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u/supremosjr · 1 pointr/theouterworlds

Notice how he's not really using a sward, mace, or bow like weapon.

Yes he's using a knife, but its one handed, he's not even holding it right, and its not a weapon of war. A sward is biger, heavier, sometimes two handed, and your going to be hacking mutch harder with it that he did with those knives. Not to be rude, but he's not exactly buff like soldiers are now and where in midevel times. They had to be, midevil armor weighed a minimum of 60 lbs.

You also need to consider that a sward isnt a weapon of war. Its a personal defense weapon. An axe, mace, pike, bow, and flail are weapons of war, swards are more meant for personal use or as a back up weapon, not to say they wherent used in war, but they arent really meant for it.

The "axe" he used was actually a hatchet, it was also one handed and he kept the other hand on the mannequin's head. Not often will you be keeping your hand on the enimy's head and hacking them with a small hatchet. This is a proper representation of a real war axe: it has a longer handle, heavyer end, and a spike on one side that is specifically for puncturing armor. The only major inconsistency is that the edge of the axe is a bit wide, they where usually about half that big. They also probably didnt have studs on the handle, they arent really necessary, but I dont know of a reason why they wouldn't/couldn't for ornamental reasons, mabey you have some extra coin and this is your favorite axe so I guess that part is fine.

A mace (not shown in the video) is a blunt force weapon. A bullet proof vest is still pretty flexable, and although it will absorb some of the mace's force, a proper mace user will still break some ribs.

A bow is (contrary to many fantasy depictions) actually pretty powerfull if used by an experianced bowman. A 150lbs bow (sort of common in midevil times) and arrow could easily go through bullet proof armor.

The reason that iron is so good at blocking midevil wepons is that midevil armor deflects strikes rather than obsorbing them whereas vests dont really deflect anything. Its pretty hard to deflect a bullet, yet comparatively easy to stop, while its also pretty easy to diflect a hand weapon, yet harder to stop. Iron armor is comparatively smooth and so better suited for deflecting rather than obsorbing while vests are better at obsorbing than deflecting.

If you see a slow motion video of an iron chest plate deflecting an arrow, you will notice that its deflected, and arrows are pretty useless against iron armor, but a vest will not deflect an arrow, it will try to absorb its energy which is very hard to do with a heavyer projectile like an arrow.

u/Chima82 · 3 pointsr/theouterworlds

Not sure this will really qualify for your request, but I enjoyed the post-Apocolyptic take of Trackers, by Nicholas Sandsbury Smith; link to Amazon:


Fair warning: it's adult in content/language

u/Hoogabooga · 1 pointr/theouterworlds

This is what I have. It's only a couple of months old....I do have another PSU I can try swapping out

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/theouterworlds

What happened to being done with this convo? Also, you still have failed to come up with an even slightly acceptable retort to anything I have said.


And the moron has reached peak idiocy by recommending Stephen Hicks' horrible fucking book lmao

Thank you for cementing my point that you're a complete brain dead moron who is incapable of providing a solitary original thought on the subject. You parrot what you're too stupid to explain/understand yourself. Hell, I wouldn't be shocked if you linked a JBP or Sargon vid next lmao