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u/Sniper_Echo · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

IMHO The book is great. It's a really nice addition, and I think it doesn't matter how much of the TV show you've watched, or the comic books you've read.

I mean, as long as you're aware that The Governor is a character, there isn't really any spoilers. It's just his backstory.

After reading for around 30 minutes - 1 hour (depending on reading skill of course haha) You'll realise how brilliantly Robert Kirkman can describe zombies getting punished in various ways, with excellent attention to detail describing noises, and specific parts of the body taking damage from a fight.

Also, Jay Bonansinga (a very excellent thriller writer) Collaborated on this book, helping out with the action scenes and sharing credit for what I think is a great book, with lots of nods of the head to other characters/events in TWD Universe.

I might also add, my girlfriend read this, having previously seen only a few clips from the show and reading none of the comics, and she thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

If you enjoy it, there's a sequel coming very soon as well! -

Tl;DR - The Book is 3/5 In my opinion, fun for existing or new fans.

u/Blais_Of_Glory · 11 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Watch: If you have already watched TWD and GoT, some other good TV series include: Fear the Walking Dead, True Detective season 1, Vikings, The 100, American Horror Story season 1 - Murder House and season 2 - Asylum, Stranger Things, Penny Dreadful, first few seasons of True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, Narcos, House of Cards, Bates Motel, The Last Kingdom, and that's all I can think of right now. You can also check out IMDb: Most Popular TV Series.

Read: Read TWD comics and read the Game of Thrones book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Just give the first A Song of Ice and Fire book, A Game of Thrones, a try and I guarantee you will be hooked and won't be able to put it down. I can't even stress how amazing both book series are compared to their TV show counterparts, especially the GoT books. There's so much detail in both TWD and GoT books that they didn't have time to fit into the TV series or didn't care, but reading the books really helps to understand certain characters and situations that occur in the show. You don't even have to actually pay money for the books, you can just download the ebook files to read them for free. (If you want to know where to download the ebook files for free, message me.) I actually always do that, if the files are available, and if I start reading it and enjoy it, I purchase the actual physical book, as I did with all of the GoT and TWD books. To save money when purchasing the physical copies of TWD comics, make sure to buy TWD comics in Compendiums (Amazon: TWD Compendium One) instead of individual books.

u/borndeadman · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

u/Li17 · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

There are elements that are the same, but there are already some major deviations from the comics in the show. Many of the characters in the group did not appear in the comics (notably Daryl). The CDC plot line and its implications are not in the comics either.

That being said there are some similarities. The ending of tonights episode did happen in the comics, so anyone who has read them has a pretty good idea what's going to happen.

Based on everything I've seen and heard from the creators/producers, I would say read the comics for sure, they are fantastic (they actually got me hooked on comics in general). There may be some things that are less shocking or suspenseful, but by and large the show is progressing differently than the comics.

Start out with this if you are interested:

u/Prosopagnosia · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

If you are looking to go the collection route I highly suggest getting the hardcover books. The quality of book build is much better then a softcover 1000 page over sized compendium tomb and you wont tire from holding it while you read. Plus they look awesome on a bookshelf

Naturally this a much more expensive route to go but like many who testify here its an epic graphic novel worthy of the investment.

I torrented and read the entire series and and am now working on collecting them all.

u/kokong7 · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Please don't torrent it. I may get hate for this, but I think we should be showing our appreciation to Kirkman for what he is doing. Torrenting music or movies from large industries is one thing; they don't need the extra 99 cents. But Kirkman is just one comic book writer with a brilliant story. If you can afford it, please buy the compendium.

u/accountcondom · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

I didn't down vote this, but I came here to say that I don't like this person trying to read the comic for free. Order the first compendium, it has 48 comic episodes in one book. $35, but it's friggin massive, and it's a great read.

Of course, if you just want some reference info and don't want to buy the comic, by all means, go to this site:

u/thekit44 · 6 pointsr/thewalkingdead

I just finished the first compendium. It is amazing. So much happens and it is not like the show at all. The characters are better, the action is super intense, and you dont have to wait an entire season for something to happen. Every three pages some shit goes down.

