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u/kyliebound · 1 pointr/transadorable

Zenith Dark Brown Rooted Light Blonde Lace Front Wigs for Women Best Synthetic Hair Wavy Wig with Flawless Hairline 24 inches Heat Safe

Here you go! 😊

u/ifitsTrapPrincess · 2 pointsr/transadorable

I got it from amazon! I think if you looked up Halloween dress you’ll find it ☺️ and thank you, I was very happy so perhaps that’s why~ link for the same dress

u/topcoatsandhats · 1 pointr/transadorable

Here ya go!

I got an extra large so see how it fits me and adjust accordingly lol 😊

u/theSlowCrow_ · 2 pointsr/transadorable

Wedtrend Women's 1950s Cap Sleeves Swing Vintage Party Dresses Multi Colored WTP10007Yellow2XL

Heres the Amazon link :)

u/inb4ohnoes · 5 pointsr/transadorable

Thanks!! I got it on Amazon. Here:

Cocoship Black & White Striped Vintage Sailor Pin Up Swimsuit One Piece Skirtini Cover Up Beachwear M(FBA)

u/AnonymousAurele · 2 pointsr/transadorable

I believe Redkin Frizz Dismiss shampoo & conditioner may help, also try Chi Silk treatment for after shower application.

u/letterstosnapdragon · 5 pointsr/transadorable

Just finished a novel about a transgender girl figuring out who she is.
Still waiting to hear back from publishers. Here's my other novel.. Sadly no book signings yet. :)