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u/EjnarH · 1 pointr/timferriss

That was my first thought as well, and that of the first (psychiatric) MD to support my work.

When we researched what had already been done, we found that Dr. (clinical psychology) Michael Yapko had already produced 15 years of research and documentation of hypnosis as an effective tool for treating depression - and published it in 1992. Now, the field has advanced a ton in those 30 years and I've had the fortune to study with multiple of the world's leading hypnotists, but the documentation or magnitude of the effect was never the issue holding back wider adoption - rather it was one of image and awareness.

For now, I believe my best avenue for awareness is through the results guarantee and by doing taking up challenges from journalists to demonstrate results normally considered impossible. The doctors who have supported me thus far have reached the same conclusion and have begun referring me patients who have shown little response to traditional treatment or have needed more urgent results than they had to offer (e.g. to preserve a career or relationship).

(I've seen a few people outside the scientific community express surprise at how much of a factor image and marketing can play in which fields of research are accepted or pursued. If you look into the history of fields such as nuclear power and psychedelics, you'll quickly find that image carries greater weight for adoption than results.)

I'd still love to hear more about your work though. Once a certain measure of adoption and respect for the methods have been established though, it may be worth delving further into the research side of things. One MD also had me share my experiences at a research conference, where I got into debates with another on further research, so I haven't abandoned that avenue altogether - as long as the projects don't take enough time to distract from building public credibility.

u/boblauer · 2 pointsr/timferriss

I bought this about an hour ago -

You could probably use it to try to plot out some major milestones you hope to achieve on certain dates, although I plan on using it to draw a big X on every day I achieve my current goal (whatever that goal happens to be that day), so that I have a huge, unavoidable progress chart.

Sorry, didn't exactly answer your question, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.