Dont buy it in a book store. It's $60. On amazon it's $35. I got lucky and got it for $30 last year.

u/[deleted] · 8 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Only legal place I know digital is comiXology through ipad etc. If that doesn't work for you I'd suggest ordering the Compendium from Amazon, it's huge and great value for how many you get (48 issues in 1).

u/supes1 · 12 pointsr/thewalkingdead

The cheapest legal way to read them is by purchasing Compendium One, Two and Three. That's the first 144 issues. Probably best to start with just Compendium One to ensure you like them.

*Edit: The Comics FAQ can probably answer any additional questions you may have.

u/HyvelTjuven · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

Are you talking about this one?

Wouldn't it be cheaper to go for the hardcover books simply because it covers more issues?

Thanks for helping out anyways. :)

u/SpiritWolfie · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Not sure - is the compendium the same as the volumes? I've got volumes 1-4 with Vol 1 being "Days Gone Bye". I'm not sure if those are the same things.

I've only read Vol 1 but it's been awhile. I stopped because the comics progress WAY faster than the series and I didn't really want to get ahead of the show and spoil anything. I've been LOVING the show this season and can't wait for the restart.

u/raise_the_black_flag · 5 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Oh you have options my friend.

The Walking Dead - Compendium 1 Pros - absolute cheapest method on a per-issue basis, only one book to worry about instead of multiple copies. Cons - Only released every 48 issues, so you get 1-48 but the next compendium won't come out for at least six more months as they just hit issue 90, so you'd be waiting a long time for the next group.

Trade Paperbacks

Pro's - still a better value than buying individually, released every six issues instead of every 48 so much, much greater frequency, if you have a book shelf having a bunch of these lined up on it looks "cooler" in my opinion.

Con's - more expensive per issue than the Compendium, still only comes out every six issues so can leave large gaps.

u/turtlenipple · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

Actually I think there's like ten, there's well over 100 comics and 4 books probably doesn't cover it all

actually yeah if you scroll down it looks like there are more!

u/Cingetorix · 3 pointsr/thewalkingdead

In that case, I think everyone who wants to write a zombie flick should have Max Brooks' The Zombie Survival Guide as mandatory reading to ensure continuity regarding the capabilities of zombies in future movies. Love that book - it makes me question what the writers were thinking whenever I see a zombie doing something out of the ordinary.

u/JMOAN · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

Amazon Links

Issues 1-48. SUPER thick compendium that does NOT include individual comic covers. So thick, it's honestly annoying to read, although it is the most bang for your buck.


Issues 1-6. Softcover.


Issues 1-12. Hardcover.

That should get you started.

u/spark_ey · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

My preference is to buy the "Books" like this:

They are released a lot more often than the big compendiums, and it lets me pace the story out a bit rather than reading issue 1 - 100 within a day or two.

Also, I think they look the best. Just my opinion.

u/saffir · 6 pointsr/thewalkingdead

If you like the first few, please considering supporting the author by buying the books.

First half is only $35 on Amazon

u/nickm717 · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead
Best bang for your buck if you are short on cash. Amazon ships everywhere. $35-$40 total for the first 48 issues. It's a steal and the perfect jumping on point on a budget.

u/Throbbing-Clitoris · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Here's the first compendium. It's huge and contains a whole collection of the comics (I think it's issues 1-49, but I could be wrong). Amazon also sells the second compendium, and soon there will be a third. You could also buy the comics in volume collections, which are smaller and easier to handle, but they cost more than the compendiums.

u/NARVO90 · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

Yeah I saw the Compendium, amazon but when you say issue is that the same as individual comic?
So every individual comic, does it have it's on story arc or does it continue along like the TV show?

If I bought the trade paperbacks would that be the same as buying 6 comics?

Do I make sense, I don't think I do.

u/BadlyDrawnRhino · 3 pointsr/thewalkingdead

I completely agree. I found one of the compandiums in a local store, picked it up and could never imagine actually reading it. Because of this, when I ordered the comics recently, I decided to go with the 12 issue collections. And they're hardcover, which is always nice.

u/Taener · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

Well I feel kind of bad for getting on your case then. I'm sorry.

