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u/DaniPhye · 1 pointr/transpassing

Okay, so yea, I really like Simple Gel Moisturizer and Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser.

The Simple Moisturizer is nice cause it soaks into your skin really easily and doesn't leave it greasy, and in trying it it moisturizes my face to keep dry skin from showing up but besides that I dunno how much this helps cause I don't feel that moisturized after this, but maybe it's just cause I'm used to more lotion-type things that do leave my face feeling more greasy. Also I figure it can't hurt, and my skin seems better with it than without.

The Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser I really like cause it works as a makeup remover, as well as a moisturizer at night. It leaves your face feeling a little greasy for most the night, but I figure that's not too big of a deal since I just wash it off in the morning, and my skin feels really good in the morning after using it (plus my wrinkle has been less noticeable recently so that's nice).

Both of these seemed really recommended by r/skincareaddiction as well, and have little to no harmful ingredients that would make your skin break out. I just started using these about 2 weeks ago though so I can't say that much yet how much it helps, but if anything I don't have dry flakes around my nose anymore and the whole wrinkle reduction is a plus.

I ordered Biore Sarasara Sunscreen too cause I'm told that stuff is awesome cause it works really well as sunscreen and sinks into your skin really well so it doesn't leave it white or feeling greasy, but haven't had the chance to try it out yet cause its shipping takes forever for some reason.

Also as a sidenote I've started using Nature's Gate Shampoo cause it smells like gingerbread and doesn't have surfactants, which I guess are bad cause shampoo that has them leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean but that also damages your hair as well. So Nature's Gate Shampoo works well but there's probably cheaper alternatives you could find at r/HaircareScience or whatever that are surfactant-free.

Also btw coconut oil is claimed a lot as good for pretty much everything, and is proven to be good for your hair (that's why I liked this shampoo cause it has a lot of helpful oils in it), but it can also be comedogenic, aka have a tenancy to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin, so personally I wouldn't really recommend using it for any skin care things in general.

u/kitcat_kittycat · 1 pointr/transpassing

It is way post-Christmas but I'd revisited your other post because I remembered your hair. My hair used to look like that.

Gurl, your hair looks seriously dry and damaged, and I think that is 99% of the reason why it looks so frizzy in these photos. I dunno if you've spent much time over at /r/curlyhair but it is worth getting there for an in-depth look. But basically, right now I would bet you shampoo your hair every day and if you use a conditioner it has silicones in it. The silicones build up in your hair, necessitating a harsh shampoo to get rid of them. This means you're constantly stripping the oils from your hair, day after day, and it's seriously messing them up. You gotta remove the silicones from your routine, stop shampooing as often, and moisturize the crap out of it.

That said, as a fellow poor person here is what I would do if I were you:


  1. VO5 Shampoo. You want the cheap kind that comes in these types of bottles, ~$0.50-1.50/bottle at a drugstore or grocery. I have no idea why these cost so much on Amazon, that's crazy. Doesn't matter the scent, just pick one without silicones. Look on the back, there shouldn't be anything in the ingredient list that ends in "-one". Most don't, but there are a couple that do, I think the "strengthening" types.
  2. VO5 Conditioner. Again, SILICONE-FREE. Again, you should not be paying more than $0.50-$1.50 for this.
  3. Nature's Gate Conditioner in Jojoba or Aloe. I like Jojoba better. This is a nice base conditioner that's also silicone-free. It's probably going to run you $5-$7 a bottle and may be harder to find in a grocery or drugstore--this you may have to order online.
  4. Jojoba Oil. You do not want "hair oil" that you find in most drug and grocery stores. Look at the ingredient list--it will be basically industrial-grade silicones that won't do shit for repairing your hair. So you gotta find the real stuff. Crunchy-granola stores, Trader Joe's, Wegman's, Whole Foods will probably sell small bottles of it, usually by a company called Desert Essence (I literally have never seen any other brand of Jojoba Oil sold in any physical stores). This is the most expensive item on this whole list. If you buy it in physical stores you'll pay about $10 for this 4 oz bottle. If you buy online, you can find much better deals--this brand is cheaper per ounce and it's working for me. But you may want to get the smaller bottle at first just to see if you like it.
  5. A normal-type comb for distributing hair-care products though your hair.
  6. A wide-tooth comb for detangling.
  7. Shower cap (optional)

    Next, it's time to


  8. Wash with the VO5 Shampoo. We're getting all the residual silicones out. Use the wide-tooth comb followed by the small comb to gently distribute it through then rise. Now put it away. You will not need this again for at least a week.
  9. Take your Nature's Gate Conditioner, and draw the outline of a circle about quarter to half-dollar size on your palm.
  10. Fill that circle in with jojoba oil. Yes this is a lot of oil. Your hair needs it, trust me.
  11. Mix the oil and conditioner together.
  12. Massage it into your hair. Concentrate on the ends. Comb with the wide and small-toothed comb to really distribute it evenly. Be gentle because technically you're not supposed to comb wet hair but darnit, I've found it turns out better that way.
  13. Now, ideally you put your hair up in the shower cap and wait at least 30 minutes. Maybe take a long bath, or primp, or watch Netflix, or whatever. The idea is you let the oil really soak in. At the very least take your sweet time taking the rest of your shower.
  14. Rinse. Your hair should not feel squeaky when you pull on it in the shower. You don't want it to. That would mean it's not moisturized.
  15. Gently detangle with fingers and wide-tooth comb (NOT THE SMALL ONE!) and let air dry.

    Ideally your hair will look a lot smoother and more manageable at this point. Hopefully it is not limp. If it feels limp and heavy, then I apologize, I told you to use too much jojoba. Use less next time. If it is not smoother and more manageable and still looks frizzy then you need to use MORE jojoba. Whatever the case, move to the next step:


    This is what you'll be doing to your hair on a daily basis. Notice no shampoo is used. That is fine! The VO5 conditioner is cleaning enough, promise me!

