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u/dc469 · 15 pointsr/theydidthemonstermath

Not quite sure about 20 grand. I use this:

It's 400ml for $20. The op photo looks like it might be thicker/concentrated and needs to be mixed? If not then I don't think it'd be more than a couple hundred.

u/JoeBobTNVS · 54 pointsr/theydidthemonstermath

Here you go

As an American who doesn't like tea, I will try my best


I'm going to assume that 2 servings of SleepyTime Tea is enough to make an adult male from the UK sufficiently sleepy. Using Wikipedia, this translates to 1 bag per 42kg (92.6lb). I'm counting it this way because you made the mistake of saying "all whales in the ocean" and there are a lot of different whales. Using the first few largest whales I could find, we get

  • Blue Whales - 100,000kg (220,000lb) - 17,500
  • Fin Whale - 45,000kg (100,000lb) - 100,000
  • Sperm Whale - 45,000kg (100,000lb) - 375,000
  • Right Whale - 65,000kg (140,000lb) - 15,500
  • Humpback Whale - 30,000kg (60,000lb) - 80,000
  • Bowhead Whale - 90,000kg (200,000lb) - 10,000

    Now by multiplying and adding these estimates, we get a leisurely 2.74325E10 kilograms of whale in our oceans. Divide by 42kg and we get...

    653,154,761.1 bags of SleepyTime Tea.

    Round up to an even 1 billion if you want to use significant figures (probably)


    Edit: If you decided to buy this tea off of Amazon, it would cost you $342,906,205.

    If the US military wanted to put all of the whales in the world to sleep, they would need to contribute 4.37 hours of their funding.
u/gridzbispudvetch · 1 pointr/theydidthemonstermath

Check out What If? The author answers that question.