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u/pindork · 3 pointsr/ucf

I ended up writing a novel... sorry about that.

Well I'm Web Design but I can give you a peek into your next year of classes.

First, you can and should take DIG 2030, 2109 and 2500 at the same time as DIG 2000. You may know this but I actually ran into a few students that didn't and waited an extra semester. In these classes you'll be learning Photoshop (2109), Video and Video Editing with Premier (2030) and Flash (2500) unless they finally change Flash with HTML5 or another equivalent. You'll be using Adobe programs a lot during this year. You have access to them using your lab computers but you can get Adobe CC (all the programs) for $20.00 a month if you register as a student.
For Photoshop you don't really need much else, though it could be beneficial to dip your feet into the program before you start the class to help yourself out with the first few assignments. I took this with Dombroski and I highly recommend him if you can take it with him and also the lab section with him.

For 2030 you should have professor Snow and he's fantastic. You'll be doing a huge group project (making your own short film) with people in your lab section, specifically make sure you have one person who's very organized and hard working to be your director, the group won't work if you don't have someone good for that part. You'll also be doing some editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. Snow also teaches Evolution of Video Games, take it it's fantastic. If Snow's not teaching it, don't take it and wait until he's teaching it again. I took it with Ware and it was awful. He made a class about video games one of the hardest classes I ever took... that's just mean.

For 2500, Interactive Design, I had Novatnik and we were using Flash. I don't think he teaches that class anymore and I don't know if they're still using Flash, but we had to do a lot of coding with ActionScript - I highly suggest reading up on actionscript and having some practice with it if you're not very good with coding. If you do have Novatnik read the books, he tests out of them, the other professors not so much. A TA I have currently has a set of books he uses for various languages and this is one of them.

From here you'll be taking Modeling for Real Time Systems (4780) and Computer as a Medium (3480). (You'll be taking two other classes but there's nothing noteworthy about them). I think you'll have 4780 with Theen, and this is his site. He posts everything there so you can take a look. In his class you'll be using Maya which you can get for free as a student. This class is more important for Game Designers and if you're interested in designing your own game characters really pay attention to this class and take the elective Modeling for Real Time Systems 2. Also, Theen made his own DVD that contains tutorials you'll be following during the semester. You also have the option to use a book. You learn more from his DVD but he sometimes wastes your time and tends to re-do some modeling during his tutorial causing you to also re-do it while following him. These tutorials take several ~20 hours, so excess time adds up fast.

For Computer as a Medium I really hope you don't have Dannleigh. I had him as a TA and he was one of the worst I had. In this class you learn JavaScript and Processing. Again, if coding's not your thing read up on JavaScript beforehand. You can try this book. Use DIVs, not tables - you'll know what I mean if it comes up.

From there I heard the C++ is a good language to learn for Game Design as well as Java. A computer science minor won't be too difficult as you already take intro to C for game design and being good at coding is very beneficial in Digital Media. You'll also have many, many, many group projects in your upper level classes.

u/mzieg · 1 pointr/ucf

I took that class at UCF years ago, and honestly it was horribly taught. Hopefully the current batch of instructors are better. Fortunately you can still do pretty well with a copy of K&R and a free GCC compiler (I recommend Cygwin if you're on Windows).

C is not the easiest programming language...far from it. But it's the most fundamental by a wide margin, and worth learning for understanding, even though comparatively few jobs will actually use it for day-to-day development. (Few, not none...hold your flames :-)

u/Pandas_UNITE · -8 pointsr/ucf

I used to always get sick, miss work, miss school, assignments. But now, I never get sick, I mean never, maybe 24 hour symptoms tops. I travel very frequently, always outdoors or in public as I frequent shows and what not. I never get a flu shot and never get the flu. Its a waste and will never target every strain. Read the book Never Be Sick Again. You are smart, you are in college, now study how to be a strong human with a super human immune system. Healthy lifestyles do not end with avoiding germs. You can't avoid germs. Its about building your immune system to the point it can fight off germs with ease.

EDIT: Downvotes? For health knowledge? Zero responses? College doesn't work for everyone I guess.

u/Higgs_Br0son · 2 pointsr/ucf

It was two different books 3 years ago for Physics for Engineers and Physics 2 for engineers. It could be a bit different now. Surefire way to tell is to email the Prof, or ask next week.

The Physics 1 book came with a code to do homework online via WebAssign, which was required. I didn't buy the physical book, I just bought the code that came with an e-book from the website. Physics 1 has been the same class for literally over a hundred years, so any text book will work if you're tight on money. Just be sure you can do the homework.

