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u/taelor · 1 pointr/threebodyproblem

Existence by David Brin.

If you like interstellar sociology, first contact, etc, you'll love this book.

u/cowmoo · 1 pointr/threebodyproblem

In a different vein, I heard that there is a popular science nonfiction Chinese book, called "The Physics of the Three Body Problem Universe,"

I was keen to order it but realized that I probably can't understand it.

But there are several excellent pop-sci books on String Theory, Big Bang that I would have considered abstract, obtuse prior to reading Three Body Problem,

u/gewdgewd · 1 pointr/threebodyproblem

Ah, I see. The second one, as in the most recent one, is the better translation? This one?

u/clayhoarder · 1 pointr/threebodyproblem

Looks interesting but how can a novel that has high functioning autistic vampires be considered hard Sci Fi?

Edit: In terms of bleak, I was considering The Genocides by Disch. It looks similar to the Three Body Problem in that humans are considered bugs. I haven't read it yet but maybe it would have been the story of what would have happened if the Trisolaran fleet arrived.

u/_casaubon_ · 1 pointr/threebodyproblem

An anthology of Chinese SF short stories, called Invisible Planets, was released last month. They were translated by Ken Liu, who translated Three-Body Problem and Death's End into English, and has written some novels of his own as well, mostly fantasy IIRC.

u/Melange_Powered · 3 pointsr/threebodyproblem

Was in the exact same boat as you; searching for that far (time/space) spanning human epic against certain doom after reading this trilogy. Of all the other similar genre-d books I read afterwards, Seveneves came the closest for me. Give it a shot!