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u/Sunergy · 2 pointsr/tf2

Thanks, if I seem "in the know" it's because I was asking these same questions a year ago when I was in the same position as you. Since then I've been studying animation fulltime. I suppose another bit of advice that a lot of the professional animators I talk to suggest is that if you want to get a job at the big studios, it's best to specialize. Pick what you love doing, be that modeling, lighting, rigging or animating, and become an expert in that field. While being a jack of all trades is great for making your own shorts, most companies want you to do one thing and do it very well.

Also, if you're looking at schools and courses, you should know that when it comes to getting a job in the industry degrees and certificates don't count for much. Find a place that will help you produce a great demo reel. Learning on your own is also an option, but it's definitely the harder road.

If it's specifically animation that you are interested in, many animators swear by the techniques found in the Animator's Survival Kit. It has more of a focus ontraditional animation, but it's still a must read to learn the basic techniques.

Anyways, best of luck in the future.

u/Kuiper · 1 pointr/tf2

My setup is like iamlouie's, except that I use the Sennheiser HD201 instead of the HD555. (It's significantly cheaper and still offers reasonably good quality, far better than I've gotten from any of the $50 Logitech headsets I've used.)

I'd recommend getting a nice set of Sennheiser headphones and buying a clip-on mic separately. This thing is supposed to be la creme de la creme when it comes to standalone mics, and Sennheiser offers amazing bang for buck in terms of quality. Cheapest is the HD201 which can sometimes be found for as low as $20; it beats most $50 headsets I've seen in terms of quality and comfort. If you're willing to spend a bit more, there's the HD555's, which are ~$90.

I really cannot recommend Sennheiser enough; the quality on their headphones is amazing and when paired with a good standalone mic you will be hard-pressed to find a headset that matches them for quality and economy.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/tf2

I picked this headset up on a whim from walmart one night. They work great and I'm satisfied with them.

If you already have a good set of headphones, I've heard great things about this clip on. although I've never used it myself.

u/Wilhelm_Brandenburg · 3 pointsr/tf2

If you don't feel like spending that much, try what I'm using currently:

Half the price but definetely good enough for these purposes. Just make sure that if you do buy it, to keep it as close as you can to your mouth for best quality.

u/iamlouie · 3 pointsr/tf2

I use a Senheisser HD555 and a Zalman Microphone Zm-Mic1.

I've used Steelseries/Icemat Siberias before and they were really good. I actually went through 3 pairs due to the cat eating the cord twice and the wires being pulled out once but Steelseries was gracious enough to replace two of them. When my last one broke, I decided to try the Senheisser HD555 and like it a lot more.

I've also used Logitech, Sony, Plantronics headsets/headphones in the past. They're okay. If I were on a budget, I'd just go with Steelseries Siberias.

u/Procainum · 1 pointr/tf2

Actually, there is! It's only the first comic, I believe, but it does come with plenty of other valve comics.
Also it's kind of pricy and hardcover. Would make a nice gift.

u/SheeEttin · 48 pointsr/tf2

Mann Co. HQ. You can see the board in the Amazon listing:

Edit: and unlike what /u/Elvis_the_Typhlosion said, the playing pieces in that set are the bomb cart, cow silhouette, tower of hats, balloonicorn, level one sentry, and Saxxy; and Teufort is present on the green Pennsylvania Avenue space.

u/tsjr · 1 pointr/tf2

> in a few months

An optimist! I like that!

To answer your question, this is what I use, it's decent.

u/jwiz · 1 pointr/tf2

I have these (or ones like them, anyway). The mic is good, but the headphone quality is a little weak.

Plus after a while, they seem to loosen up and come off my ears (they are normally "gripping" your head, but after a while the grip slips).

I think if I were to upgrade, I would get a good set of headphones and a separate mic like this:

u/enderflame · 3 pointsr/tf2

My friend has had this 8 dollar Zalman mic for a while and it is clear enough to understand words and whatnot. If you're feeling cheap, this will do the job.

u/MorningRooster · 2 pointsr/tf2

I've been making sure to look at reviews to see if there are OS X drivers. The Sidewinder series does work with OS X, despite being a Microsoft mouse, for example. But thanks for the advice. Do you think wireless works fine?

u/trunk_slamchest · 5 pointsr/tf2

no they didnt come with stands, unfortunately. i bought a pack of these with them.

theyre good enough. you can set the figures in some cool poses, but nothing extreme. 7 out of 11.

theres only one foot hole on each stand though, even though the packaging makes it look like theres 3. its off to the side, but the base is wide enough where they dont lose balance at all.

u/Pengn · 1 pointr/tf2

I've played with people who don't have mics, it's really pretty bad and you'll never get anywhere if you can't communicate.

Just pick up one of these or something and you'll be good.

u/Shnuggles · 2 pointsr/tf2

Wow, so apparently us UK folk are very fussy with microphones

u/Literati · 2 pointsr/tf2

Dude, I was in the same situation as you! You might want to get one of these.

I picked one up when my built-in Microphone wasn't working on my Windows partition, but couldn't plug in my headset since it had dual audio in/out jacks.

You're the same Rae who plays on Reddit West, right? I don't know if you're near LA, but if you decide on getting a decent headset and want that adapter, we can meet up somewhere public and I can give you mine for 10 bucks; that way I get rid of something I don't need and you get something you do. :D

u/AyeAye_Kane · 6 pointsr/tf2

there's already this which has comics from l4d, tf2 and portal. It's not all of them though, but it's still really cool

u/bootyliving · 1 pointr/tf2

For anyone wondering where to buy, this is also available on Amazon. Save this to your wishlist as the price has been rising and falling as of late

u/Chukapi · 2 pointsr/tf2

There are official ones available - I have the Medic one attached to my car key! If you're interested in nosying:

As far as I'm aware, only a Pyro and Heavy one are available as well as the Medic one at the mo. No idea if they plan to make more!

u/TheDrZoidy · 18 pointsr/tf2
Here's where you can buy it, you can see previews for what the actual board looks like too.

u/Gamecube762 · 2 pointsr/tf2

Amazon (I tried to make sure its not a referral link)

u/just_a_random_dood · 3 pointsr/tf2

Holy moly, when did this happen? I still see it for $33.71 on Amazon right now

u/TH3_B3AN · 6 pointsr/tf2

Some of them were printed, I don't know which though. Here's where you can buy them

u/incineratechicken · 1 pointr/tf2

I use this thing constantly. Shockingly high sensitivity and sound quality for $7.

u/barashkukor · 15 pointsr/tf2

I think that, if they tried to sell it, the author might get in trouble since it's a copy of a picture book.

u/SonyDash · 16 pointsr/tf2

Watch out you get a new one and not like new so the code for the hat will be there.
Fight Songs: The Music of Team Fortress 2