I think there are 94 issues and 15 volumes out. I've been buying the volumes at Barnes and Noble but they are really fucking expensive. Honestly for the price I spent on the first four volumes I could have bought six from Amazon and paid for shipping. Shame I'm addicted and can't be bothered to wait for a package.

Here is a link to the first compendium. Right now it's $35 for the first eight volumes. Pretty insane deal. If you're interested I would get that, but if you're against getting one big book the "Also Bought" section has the stand alone volumes.

u/nocreativityx · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Me too, absolutely love the first two. I did find this at the library though, it's the first 4 books in one.

u/LazerStallion · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Comics are on 93, I believe. Just so you know, the compendium was made up of the first 8 TPBs (trade paperbacks) and there are 8 more TPBs out now, I think. Here is the link to the TPB with issues 49-54:

EDIT: And if I remember correctly, you're at a spot right now where you need to know what happens next ;) Enjoy!

u/thugmonkey · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

You should, they really are excellent and you can you can pick up the bulk of it in 2 books. Compendium 1 and 2.

u/Frunobulaxian · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

There are compendiums, but I enjoy seeing the color cover art for each issue as I read them.

u/topppits · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

I think the best bang per buck are the Compendia:

3 are out there so far, each containing 48 chapters, so that's 144 chapters. Right now chapter 184 is the most recent one, so it's going to be a while until compendium 4 comes out. I guess, if you plan on buying the next compendium, it'd be "okay" to read the chapters somewhere online until you can buy them, if you can't wait. At least that's what I'd do.

u/Magnious · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

The first issues are selling for hundreds of dollars (#1 selling for over $1000). The hard cover books (combined issues) are selling for about $20-$30 per book (I think there are 7).

If your not collecting them, and you just want to read, this would probably be your best bet. It contains issues 1-48 of the comic.

u/aspbergerinparadise · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead


it's only cheaper if you spend more than 50 to get free shipping.

instocktrades: $20.29 + $4 S&H = $24.29

amazon: $22.94 with normal shipping or $24.26 with Prime

u/CatholicGuy · 4 pointsr/thewalkingdead

No, you can get them all online via the Pirate Bay, but you can buy them on and a pretty reasonable price. They ship really fast too, if you have prime!

u/SECRETLY_BEHIND_YOU · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

There is 22 volumes of the graphic novel currently (the graphic novels contain 6 issues of the comic per book, there are also hardcovers which contain 12 issues, and the compendiums contain 48 issues).
If you're like me and prefer physical media you can also get them on Amazon.

u/Keelan117 · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

You should start from the start. You won't regret it. It'll make the back stories more interesting too.

u/ExuberentWitness · 5 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Local comic book stores should have TWD comics, if not look online. I know amazon sells the compendiums (collection of about 50 issues) or you could buy them by volumes. Shop around online and see what medium you’d prefer. Here’s a link to help out.

u/I-Am-Negan · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

2 weeks ago a bought Compendium 1 and could not put it down. I read the entire thing in two sittings. I would always recommend starting from the beginning as it lets you get a proper feel for the tone of the comics compared to the show. There's a lot that is the same but an equal amount that is different.

The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1

Already bought the rest and absolutely plan on powering through them as soon as they arrive.

I'm not sure what they would be like on a Kindle. I love my Kindle but haven't got any graphic novels on it yet.

u/supmyman7 · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

After you finish compendium 2, this is what you want next (All Amazon links):

Volume 17

Volume 18

Volume 19

Volume 20

Volume 21 will likely publish in the summer sometime.

EDIT: I was right! Vol 21 was announced today to publish July 23.

u/m_d_h · 3 pointsr/thewalkingdead

The compendiums are okay, but being so thick the panels close to the spine are a bit hard to read and they're heavy. I would recommend getting the hardcover editions.

u/mikeylee31 · 7 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Buy them on Amazon!!!

