5 years. They have longer ones at Home Depot/elsewhere on the net, but they're all called the same.

Edit: "S-pipe"

u/tobobo · 1 pointr/tall

I recently got one of these and I use it in my house at school—screws right on and adds probably 6-8".

u/SuperTallCraig · 1 pointr/tall

I've done that myself to every apartment I've ever lived in with one of these and a little teflon tape... shower extension

u/e60deluxe · 2 pointsr/tall

if you dont need the adustability, and just need it to be higher, this is a significantly less ugly version of that:

just to be clear, this replaces the downward facing shower arm where as the one OP linked attatches onto the end of the downward facing arm.

however, OPs is probably a safer install if you are renting.

u/jtaz90s · 1 pointr/tall

Can't recommend Kelly Starrett's website and his book Becoming a Supple Leopard enough.

u/BruteSquad610 · 1 pointr/tall

You are trying to solve a problem that has already been solved

u/wiskuhz · 4 pointsr/tall

someone posted this

in the sub a few days ago might fix your dilemma

i am 6'6 and constantly smacking my face on the shower head i might have to buy one soon too

u/kkkiwi · 1 pointr/tall

I've been searching for months, years even. I keep hearing about the DX Racer K and the Herman Miller Aeron. I tried the HM Embody but it just wasn't up to snuff. I'm 6'5"/230lbs. My back and neck are fucked from sitting in shitty chairs and I'm at a loss as to what to do.

This is the chair I have now:

I got it as a temp solution but haven;t been able to find a good chair since. If I'm gonna pay like 900 I want to love it.