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u/Varixai · 29 pointsr/titanfall

The Art of Titanfall 2 had this to say about Pilot Classes:

>We're taking a step back into the earliest stages of gameplay development with these prototype Pilot sketches. "We weren't sure how the Pilots would be used yet, so we were trying all kinds of ideas from the tradional engineer classes to weird nonspecific designs," adds Art Director Joel Emslie.

>"One thing that we kept with the heavy Pilots was the idea of the robotic arm they wear on their backs to help them with tactical gear."

And about the flying one without legs:

>"An early concept for light pilots was to remove their legs entirely, but it seemed a bit too abstract in the end," says Joel Emslie. "We needed the Pilots to feel physically bound to the ground so that their moves could still have weight."

And that's not all - Some of the code for Pilot Classes was left in the game, including a detailed description of each class' role and weapons.

Edit: The Pilot silhouettes on the "flying craft" may only be included for scale. They also appear without caption on a page labeled "Turrets & Drones" in the art book.

Brad also uploaded a clean look at several decals/signage, and how they fit into the Titanfall world. (and another amazing album on iconography that warranted its own thread)

For his Titanfall 1 stuff, Brad uploaded a ton of amazing art on his personal website here.

For other concept art and more - this is your hub.

Fun Fact: This glorious piece of art was the very first concept art made after Respawn was founded, by future Art Director Joel Emslie also by Brad Allen. Pretty crazy that the creature pictured made it into the final game. (Sources: The Final Hours of Titanfall and Brad Allen's site above)

u/altAcctD · 1 pointr/titanfall

I really wish it was, it'd make sense to capitalize off the press the new DLC is getting with a good sale to rope in new players. I wish they went for a permanent price drop, actually. I want more people playing!

Amazon has some new PC copies from some high rated third party sellers in the $30ish range, that's the best I can really find right now.

Greenman has it for $45 if you don't want to wait for shipping.

Hope you pick it up! We can always use more pilots. It's a fun game.

u/Cdazx · 2 pointsr/titanfall

As fs2d said, you can download the trial to give it a go, which contains the tutorial and a single player mission. You could also buy the game, play it as much as you like within 24 hours and then refund it for any reason - Check out Origin's Great Game Guarantee for more details.

Alternatively, you could download the trial to see how it runs and then get it on Amazon for $30

u/Terminator5411 · 2 pointsr/titanfall

It's all really fascinating stuff, and I wonder what Titanfall would be like if Respawn still had access to the assets that THEY created. If you want to know more here is a $3 book about the topic.

u/Entropius · 1 pointr/titanfall

Yeah, those guys are pros.

In my experience, most players aren't using advanced techniques like air-strafing for that extra speed, and they're just getting across the map with decent regular-wall-running. But the guys on the top of the scoreboard often do know slide-hopping/air-strafing.

First, focus on good walling running and parkour. Then worry about air-strafing later. Also, air-strafing pretty much requires either the Evolved controller layout, or Bumper Jumper, or a controller with underside paddles. That's because you must be able to jump without having to take a thumb off the joysticks. I personally went with this because I didn't feel like relearning the buttons for Evolved or Bumper Jumper.

On a semi-related note: Also consider boosting your Field of View (FoV) settings. It'll enhance your peripheral vision (making the camera slightly fish-eyed), and as a small side effect you feel slightly faster. By default it's 90º but I recommend 110º.

u/ThePlatinumEagle · 3 pointsr/titanfall



User reviews are 6.2 for Titanfall 1, 8.2 for Titanfall 2. Critic reviews are generally a little better for the second game as well.




User reviews on Amazon are noticeably higher for the second game.


Honestly, the mp is the most important part of this game, so I can't see a disparity of this size existing unless people think the mp is at least as good as TF1's.


If people believed TF2 had a better SP (since it has one) but a worse MP I can't see the reviews for TF2 being better this consistently.

u/TheSkyFlier · 1 pointr/titanfall

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot, since it’s an old game, but there is a backpack that seems pretty good. Everyone who got it says it’s good.

u/Clonetrooperkev · 1 pointr/titanfall

I'd say go for it. You can pick it up for pretty cheap on Amazon.

For two dollars more you can get the digital version.

Gamestop has it for 10 dollars pre-owned.

All in all, a very good game with a lot of content to unlock and get you through it.

u/charles222A · 9 pointsr/titanfall

I think they’re just leftover stock-66 dollars new, 34-ish used.

Xbox One Wireless Controller - Titanfall Limited Edition

Best of all-Scarlett will support all the xb1 controllers, so It’ll get used for years.

u/CannabinoidAndroid · 4 pointsr/titanfall

Get it at Amazon, it's $10, I'm in the same boat as you. Believe me the community size hasn't been an issue for me. I was able to find as many matches as I wanted in both Frontier and Hardpoint (similar to Battlefield's Conquest, control points until you have X number of score, win/lose, cycle map and repeat.)

The game is just fantastic. Your BF / Infantry skills will serve you and so will your "think outside the box" skills when your titan comes into play.

Amazon Holloween sale Titanfall digital standard etd

Note that this doesn't include the DLC but I've heard it can be harder to match-make on those maps. If you really want the full package then the Origin store has the DLC season pass for 17.99 until tomorrow (tuesday 11/4/14).

u/l3zzyharpy · 1 pointr/titanfall

also, behold add on paddles for xbone controller. i have them, they work great

u/JesseJump · 1 pointr/titanfall

Thanks to you, I've decided to order some gummy bears off of amazon. ( I'll tell you how they taste!

u/LinearLamb · 1 pointr/titanfall

> I think I'd buy a Titanfall 2 Titan if they ever made them.

