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u/ftmichael · 10 pointsr/transpositive

See if there are groups for LGBTQ youth, and especially Trans and gender-questioning youth, in your area.

Tell your kid flat-out that if they're Trans or gender-questioning, binary or non-binary, it's completely fine with you, and you will support them no matter what. We have to actually explicitly say the words, or the message isn't clearly received. I'll never forget the wonderful PFLAG mom (join PFLAG, by the way, especially if your local chapter has a group for parents of Trans and gender-questioning kids) who talked about her gay son coming out in his early 20s; he was terrified to tell his parents, which confused and upset them because they'd very consciously never said anything about being gay not being okay. His response was "But Mom, you never said that it was okay either."

Remember, too, that you have to walk your talk when you say you'll support them no matter what. Support for Trans youth matters. Support doesn't mean saying "I support you" and then not using their name and/or pronouns, or telling them they have to wait until they're 18 to pursue medical transition, or telling them that they should try not to stand out so much if they don't want to be bullied or harassed or afraid. That isn't support. If they don't feel supported, they're in the stat group of unsupported youth.

This is more of a general resource dump, but I hope it helps!

The books The Transgender Child and The Transgender Teen by Stephanie Brill are the two halves of your new bible, seriously. There's also a new book out for Trans teens and their families, called Where's MY Book? by Linda Gromko, MD. I haven't read it yet, but it looks well worth a look.

Check out and . Your kid would love Camp Aranu'tiq.

Watch this great video too. It's about Trans kids and it's really good. (Ignore the line from one mom about how blockers are "brand new". They aren't. They've been used for decades. The books I mentioned above explain a lot more about all that.)

Run, don't walk, to and join it when they're ready. It's a wonderful parents-only group specifically for parents of Trans and gender-questioning kids who are 18 and under. There's a lot more to it than "you should support your kid". There's lots for you there, even though you're already supportive. On Facebook, check out these great groups for parents of Trans and gender-expansive kids: here and here. And here on Reddit, check out /r/cisparenttranskid.

Trans Youth Family Allies, Gender Spectrum (and their fantastic conference), and the Trans Health conference, among other resources, will help your whole family a lot.

The nice folks at the Gender Development clinic at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, the Gender Management Services (GeMS) clinic at Boston Children's Hospital, The Center for Trans Youth Health and Development at Los Angeles Children's Hospital, the Genecis clinic at Children's Medical Center Dallas, the gender clinic at Seattle Children's Hospital, BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, and/or the Trans youth clinic at SickKids in Toronto can help your family connect with more providers and support networks in your area for Trans children and their families, even if you're not near any of those clinics. They do a lot of networking with groups and providers across North America and around the world.

u/TransparentLove · 4 pointsr/transpositive

Hello Beautiful,
I know you don't think you are right now, but trust me; you are more amazing than you'll ever know! You will do things in this life that you can't even imagine yet. You will love so intensely, you'll be in pieces, you'll cry for good and for bad, you'll laugh so hard you'll have tears in your eyes. You'll see babies being born, and old friends and loved ones join the ancestors. But most importantly, you will eventually look back and smile. You will be so proud of yourself that your heart will swell up and you won't be able to contain yourself. It will be worth all the stress you're feeling right now about the transition and your body. How you want to look and present yourself to the world all takes time.

-Shevon Propst, from Letters For My Sisters

u/LordvorEdocsil · 1 pointr/transpositive

Wear this over or under the panties. I know it's expensive, but it works great for me. Even withstands erections, if you're not on HRT yet!
Also, your mom is great :)

u/BundleOfShae · 1 pointr/transpositive

If you can spend a little cash, get some or all of these things for your hair quality and growth:

-A multi-vitamin/supplement targeting hair
-Quality shampoo and conditioner

These are a few of the things I use and my hair and nails grow so fast I can't keep up. I paint my nails and like 3 days later they need to be repainted due to growth. :)

edit: oh yeah, and take Biotin. You dont need much since all the above things also include it.

u/Frenbee33 · 1 pointr/transpositive

Here's the link 🥰

Check this out at
Transbian Trans Barcode LGBTQ Human Rights Genderqueer Meme T-Shirt

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Amazon, like 3 yrs ago , let me see if the links still good.

Found em!

Funtasma by Pleaser Women's Platform Mary Jane,Black Patent,

My only complaint is the toe box tends to rub the outside of my big toe and it starts to get uncomfortable.

u/InstantAirDash · 1 pointr/transpositive

One thing I didn't notice at first that I hope won't become a problem, there's no hem on the bottom edge. Hopefully it won't start to fray or roll up!

u/pattyisme68 · 1 pointr/transpositive


Looks like the Horsehead Nebula is one there too. Both in the evening sky at this time of year :-)

u/JayeWithAnE · 2 pointsr/transpositive

This is the original dress we were looking at and this is the dress we talked about here.

u/TheNicoleRey · 2 pointsr/transpositive
It helps pull your shoulders back and corrects your spine.
In the end, it'll give you a much more feminine posture.

u/curiouslyfluid82 · 3 pointsr/transpositive

Try Topocaine 5 for the day of laser just prior to treatment, and something like Cetaphil for Eczema for aftercare. I’m not bad with this routine, and my laser technician is consistently shocked by how high I can tolerate — and I don’t really have any redness or sore/itch after about 3 hours post treatment.

u/CannibalIowa · 3 pointsr/transpositive

It's available on Amazon here-

Theres also a cheaper digital copy.

The book is a horror book, with homages to both Frankenstein and Hervert West-Re-Animator.

It's about two scientists who raise the dead, but realize that when you bring someone back into the world, theres a lot of ethical issues that pop up.

Also, theres a serial killer in a skull mask who haunts the Reanimated woman's nightmares.

It gets a bit meta at points, and theres some allegorical stuff that can be heavily applied to trans people. Just a fair warning, it's pretty graphic in its description of violence, and theres a lot of strong language, some of it sexual.