The first one here for $37.

The second here for about the same price.

u/Skeetronic · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

If it's any consolation, this is about as good as I was able to find.

u/ponymash · 3 pointsr/thewalkingdead

I'd suggest just buying the paperback volumes, I believe they are up to volume 13 now. I say this because they look nice on your bookshelf. Volume 1

u/G0PACKG0 · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

yes go buy the compendium its the first 48 issues in one book

u/rpm1984 · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

I found it on amazon but you might want to check your local library chances are they can get it.

u/Sora96 · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

It's legal, so don't worry about your ISP. It's a Physical copy as well.

u/speculumfight · 4 pointsr/thewalkingdead

First I would find a local comic shop and try and support them. If you don't have one near you here are some links for Amazon.
Compendium One
Compendium Two
Those two will catch you up through issue #96. You can either wait until Compendium 3 comes out in a year or so or buy the trades starting with Vol. 17. The trades collect 6 issues and come out a couple of times a year.
No, it's not too late to start reading them.
There are a lot of differences between the show and comic and is a different experience altogether.

u/the_one_true_b · 3 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Compendium One and Two float around $35 on amazon. That's not bad for One that you can take home now.

u/sacarn · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

Check out the book The Rise of the Governor. It's the backstory for the governor in regular novel format.

u/-littlefang- · 8 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Well, you could grab the compendiums one at a time and read all the comics that way.

u/ExitMusic_ · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

well then in that case It seems it would be about 50 bucks cheaper to just pick up this big guy

u/Lewkylewk · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Book 8 comes out next month. And you might want to look at the actual books: ONE, TWO

u/Timboron · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

It depends. The tv show definitely follows the overall plot of the comics like the path of the group from Atlanta to the prison, to Alexandria and so on. The tv show adds sometimes major plot points in that are not in the comics (won't say which exactly, you can ask about those).

The characters are partly the same but there are cases in which characters act completely different compared to their counterpart in the comics. And/or they die in different ways (or not at all) in the comics.

Lately, the comics have been following the comics very closely. There were moments or episodes in the TV show that resembled parts of the comic but these past 4 episodes were really close to the comics (and other stuff this season which I won't spoil for you either).

All in all I really recommend you to read the comics. I was in the same situation as you and decided to go for it.

The best way to read the comics would be to buy the compendiums; there are currently 2 of them. They are by far the cheapest way to read the comic.

Compendium 1 ends with the fall of the prison. The tv show is about halfway through compendium 2. I suggest you to buy compendium 1 (see here) and then decide whether you want to read past the current story line in the show.

u/TheDeadlyKitty · 27 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Last year there was 15th anniversary box set with the first 3 compendiums. Nothing announced right now but it would make sense to do one with all four as a complete story set.

u/iahsamdxb · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

You need to get, starting with this one #9

u/Chazz22 · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead are these the volumes that you mean, it's going for £30, how many of the comics roughly? Will buy them all if needs be, wanted to get them myself, but would prefer the comics...

u/Knarfenstein · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Compendium 2 should be not too far around the corner also since issue 96 is coming right up.

u/neuro99 · 7 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Buy this. Issues 1-48 in a single book.

u/omdq · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

He means each volume of the compendiums. Compendium 1 is 1,088 pages. Compendium 2 is 1,068 pages.

u/onus111 · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

There's the iOS app and then there is the comics, books, novels, and compendiums. If you do not have any of the comics yet, I suggest picking the compendium up

u/slapmasterslap · 4 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Amazon carries the compendiums. I think there should be 3 now which will equal 150 issues I believe, and will get you close to caught up with the ongoing releases.

u/sloge · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

You could always read this. Or if you've read that, there's this. Or if you've already made that quest, may I suggest this?

u/unreplaced · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

There's some smaller collections and then there's a $60 compendium of the first 48 issues.

