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u/summerandsmoke · 2 pointsr/toronto

Check out the book Haunted Toronto - so far the best compilation of supposedly haunted places in Toronto that I've come across. There are a bunch of well known places, like Old City Hall, Queen's Park, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Royal York hotel etc but tons of unexpected places as well. You can probably find a cheap copy @ BMV or Seeker's.

And then there's this as well.

I love hearing about this kind of stuff, and have heard tons of cool stories from co-workers, friends of friends etc, so it never hurts to randomly ask people for their ghost stories, whether they're made up or exaggerated most people have a freaky encounter or two to share.

u/andey · 11 pointsr/toronto

I no longer live in Toronto, but for anyone trying to get a HD antenna, make sure you invest in a power boosted one.

This is the one I have. I recommend it, great value.

Anyone living in the states, check this map and it will tell you want channels you should be able to get.

For Canadians, here is a 3rd party map

u/ylsf · 3 pointsr/toronto

Yeah, I would hope this is obvious to most people but I guess it is good for those that don't know. Definitely recommend getting a better antenna from somewhere besides Bestbuy. If you want a cheap antenna, dollarama was selling some RCA ones for $3 but if you are going to spend over $20 look for something like this:

(Model sometimes goes on sale for less than $50 from The Source).

u/Defenestresque · 10 pointsr/toronto

Traffic calming and safety can be counterintuitive. There's a great chapter in Tom Vanderbilt's book Traffic that compares injury rates in a section of a street that has a high degree of separation between roadway and sidewalks (distance, barriers) and another section where the separation is minimal. Confusingly enough, it turned out that the sections that had higher separation/protection actually had more fatalities. It's not always as simple as it seems and sometimes what we think are good ideas can actually backfire.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, by the way. An absolutely fascinating look into something we don't think that much about (at least in-depth!)

u/Soupstorm · 9 pointsr/toronto

Assuming you're using foam plugs, you should try musician's earplugs, they tend to have a better fit and block out more noise more-evenly. I got this pair off Amazon for $15, but there are others with various prices and decibel reductions. They last a long time too, as long as you keep them clean. I use hydrogen peroxide to clean mine since it's cheap and my plugs are silicone-on-plastic.

u/kermityfrog · 2 pointsr/toronto

Wow - I've had bad luck with rabbit ears. I've tried half a dozen different indoor antennas and now use an ClearStream Eclipse. I've tried various amplified and unamplified flat antennas, and also a Terk indoor antenna that got great reviews.

u/justanotherreddituse · 6 pointsr/toronto

Funny thing is that in clubs and party's nobody ever realized I'm wearing ear protection. I wear these.

or these;

I wear different ones for guns and other high volume situations though. Long and Mcquade has some other decent earplugs but for the life of me I can't remember the brand. Musicians earplugs make it quite easy to still hear music and have conversations with people.

u/PETEJOZ · 9 pointsr/toronto

The Yi dash cam is the cheapest I'd go. Any cheaper and the video quality will be too poor to read license plates and the. quality will be poor.

You should also consider a Viofo a119 for a step up.

However, if you need to be absolutley sure your camera will capture license plates (a really important thing) day OR night, you're looking to spend over $200. Plus you get things like recording while parking and easier video retrieval.

But for basic recording the two I mentioned are perfect. Just don't forget to say the license plate in case of a hit and run so that your camera will record you saying it.

u/Leaderbean03 · 1 pointr/toronto

I had a similar dilemna when I had my truck. But luckily they actually have these little push-plow brushes with foam rubber. WAY better than a brush/broom.

u/JeahNotSlice · 8 pointsr/toronto

If any one wants a great, short read, Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall bottomed out and ended up in Toronto's tent city in its heyday back in 2002 and decided to document his experience. A great, horrible, enthralling read.

u/InspectorVII · 6 pointsr/toronto

I would opt for something like this.

While it isn't the most attractive antenna, it does get really great reception. I have been through several panals and loops which have all required a far amount of adjustment which isn't ideal.

u/aa_tw · 6 pointsr/toronto

There sure are!

I did a quick search in amazon and found this. I'm sure others will have recommendations as well.

u/robert_d · 23 pointsr/toronto

Firstly, if you were in the intersection as her light turned green (and you had to be as you were t-boned) she is 100% to blame. The reason is simple and often forgot: Just because the light turns green does not mean you have the right to hit the gas. You are obligated to ensure that the intersection has been cleared.

Vis a vi, if you are turning left and the light turns red, and you are already in the intersection you are obligated to turn and the other cars are obligated to wait until you clear the intersection.

The real issue here is people don't understand how to drive.

Second thing, get a dashcam. I have this one,, and cannot say a single bad thing about it.

u/arsenefinger · 11 pointsr/toronto

I'd recommend Pierre Berton's Vimy for a detailed yet engaging account of what the battle was like for the people involved, and what the victory meant for Canada as a nation.

u/jupiterslament · 5 pointsr/toronto

For what it's worth, I first got a monoprice antenna and picked up nothing but City TV and CBC.

I then got the unamplified version of this thing and pick up pretty much all the networks listed on the right.

Admittedly... I face south. But just saying the antenna does make a huge difference cause I still faced south with the terrible monoprice antenna too.

u/cmmartti · 1 pointr/toronto

Is this the book you're referring to? "Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)" by Tom Vanderbilt. Sounds really interesting.

u/juststayvicious · 1 pointr/toronto

I think it's easy to dispell that spirits exist if you've never had a supernatural experience. Some people are more "in tune" with these things, allowing them to perhaps see/hear/feel things that others can't. If you check out Haunted Toronto by John Robert Colombo there are stories about the Keg & other supposed Toronto hauntings.

u/marnas86 · 2 pointsr/toronto

Just read the Robyn Doolittle book, Crazy Town. Gives you a great idea of what an asshole DoFo is, even to his younger brother.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 6 pointsr/toronto

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u/pap3r_boy · 17 pointsr/toronto

Or pay 4 cents per bag instead of 2 and get the bio degradable kind. Surely it won't break the bank.

Edit: if you care to buy from and support a company that gives a shit about the environment rather than Amazon's brand which does not and generally treats their employees like shit. (Yes I see the irony in posting an Amazon link to the product)

u/cerealz · 9 pointsr/toronto

Kryptonite or bust.

Local shops have crazzzy prices for locks. If they were a few bucks more than amazon, I'd buy them locally but they are $30+ more expensive.

Currently using this...

u/1l1a · 1 pointr/toronto

does it matter which way im facing?
im facing north and i live in thornhill

is this the same of this one

u/EvanHarper · 2 pointsr/toronto

People should have to pay market prices for parking, whether they're parking a food truck there or not. (By the way, that would mean drastically less parking, as parking is heavily subsidized.)

u/warpzero · 3 pointsr/toronto

I went all out and got the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit:

This lock is small, but JUST the right size to lock your bike, with no room for anything to get in to pry it. It's a very solid lock.

u/ZJC2000 · 1 pointr/toronto

I use both pills on the leash. This ensures I never run out of bags. Bags clip to the container. No excuse not to.

u/RahAbasd · 1 pointr/toronto

The Star reported the beating last week, although without mention of the motive.

The author describes himself as "a narcissistic sociopath whose ego is bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass". link

u/RahAbasd2 · 2 pointsr/toronto

The Star reported the beating last week, although without mention of the motive.

The author describes himself as "a narcissistic sociopath whose ego is bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass". link