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u/crankykong · 1 pointr/twitchplayspokemon

I want to start practicing, do you have any tips? I've heard good things about drawing on the right side of the brain, might try that book out.

u/Level44EnderShaman · 5 pointsr/twitchplayspokemon

It's good because it's a mid-brand root beer that uses real vanilla. Oh, and if you want to try something even tastier, you could go indie and try Flying Cauldron's Butterscotch Beer for starters.

u/aGoodGamingName · 2 pointsr/twitchplayspokemon

Instead of linoleum try some card sleeves, maybe some from a magic the gathering site or similar. I use [these] ( but theres the slightly larger ones, [these] ( although im not sure how big those cards are, try looking around and you might find some nice card sleeves.

u/relytv2 · 0 pointsr/twitchplayspokemon

You haven't studied your contemporary Choctaw literature very well then.

u/Lumisau · 5 pointsr/twitchplayspokemon

Hey now, at least some of us (at least one of us) (potentially just me) invest in quality microphones!

But I specialise in voicing young males so you're not too wrong about the preteen/old voices Kappa

u/charronia · 1 pointr/twitchplayspokemon

Nothing in particular that comes to mind. No doubt there are a lot of tutorials online, but I usually find the books I use in bookstores. (for the record, this is the book I most frequently use to look up standard human proportions, including bone and muscle stuff)

u/Trollkitten · 1 pointr/twitchplayspokemon


Speaking of terror, did you see Mimikyu's new Z-move? That is creepy incarnated