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u/TriumphantGeorge · 1 pointr/timetravel

So, your creative side has burst open, and is aching to play, but that means the chasm between your current circumstance, and where you want to be now, is laid bare. Okay.

>I do agree that it all reduces, more or less, to "maximize positive emotions and minimize negative emotions."

Yeah, perhaps, but it's not something you do deliberately as such. Really, for the releasing exercise, just treat it as a habit you do every day, without expectation. It's only 10 minutes, which you can treat as your daily time to "let the engine cool off", like when the metal chassis of a car going "ping! ping!" as it settles back into shape - or whatever metaphor you want.

The side effect is that gradually your sense of space will expand into your body volume, and beyond. You will be more in touch with feelings and the felt-sense of intuition and your creative sense. But you can't "do" this, you just have to let it happen. All you need to do, is do the daily exercise and get better at not micro-controlling yourself and the world, if you find you have a tendency to do that.

>I want to learn writing and other artistic pursuits.

Related Top Tip - If you centre your attention in your lower abdomen, that's where that "global summary" sense is, and is where you "rest" with your attention when you want to understand something in a general way, or when you want to explore things creatively. You can't make it do anything, but you can sort of "ask and receive" in that area. (Which sounds a bit vague, but it's hard to describe because you do this by just "feeling out".)

>Yet, I've always had an inner desire to draw, to write, to make music, to dance, to act, etc.

Have you begun doing that now?

Any moment you're not doing other stuff, and time you sitting feeling miserable, redirect yourself toward an artistic project. Mood is posture, to an extent - you can't work your way through misery, it can't be solved; you just have to "shift state".

So: think up a project. Or pick an artistic area and ask me to invent a suggestion for you.

Books some people find useful:

u/greysky7 · 1 pointr/timetravel

I just subscribed to this sub, and I'm so sad you didn't get any answers here. I came here after reading a few books that deal with the actual science behind the physics of time travel.

Here are a few to get you started.

How to Build a Time Machine

Time Travel and Warp Drives

I really recommend From Eternity to Here, it's just raw science on time, though there is an interesting chapter that really explains what it would take for travelling through time backwards. Overall, a very important read if you want to know what time actually is, compared to how we perceive it.

Also, I'll recommend the first book I started with, which I got into because I was writing a short story for a college class that involved time travel. It explains time travel and how to use it in fiction, so it's much less technical but gives a solid understanding as to how we would typically perceive the effects of them. it deals with getting paradoxes right etc. Here it is.

EDIT: Just realized all my links were to Canadian amazon, I'm sure they'll be on the US amazon if that's where you happen to live. Have fun!

u/mcnica · 2 pointsr/timetravel

This is great! You should write it up really nice and try getting it published.

It reminds me a little bit of a short story called "Vengeance Fleet" I read once. I'm slightly embarrassed because I can't remember the author, but it's in the anthology: "The Young Oxford Book of Timewarp Stories" if I'm not mistaken. It's actually a really good collection if you like time travel IMO.

EDIT: The author is possibly Fredric Brown

u/Earthtone_Coalition · 5 pointsr/timetravel

Pretty classic paradox. Reminds me of a highly condensed version of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe.

u/Artie4 · 6 pointsr/timetravel

Replay by Ken Grimwood.

If you haven't read it, you really shouldn't be here. 😉

u/adamhaeder · 2 pointsr/timetravel

All I can think of is Doomsday Book, about a modern college-age woman who ends up in 14th century France during the black plague

u/GreyMagick · 2 pointsr/timetravel

You should read Is There Life After Death by Anthony Peake. That is just about exactly his hypothesis.

u/disgustipated · 3 pointsr/timetravel

Do you like alternate history time travel? Check out John Birmingham's Axis of Time series. :

A US-led task force off Indonesia in 2021 finds itself sent back to 1942, just prior to the Battle of Midway. The novels deal with a rapidly altered version of World War II, and to a lesser extent the social changes that result amongst the Allied powers.