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u/complimentaryasshole · 1 pointr/trollfitness

I've found a lot of inspiration from Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman which focuses on adding more movement to your life in general. She has inspired me to move more all day vs. hitting the gym for an hour then sitting the rest of the day. You can make a change right now by sitting on the floor instead of the couch! I do use a floor pillow though, my tailbone is unforgiving. I've gone from barely being able to haul my fat butt off the floor to being able to get up without the use of my hands at all!

You might also try yoga (search Yogatic on YouTube, I highly recommend Esther Eckhart as she is very detailed in her instruction) for a gentle start considering your skeletal issues. I can say from practicing regularly I've gained so much strength and control over muscles I didn't even know existed.

Don't kill yourself by throwing yourself into a high impact routine, love your body for where it is and know that with consistency you can make changes that will make you feel better. :)

u/kitchbitchstitch · 2 pointsr/trollfitness

Check out /r/amateur_boxing for lots of helpful tips. Not many of us trolls there, but I like to think I represent well.

Handwraps, specifically mexican style handwraps and gloves. I love Venum gear, but for a beginner, really anything will do. I used the $20 Everlast gloves from Dicks for the first two years. I'd recommend 14 oz or heavier.

Out of curiosity, are you a member at a boxing gym? Thinking of joining? I ask because seriously, good form above all else. I've been boxing on and off for 6 years and the only reason I've stuck with it so long (and gotten pretty good at it) is because of my coaches. I won't get way into it, since this isn't a boxing subreddit, but there is so much more to boxing than just punching things and it is a WHOLE NEW WORLD that awaits you out there.

u/yous_a_bitch · 1 pointr/trollfitness

the free beginner routine is SL, which i'd done in the past. the paid version has a lot more options but since they aren't on your platform yet, i don't think you'd find it worth your $$. depending on how much equipment and space you have at your disposal, i loved the new rules of lifting, both the OG and the update. their programming is a little more equipment intensive than SL, but it's a great option.

u/scotty8911 · 10 pointsr/trollfitness

Not sure what "troll fitness" is.. Stumbled across this post. But I've tried quite a few combinations, and these two together do the best job of anything I've found so far.

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps, 180-Inch, Black

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves (L/XL)

u/LoxStock · 2 pointsr/trollfitness

I have a Freya sports bra that keeps the girls on lockdown. It is, however, regular straps. I've been hard-pressed to find a racer-back sports bra that is actually supportive enough. Bonus with the Freya: no uniboob. I think this is the one I use.

u/bluetagine · 2 pointsr/trollfitness

Strong Curves! An exercise book/sets of plans that focuses on glute strength.

u/You_Aint_Low · 15 pointsr/trollfitness

I used to looooove soda, and it was getting unhealthy, much similar to your situation. I weaned myself off by going to the zero options of sodas (sprite zero, cherry coke zero, etc) and then i moved to sparking flavored waters like Ice carbonated water .. it gives you the feeling of soda without the negative after effects, [Heres the Sparkling Ice I am Talking About] (

u/Fairleee · 2 pointsr/trollfitness

Get yourself some under table pedals and use them for the whole night, so you can burn off the calories as you put them in!