  16. Wash your hair with the VO5 conditioner. Pretend it's shampoo. That is, rub it in your hair, focus near the roots (not those delicate, delicate ends), rinse out. Use more if your hair is feeling limp or you think you used too much jojoba. Use less if it's not or if you haven't done that much that day. DO NOT USE THE SHAMPOO SRSLY YOU DON'T NEED IT
  17. Repeat steps 2-5 from "Fix Dat Hair". You probably want to use more conditioner and less jojoba, but that will depend on whether your hair is feeling frizzy or limp. If it came out of the the FDH routine still frizzy, then by all means, load up on the jojoba. If it feels limp, then dial the jojoba back and make more of your circle conditioner. As always, when you're conditioning focus your attention on the ends and middle of your hair.
  18. DO NOT RINSE YET. Now you do the rest of your shower-related routine. This gives the conditioner and oils a bit of time to sink in, just not as much as for the big ol' oil treatment above.
  19. Rinse. Gently dry to dampness with towel, finger and wide-tooth comb detangle, let air dry.

    On a weekly basis--at most--you are allowed to replace the VO5 conditioner with the VO5 shampoo. But to compensate you must use extra jojoba because of all the oils you're stripping, and ideally you give it extra time to soak in. Shampoo day is usually the day when I stop being lazy and actually shave my legs and shit. I mean, ideally you shampoo less than weekly but you do what you can tolerate.

    When you first start this up you might feel like your hair is extra-greasy at the roots. This is normal. Your hair is used to you using the equivalent of dish soap on it every day and has been overproducing oils to try to compensate. The oil production will back down as it gets used to your new, gentler routine. Give it time! If you are really self-conscious about it then use a soft boar-bristle-type brush to distribute the oils from root to tip.

    Do NOT flat-iron or use a hair-dryer during this time period. The heat is damaging your hair further. It will make things worse. Anyway, once you see how lovely your curls are in their natural, healthy state you won't feel the need to. :)

    If your hair is very thick and coarse then as you get used to the routine you may even want to finger-comb a few drops or more of jojoba oil through it while it's still damp to help moisturize, after the towel-dry. You may want to do this anyway if it's very damaged (especially at the middle and ends).

    Anyway, I promise this will help. The routine took my hair from being a mess of split ends and nastiness to shiny and healthy, and it's turned my boyfriend's curly beard from a Brillo pad to a soft, bouncy cloud. It is a hell of a lot cheaper than keratin treatments and all that, too. If you go to the /r/curlyhair sub they have all sorts of product and routine suggestions, but I like using the above because they've worked for me and are comparatively cost-conscious.
u/yoursolace · 1 pointr/transpassing

This is the progesterone cream I use. I read good things about getting micronized people that you need a prescription for, but honestly I just wanted to give this a shot and I'm pretty darn happy

u/LivPlusPlus · 1 pointr/transpassing

Depends! Since your foundation sits kind of heavy and dry, I'd say go with a water-based primer to try and get a bit of hydration. On the cheap side, tons of girls over at /r/makeupaddiction really dig Nivea for Men After-Shave Balm. It happens to work really well as a primer, if you don't mind smelling like dude for a little while. Pricier options include Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer. Those are usually my go-tos when my skin is dry, otherwise I use Benefit Porefessional.


On a related note, are you using a moisturizer before applying foundation? You absolutely should be if you're not already. Just give it 5-10m to sink in before starting makeup. Skincare in general (see: /r/skincareaddiction) can go a long way towards making your makeup look great.


Last tip would be to try blending your foundation out with a slightly damp sponge (Beauty Blender, RT Sponge, etc) instead of a brush. Can help give your foundation a more 'dewy' look.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/transpassing

Yeah, you can try something more subtle. Something soft and warm. Like this one, or the second one here, or that one. It just shouldn't be too dark and agressive in comparison to your skin color. I hope you've got the idea :)

u/polylina · 1 pointr/transpassing

Definitely too boxy, and the top part goes almost straight through the eyes. I think something like this would be way better. I'd think about lighter frames too, those seem a bit too heavy for OP's fine facial features.

u/oddangergirl · 1 pointr/transpassing

I just use these regular clips. There are all kinds of variations. The dollar store is a great place to pick up a bunch of different types so you can experiment and see what you like. I’ve also used these type of clips as well.

u/AnonymousAurele · 2 pointsr/transpassing

Moisturizer, Orange NYX Concealer, Dermablend Cover Cream, Mousse Foundation, then a Powder = no shadow. It takes work, but it's effective :)

u/I_should_probably · 3 pointsr/transpassing

I think Brunette would be a great choice! How about a wig with bangs, I think that would make your face look a little softer. Maybe something like this?

u/her_nibs · 4 pointsr/transpassing

You're not doing too badly in that your problems are fixable ones. It's not like you're dealing with a persistent beard that will need lasering or 1mm of foundation to hide the stubble.

If I were you, I'd hit the library, and get some basic beauty how-to books. Because I can't see balls all as far as makeup and hairstyling in the ones purportedly with it. It's tricky styling curly hair (but gorgeous once you get it down). Makeup has a learning curve associated.

Something like this, and anything else near it in that part of the library/bookstore. Some copies of 'Allure' magazine; it's mostly hair and make-up.

More feminine eyeglasses (cheap from overseas nowadays) and brow shaping would go a long way, too.

u/kirinizzi · 2 pointsr/transpassing

Adorable!! I just started to use this a few weeks ago - I think it's starting to work...

u/davey96 · 1 pointr/transpassing
Stix Fix Design Polish. Pretty much the only product I use in my hair nowadays.