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u/redfriday27 · 2 pointsr/transit

It might look strange but this infinity neck pillow works for me on airplanes without neck rests. I’ve tried a bunch of neck pillows and this seems to work the best. Also washable, which is nice when you’re riding transit. Hope that helps!

u/meatspaces · 1 pointr/transit

It was a comment meant partly seriously (see my other comment about CH₄; I'd welcome a reputable source that says that CH₄ quantities in permafrost and below the oceans are actually in the "known" category and not in the "unknown" category), and partly as a tongue-in-cheek reminder that there's more at stake here than whether this single new transportation option proves viable or not.

I'd really like to read a study about the impact of scooters on existing transit systems but I'm sure it's still too early for that. At one point I considered getting one myself as there are some very compact models out there. Having one that I could fold up and take onto a bus would really increase the effective range of my city's bus system (for me, anyway). I don't ride the bus often, but having one similar to this -- which has the incredibly simple design advantage of an extendable handle for wheeling while folded -- would change that. I still think about it.

u/toasterb · 2 pointsr/transit

For a book that focuses on sustainability and reducing car dependence check out Sustainable Transportation Planning: Tools for Creating Vibrant, Healthy, and Resilient Communities.

The authors are from one of the top firms for sustainable planning in the US, so while it may seem to be written for academic settings, it’s pretty straightforward and based on work in the field. Also, it’s fairly contemporary (first published in 2012).

u/cirrus42 · 10 pointsr/transit
  1. To learn about what US transit systems look like on the ground today, read Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of US Transit by Christof Spieler.

  2. To learn about how bus planning works and what makes good bus planning, read Human Transit by Jarrett Walker.
u/thumbnailmoss · 2 pointsr/transit

This looks like an interesting book. I was thinking something along the lines of Transportation Planning Handbook by Michael D Meyer . Though it is a pricey book.

u/julianface · 2 pointsr/transit

If you need the more technical side especially for operations then this book is very good and the "standard reference" as far as I know

u/vitingo · 8 pointsr/transit

If you have the technical skills, make maps. I'm a programmer, so I made a transit app for my local system. Get in touch with other transit advocates in your area. Perhaps you can agree on some low hanging fixes and lobby for them. Deepen your understanding of the problem, I suggest Human Transit and The High Cost of Free Parking

u/lettuce · 1 pointr/transit

Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt. There's also a good blog but isn't updated very often anymore.

u/mickcube · 1 pointr/transit

is this book common knowledge on r/transit? it's your tumblr in print form.