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u/mresta · 6 pointsr/trueloseit

If you want accuracy, get a heart rate monitor with a chest strap. Polar are reasonably priced and have a great range:

The FT4 is a great starter model:

But definitely listen to u/zardozzardoz Keep track of what you eat, don't factor in exercise, unless you're running marathons and burning 2000 calories you burn very little compared to what you consume.

u/fatalbinoninja · 1 pointr/trueloseit

Ah, I remember the broke ass college days well. I was a religious donor of plasma for most of my extra cash and that extra 40 a week always came in handy.

I'm not sure what your situation is but something like this should last you about two weeks. Protein powder like this should easily last you a month as well.

You might also want to check out /r/Frugal . They usually have a few good ideas on making your money go a lot further.

u/octoberness · 2 pointsr/trueloseit

Two resources that you may find helpful:

(1) [The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person] ( I don't resonate with the word THIN in the subtitle, but having gone through most of the book - it does have helpful ways to shift your thinking, etc.

(2) Primal Potential podcast Elizabeth Benton's podcast has LOTS of info on emotional eating, self-sabotage, etc. I like that she is someone who once weighed 300+ and took off the weight.

u/le_danse_macabre · 1 pointr/trueloseit

Sounds like we might have the same scale! I have the EatSmart something or other... let me find it on Amazon.

That's good to know. I'm looking forward to being under 330 as that's the weight limit for the WiiFit scale and I always found that to be pretty accurate when I used it before.

u/redditor1255 · 3 pointsr/trueloseit

Couch to 5k is awesome. I've been running it with a friend that has asthma. If he can do it, you can do it.

Plan your meals in advance. Try to cook twice a week.

Cut out calories at breakfast. Only eat enough to get you to lunch.

Cut out calories at lunch, only eat enough to get you to dinner.

Dinner is for eating a banquet of meat and veggies.

Buy this. It makes chicken, pork, lambchop, and eggs taste amazing.

u/ANewMachine615 · 1 pointr/trueloseit

True fact: a friend of mine literally wrote the book on mason jar salads.

u/Chimera322 · 1 pointr/trueloseit

I have an Omron body fat monitor and I use it about once a month. I'm not sure how entirely accurate it is, but it seems to work okay. It would be cool to get the whole body comp workup done. That kind of stuff fascinates me.

u/huskypete · 3 pointsr/trueloseit

So this may be more of a PSA than anything else, but is added to my ever growing list of 'things you should not do without paying full attention':

So I recently ordered some psyllium husk as high protein + inconsistent fiber intake is a recipe for occasional trouble internally.

So today I was making a post-workout shake while responding to work email on my phone, and just looked at the box quick to double check the serving size as that was how i already had it logged previously in my tracking, and I always add my shake ingredients while the blender container is on the food scale. Somewhere in the 10 sec between confirming what was on the box, and actually adding to the blender, my mind went 'yeah 20g, thats right' ... but its 5g, 20 cal... lets just say i had to go back and add an additional cup and a half of almond milk to my tracking in order to thin out the mix enough (cause I mean, I wasn't about to throw it out when its already blended up) to get it down.

Upside is, for anyone worried about not feeling full when drinking calories, I found an answer for that... I think dinner is going to be much later than normal