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u/thenome · 12 pointsr/timberwolves

1: If we dont trade Love we are going to try to compete for the 8th spot in the west. If we do trade Love its back to rebuilding for the next few years.

2: He played his heart out here for us with his time here and we did everything in out power to unsuccessfully rebuild for the next decade.

3: I havent seen one in particular for the Wolves but I would suggest the Book of Basketball which does a great job of covering the NBA in a whole with fun back stories.

4: Best game in Wolves history

5: I am not a big beer drinker but I am sure there are alot of others here that could suggest some great ones.

u/TurtleBird · 0 pointsr/timberwolves

I’m a pretty big inarticulate moron. If you’re actually interested, this book is really good and a very easy read:

u/ARealFan · -6 pointsr/timberwolves

All the negativity on this sub sucks. I am starting a sub book club. First assignment here. Please have the first two chapters read for the Rockets game thread. We will convert you from 13 Yearers and Yogurt Cheerers yet. Then, and only then, will this team succeed.

u/jhwk · 2 pointsr/timberwolves

just found this on amazon, not identical but somewhat close