Physics 2 was a different book. The cover was black and green, with a little diagram of a red ball with a grid plane and spirally things around it. My class didn't have online homework. My class was also an experimental structure at the time, I forgot the acronym for it, but our lab and lecture were blended into one session. I'm pretty sure the normal style class used the same books.

Edit: /u/motsu35 remembered the title. This was my Physics 2 book. It looks like there is a part 1 which covers Physics 1, but I'm not sure if it's the book we used, since I never had the physical copy.

u/DaxACTN · 11 pointsr/ucf

The textbook is usually Discrete Mathematics and It's Applications. Don't let the bookstore fool you, the sell the "UCF Edition" for an inflated price. The only difference is an additional introduction. Here is an Amazon link where you should be able to find a reasonably priced used copy. Alternatively, here is a link to a PDF copy that you can have for free! Enjoy =)

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/ucf

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:



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u/mttl · -1 pointsr/ucf

Why try to rip people off OP? These are clearly worth $5 max on Amazon.

u/Iottiak · 1 pointr/ucf

Well that's what I'm asking for, are there any websites besides the publisher that sell them? I know amazon does, but take for instance the Mymathlab thing.
Nearly half of the people who bought it say that the code was invalid. I'm fine with just getting replacements through amazon's customer service, but it would take far too long and I wouldn't be able to start in my math class.

u/NormalVector · 1 pointr/ucf

Sure, in my opinion the Amazon and UCF CB&S price isn't terrible.

u/DaffUCF · 1 pointr/ucf

Watch this video series, it will teach you good student habits and techniques:

If you're putting that much time in but having poor results, then it's not procrastination that's hurting you. It's how you study. Cal Newport wrote a very helpful book on the subject, read it during your next break:

u/Nabakin · 1 pointr/ucf

Can I mount a 40" TV in my Nike dorm with something like hangman and then fill in the couple nail holes when I leave?

u/simulatedreddit · 1 pointr/ucf

You could grab one of these I dont think it's not allowed and you wont have to struggle with switching back and forth

u/aea1919 · 2 pointsr/ucf

They are the same text. One is bound, the other is loose-leaf for insertion into a three-ring binder.

You might try contacting the instructor to see whether the MyEconLab is actually required. If it is not, the textbook alone can be found on Amazon for rent for as little as $85.00.

u/mrchess · 12 pointsr/ucf

Just for the record you can't just "go online and get a teacher's edition from the publisher", it's not that easy. To correctly obtain teacher edition texts from a reputable publisher, you need to provide evidence and information that you are a teacher yourself, and are an instructor for the course before they will give you anything.

That being said, a student should not be able to obtain a copy of any teachers edition book, and if they do manage to get one, it was done so "illegally".

EDIT: After writing what I wrote I did a quick check and saw you can actually buy a TE for this from Amazon... so I stand corrected. Not sure what to think. I still can't tell if this is a true TE or just a supplement. Sometimes they do sell "partial" TEs, but the real TE has more content. I just assumed this was true for all TE since most engineering/math books don't allow you to buy TE directly. If anyone is wondering I used to teach Calculus back at the Uni.

u/elboberto · 1 pointr/ucf

Do you guys own this book?

A few hours practicing with it will have you up to par with C in no time.

u/Nascosta · -6 pointsr/ucf

> Turning in assignments should not be locked behind a pay wall. A student should not fail the class just because they didn't buy it.

You're not wrong, but I have a few issues with that.

First, do you really believe that the school does not have a system in place to help those that genuinely cannot afford it? Every class I've had that mentioned Cengage had the teacher explicitly mention that if paying for it was a problem, to get in contact with them.

As I mentioned, I used to go to a different school. $125 per semester, required by every math class I took. It's a good step down for me to pay that much in a year.

Second, we've got 750 students this semester in Calc 3 alone. I've got 3 assignments that were due yesterday, and 2 more due Monday.

If all the assignments only had 6 questions each, that's ~22k questions to be graded this week. Somebody has to do it. UCF is apparently even making their own software/site for this, but regardless of when it gets finished you know we're gonna foot the bill. One way or another we pay for this shit to get done.

> Also, access codes hurt the used textbook market.

You're not wrong but if we can get the textbook + assignments graded for the same price, what's the big deal?

Renting my textbook for Calculus would have cost the same as paying for access, and I covered both Physics classes too (along with whatever else I want to study on)

Beside the point either way. My issue was that the OP was full of shit, not 'Oh poor Cengage.' My bad for expecting people here to read instead of jumping in on another circlejerk.