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u/draxthedestroyer22 · 23 pointsr/thalassophobia

Ooooh a question I can answer! Basically to build the foundations in the middle of the river, they built two massive caissons (think a giant wooden box with an open end overturned). They incrementally added weight to drive the ends into the earth, then had a system of manually getting the water out, lowering people down to hand-shovel the earth, then add more weight to further drive the caisson down. If I remember correctly, the caissons were ultimately filled with concrete and are still there over 100 years later (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Because of changes in pressure going up and down, many workers developed decompression sickness, a.k.a. the bends, or caisson disease, including the architect when he lowered himself down for an inspection. He recovered, but was left crippled afterwards.

Here is a pretty good summary of the whole process, and if you're really interested, you should read The Great Bridge by David McCullough. It goes into much more detail but really sheds light on what an engineering marvel that bridge is.

u/lickarock · 5 pointsr/thalassophobia

I found it on amazon! But according to reviews the image is awfully blurry/pixelated :

edit: This one and this one are the same image and have fewer but more positive reviews.

u/frig_off_lahey · 28 pointsr/thalassophobia

The Complete Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft

This one is a good start. I’m not sure if it has every single story he wrote but it’s pretty close.

u/EdwardDupont · 7 pointsr/thalassophobia

Pretty fucking awesome. And the mom is pretty hot too.

Edit: Ok apparently they are a bitch to clean and obviously $1600 seems a little too cheap so that's why it's not a good product. /s

u/G3nji_17 · 1 pointr/thalassophobia

Maybe. It could be that the artist I linked stole the artwork, or made it years ago and only uploaded it for the competition.

Or maybe there was a very similar artwork which both of you saw and which inspired her to make this picture.

I just recognised the artwork and the artist and wanted give people the information.

EDIT: Just looked through the comments on the artwork and somebody mentioned it beeing used as the cover for this book. Is that by any chance your book?

u/Tellingdwar · 1 pointr/thalassophobia

Number 16 is the coverart of Shadows Beneath, an anthology of short stories. Most of which have little to do with ocean monsters, but it's a good visual metaphor.

u/Yensooo · 1 pointr/thalassophobia

This was a really good book by the way!

It's called Shadows Beneath. And it's a short story anthology written for writers because it includes the first drafts and planning stages.

It doesn't have anything to do with deep sea monsters.

u/nolij420 · 1 pointr/thalassophobia

Well I don't wanna spoil it. Guess you're gonna have to read the book!!

u/mulder_scully · 3 pointsr/thalassophobia

"The Call of Cthulhu" by HP Lovecraft. I recommend his collection of short stories here

u/KJ6BWB · 3 pointsr/thalassophobia

Reminds me of where mantra rays evolve slightly and can fly through the air like they can fly through the water now.

u/Sadwitchsea · 1 pointr/thalassophobia

It's not the best book ever, I picked it up in a charity shop, but for me it's so horrifying.
Available on amazon:

u/Hutzler517bForScale · 5 pointsr/thalassophobia

Diving with a banana seems like it might draw unwanted attention from things looking for food. Try this instead

u/a_rude_jellybean · 1 pointr/thalassophobia

sorry for the late reply. (Im not an affiliate on this link) but here is the book

did it help me? i would say yes. am i fixed from anxiety after reading the book? no.

if i were to summarize what helped me from this book is:

  1. knowing what is anxiety and understanding why my brain gets anxious. Defining Cortex and Amigdula based anxiety.
  2. techniques on tricking your amigdula (cliche as this may sound) slow breathing and relaxation techniques tends to trick the "fight or flight or freeze mode".
  3. how to rewire your brain through thought techniques and/or exposure/flooding with positive thoughts and experiences.
  4. (sounds cliche again) but explained in book why SLEEP and Exercise helps you overcome anxiety.
  5. by knowing all these techniques, and understanding which kind of anxiety we have. a person can use the techniques when anxiety arises.

    the very first time i tried looking at my thoughts from a third person's perspective i realized that i have these pattern of thoughts that seems habitual and tends to release a certain emotion that is stressful. I never thought that this was abnormal and should be worked on asap so that i wont suffer all day looping into different anxious thoughts and feelings.

    i would say if you dont understand what anxiety is, buy or rent this book from your library. heck torrent it if you cant afford it and just pay the author back one day when you can afford it.

    so much for a summary eh. but for true TLDR:
    book explains why, how, where is anxiety and how to deal with it using some techniques.
u/specter800 · 3 pointsr/thalassophobia

This is the cover to Meg: Primal Waters Steve Alten's 3rd book in the Meg series which is now being made into a movie.

u/rwbombc · 27 pointsr/thalassophobia

There’s a book about sportfishing around rigs in the gulf. It was on my reading list long ago and I never got around to it but it claimed they caught large things which have never been seen before. I vaguely remember some of them diving near rigs to get a closer look and said it was one of the most dangerous thing they ever did.

Edit: I remembered it differently but the book is called the helldiver’s rodeo about oil rig spearfishing in the Gulf of Mexico:

The Helldivers' Rodeo: A Deadly, Extreme, Scuba-Diving, Spear Fishing Adventure Amid the Offshore Oil-Platforms in the Murky Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

u/Geographist · 14 pointsr/thalassophobia

There's a fantastic book written by a man who spent 76 days at sea. He floated in a raft, purifying water and eating what little fish he could catch.

At night, he couldn't see or hear the sharks. But he knew they were there from the hard bumps they'd give the raft.

No motor. No communication to anyone. Just endless black sea and sky, while sharks kept him up at night.

u/alcalde · 1 pointr/thalassophobia

No, no, no, no, no. Just like The Da Vinci Code ripped off Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Simmons stole from The Franklin Conspiracy.

THIS is the book you have to read.