[Amazon has it for $35 :]](

u/TitillateAnOcelot · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

there's also this which compiles the first 48 issues. It allows you the tactile experience and you can feel less guilty.

u/paranoidbillionaire · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

It's a novel about the beginnings of The Governor (if you haven't read far enough in the comic books to know that character, keep reading), one of the most evil characters to ever exist in fiction literature.

Here's the Amazon link I used.

u/NYIJY22 · 17 pointsr/thewalkingdead

McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Negan's Bat "Lucille" Role Play Accessory

Isn't this it? Under 40 bucks.

u/zombies8mybrain · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

You can get the The Walking Dead: Compendium One on amazon for around $35.00 which is probably about the cheapest you're going to be able to get it.

Another option would be hit up your local subreddit were you live and see if someone would be willing to loan you the book.

u/ewilliam · 4 pointsr/thewalkingdead

If you're talking about free can always pirate them, but that's kind of a dick move and I wouldn't recommend it. Kirkman deserves our support for this masterpiece!

Go buy the trade paperbacks from the author, and you get a physical copy to boot!

u/Zepar · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

The only one I know of is
The Walking Dead: Rise of the Govenor, But thats more of a character's backstory than anything dealing with Rick's group.

u/Moustashe · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

They are The Walking Dead compendiums.

Compendium 1 goes to issue 48, compendium 2 goes to issue 96.

u/bilbravo · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

If you buy the compendium, she is introduced about halfway through it -- right after they get to the prison. You will fly through that thing. Second one should be coming soon. On Amazon I've seen the price of Compendium One fluctuate a lot and have seen it as low as $20.

u/jordanlund · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Here's how my comic shop sold me... Walking Dead #7 just came out along with the graphic novel collection of #1-6. They put one in my box and said "If you don't like it, we'll buy it back."

I was sold.

Start with the first collection. It's $9 on Amazon. If you hate it, I'll send you an $10 Amazon card.

u/Rubix89 · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

They're available on Amazon if you feel like staying home and having them delivered to you.

I assume you're not interested in them for collecting reasons, so I would suggest ordering The Walking Dead Compendium 1, which covers all the way until the end of the prison arc. Then if you want continue you can order Compendium 2, which covers the story to most likely the end of season 5.

From there you will have to start buying smaller collected editions to continue, starting with the Deluxe Edition vol. 9.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 3 pointsr/thewalkingdead


u/td101893 · 5 pointsr/thewalkingdead

> Treating Survivors of Child Abuse: Psychotherapy for the Interrupted Life.

ha... it's real!

u/hobo_shinobi · 4 pointsr/thewalkingdead

There is a link to the first compendium which includes the first 8 volumes containing issues 1-48. These, because they are collections of the volumes themselves, are a bit more expensive but give you more for your dollar and take it from my experience, the walking dead is a marathon book. You dont want to have to wait for the next one.

u/0614 · 3 pointsr/thewalkingdead

The cheapest buying option. Each compendium is 48 issues.

There are 3 compendiums so far, covering 144 issues out of the 152 yet released.

If you're willing to spend ≈$30 on The Walking Dead based only on recommendations, then go ahead and do so.

If you prefer reading a book before buying it, or not buying books at all, your local library will mostly likely have The Walking Dead in some form stocked, provided your town isn't extremely small. (That's how I got into it—my high school had them.)

If you're wishing to remain unspoiled, stop after reading Compendium 2, Book 8, Volume 16, or Issue 96 (all line up with "Knots Untie" AKA S06E11.)

Reading further will spoil upcoming episodes.

Message me if you're legitimately interested in investing in reading the comic book, and I'll give you more details about getting your hands on them and/or reading them without spoiling future episodes.

(This invitation goes out to anyone else as well.)

u/DHarry · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

There's also a Walking Dead book that came out a few months ago. I haven't read it, but it's about the back-story of a character they meet in the comics.

It's good that you are going to start World War Z. I can't recommend that enough.

This is unrelated, but I recommend checking out Breaking Bad. I'm hooked on that right now.

u/Tia00017 · 1 pointr/thewalkingdead

The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead . It's a bunch of essays so there's lots of authors. But it's edited by Travis Langley