I don't think it will ever happen. Threezero is just selling the last of their Titanfall 1 figurines. I don't think there was ever much of a market for them, which COULD translate to them becoming valuable in the future.

Right now Threezero is selling the last of their Ogres on Amazon for about $348.

u/OwlG5 · 5 pointsr/titanfall

As far as I know, there were two versions. One was the super limited edition, and the other was the standard edition that anybody could get. I got the latter on Amazon.

EDIT: Amazon link

u/McTeaCup · 8 pointsr/titanfall

If you want more information about the aircrafts check out "The art of Titanfall" and "The art of Titanfall 2". There are entire chapters about spaceships and more. I have them both and I really recommend them!

The art of Titanfall:

The art of Titanfall 2:

u/MadMattDog · 1 pointr/titanfall

Don't buy it on Origin, I per-ordered mine off Amazon and got it for $42/€40. $42 on Amazon right now. £24.99 on for the Origin code. You just gotta shop around.

u/string_conjecture · 2 pointsr/titanfall

Where do you live/what platform? My Walmart has it for 30 bucks right now.

Sales aren't that rare, might be worth looking out for one.

Edit: 40 on Amazon for PC:

u/I-didnt-do-it · 5 pointsr/titanfall

Bought this on Amazon for $10 last week. Looks like it jumped $5 recently.


u/charlie_stars · 1 pointr/titanfall

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

Programmable and reduces the likelihood of frying a good controller

u/crash90 · 15 pointsr/titanfall

Not sure what your link is but here is the Amazon link.

u/ScifiRaptor · 13 pointsr/titanfall

I got it for 140$ on Amazon.
Titanfall 2 - Vanguard Collector's Edition - PlayStation 4

u/Murmenaattori · 3 pointsr/titanfall

You could get her a BT and Cooper Pop figurine like this one, although I assume she would like a plush more.'

I was dumb and did not read thoroughly.

u/mattmonkey24 · 1 pointr/titanfall

There's 4 versions of the game. Standard, Deluxe, Marauder (bust), and Vanguard (helmet).

The Vanguard edition comes with the helmet and deluxe edition for the consoles, but for PC the vanguard edition comes with the standard edition however it's $20 cheaper to compensate.

u/BT_7274 · 12 pointsr/titanfall

They are also available on Amazon.

u/Juheebus · 2 pointsr/titanfall

I use this

Bumper jumper and right paddle is bound to A

u/rhett816 · 1 pointr/titanfall

It's on sale at Amazon for $35 right now. (consoles only)

I think it's worth buying it now instead of dealing with those crowds or lagged websites in a couple weeks.

u/cosmicturtle333 · 54 pointsr/titanfall

Because people always ask where the OP got something from, here’s a list.

These were all a gift from Respawn for winning the Reddit grapple challenge: Top left poster, orange t-shirt, Cooper helmet pin, some of the patches, Respawn bumper sticker and the card.

These were all bought from EB Games in New Zealand (also available at Gamestop in other countries): Hat, SRS shirt, 6-4 shirt and the Apex Predators shirt.

This supply pack was exclusive to EB Games in NZ & Aus: Top left box, top right poster, Cooper helmet top right shirt, lanyard, metal plate, MRVN & Stalker pins and the Apex Predators & 6-4 Coin.

These were bought from Evolve or Die Hoodie and the Bomber Jacket.

These are all included in the Vanguard Collector’s Edition: Bottom left box, Helmet, shemagh scarf, dog tags, notepad, patches.

The Mcfarlane Toys were bought from my local EB games but you can get them off Amazon too. Jack, Jester & Blisk.

These are available from your local supermarket: Dew and Doritos #420 NO SCOPE HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEE

u/BasicallySongLyrics · 1 pointr/titanfall

I've been wondering, too. If you have it for Xbone you can actually buy an upgrade card from [Amazon](Titanfall 2: Deluxe Upgrade - Xbox One Digital Code As for the rest, still no confirmation or ETA.

u/JimmithyWeav · 2 pointsr/titanfall


My reddit app on my phone doesn't alert me of messages and I don't check it often D:

u/lorywindrunner · 1 pointr/titanfall

I dont think it exists on PC which sucks. I found this for xbox though.

u/rami_mardini · 3 pointsr/titanfall

Get this, heard about it a few days ago and immediately ordered one, it's basically a poor man's elite controller (just programmable paddles, which is what most people want scufs/elite controllers for)

u/zac115 · 2 pointsr/titanfall

You can actually buy it on Amazon. Now I will warn you the bumper pack comes with mods built in. But the reason I use it is because it requires you to have it connected to your Playstation I said that there is zero lag time between the controller and the system itself and it was the only one I could find on Amazon. But using mods are for no skill players.

[here](Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4 is the item

Edit: can't seem to get the link function of Reddit to work correctly so sorry about that.

u/Astrobomb · 1 pointr/titanfall

During the Titanfall 1 days, my sources were:

  • The original Titanfall website

  • The Titanfall Companion App ("Universe" section)

  • Insignias

  • The Titanfall 1 multiplayer campaign (so many hours spent on YouTube, increasing video quality, turning on subtitles, pausing, playing, pausing, playing... argh)

    Though I never actually bought it until recently, "The Art of Titanfall" has a lot of great information, much of which you'll find on the wiki. Definitely worth the buy. "The Art of Titanfall 2" is also good but doesn't contain as much straightforward lore as its predecessor, despite having some beautiful concept art and tragically excluded models and environments.
u/YoullReadThis · 2 pointsr/titanfall

I could have sworn I seen it in the patch notes but I could be wrong. A quick google search tells me Xbox One is getting an upgrade package. I don't see why origin can't have the upgrade package either.