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u/conflictedideology · 10 pointsr/thisismylifenow

Nope, just brushing it with something like this.

Many breeds of dogs have something called an undercoat. It's a thick downy layer that grows underneath the outside fur that's used for insulation.

Many will grow in a different one for summer than for winter so twice a year they shed the heck out of it and this is what happens.

I had a Newfoundland that I would brush like this every day for two weeks twice a year and get at least this much undercoat out each time.

(To be clear, I'd brush him other times, too. But during the sheds it was unbelievable how much fur would come out.)

You're not wrong, though. It's this undercoat that makes shaving these kinds of dogs problematic - the insulation, from cold or hot, doesn't work if the top coat and undercoat are shaved off.

u/Futurames · 1 pointr/thisismylifenow

The Dremel works very well and is the go-to for a lot of professionals.

I myself use this one because I prefer to not have to charge a battery. It also has a safety feature that stops the machine if hair or anything else gets caught in it which is nice when I’m doing nails on dogs with long hair near their feet. I will say though that it’s not as durable as the Dremel and I have to replace it every 12-18 months or so. However I’m also using it on 10+ dogs a day and it’s often getting dropped/kicked so I’m sure it would last longer for someone using it at home on their own dog.

u/subarctic_guy · 2 pointsr/thisismylifenow

> I did not want to know about Ginny and her boyfriend and their travails with Ginny’s clamping vagina. I would be seeing her at the magazine’s holiday party in a few weeks, and now I’d be thinking clamping vagina, clamping vagina, clamping vagina as we dipped celery sticks and chatted about our work.

-Mary Roach, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex

u/CHAINMAILLEKID · 3 pointsr/thisismylifenow

Syma 109 for anybody interested.

They're really extraordinarily good.

u/cralledode · 14 pointsr/thisismylifenow

I'm currently reading this book and it's very fascinating.

BART was the first new mass transit system in the US for decades when it was built. They tried to revolutionize the way subways were built and the way people use them. On many accounts they succeeded resoundingly, on others they made mistakes and false predictions that linger to this day.

u/ihadacowman · 1 pointr/thisismylifenow

I got this cat bag with a muzzle. She is tall and long and I have scars all over from bites and scratches. I (gently and with love) shiver her in the bag and zip her up. Then I can unzip and remove one paw at a time for trimming.

Cat Grooming Bag - MEDIUM, cat restraint bag + FREE Cat Muzzle by, Downtown Pet Supply

It’s a life saver.

I love the idea in OP but that would turn my kitty into a hanging twirling blade of death. Like a ceiling fan with Edward Scissorhands blades at eye level.

u/Miss_squid_tickler · 1 pointr/thisismylifenow

[don't forget the cat bag](Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag - Durable and Versatile Bags Designed to Keep Cats Safely Contained During Grooming and/or Bathing - Medium, Black

u/Get9 · 1 pointr/thisismylifenow

We had a shedding blade and he loved the thing. It removed so much excess hair. I mean, he still shed so you still needed a roller, but it was far less than before we had the blade.

u/HeartOfTheForest · 2 pointsr/thisismylifenow

That is cute! I might be being overly cautious here, but I would not to let him or her get too comfortable with that. Also, you might want to put one of those plastic child-lock things on the door. It's unlikely, but I would be scared about the little guy/gal getting stuck in there if they're alone.

Amazon link

u/Srirachachacha · 1 pointr/thisismylifenow

Or, if we're just ordering shit off of amazon, one of these