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u/_perpetual_student_ · 2 pointsr/unt

The ACS exam is a large standardized multiple choice test written by the American Chemistry Society. The ACS chemistry subject exams are frequently used to prove proficiency for incoming graduate students.

The two tests are not necessarily all free response. She prefers to give part multiple choice and part short answer. There are built in curves for the exams. Things like there being 8 short answer questions, but you pick four and those are the only ones you have to answer.

As for what is sufficient, I don't know. I go for there is no kill like overkill, so that isn't a help. How long the Sapling homework takes you is highly variable. If I started at the beginning of a chapter it always took me longer than if I started by the midpoint, but that's a personal thing. If you keep after it and actually do work about two hours a day every single day, then you should be just fine for any course.

This said, I highly recommend reading Organic Chemistry As A Second Language to help get your head around the topics. Keep track of the electrons and what they are doing rather than specific mechanisms by name. Look for the patterns rather than trying to memorize everything. Don't be afraid to use the CRC for tutoring, second floor of the chem building on your left as you walk through the doors, it's paid for in your tuition and fees for taking organic chemistry. Also, make use of your resources and use YouTube videos and Khan academy when you get stuck. They don't often go in a great deal of depth, but they can get you on the right track.

Dandekar does reward work. If she can see that you are busting ass because your study group leader reports that you've been there working hard that helps. If you do all of the extra credit and it isn't slapdash, that gets rewarded as well. I can't speak to the bumping grades by a letter, but I can tell you she respects it and she rewards it.

The commute is what concerns me in your case. I'm not much better off living in the Frisco area about half an hour away from campus. Having been there done that, what really helped for me was that I set things up so that I would spend the entire days at UNT alternating with the community college. The commute is not trivial. Also, thanks to the lovely parking situation, you should plan to arrive at the campus nearly an hour before class to give yourself time to find a parking spot, walk to class, and get settled in the right frame of mind to learn something new. After 9:30 am and before 2 pm, finding parking is not easy.

u/VeronaZest · 2 pointsr/unt

Definitely buy the kits as they can save you lots of time and money. Be careful though; some items are included in both the drawing and design kit so buying both would be kind of redundant. I bought the drawing kit for around $205 at Asel's and bought any other supplies I needed individually. Also, professors usually give you a week or so to get one.

As for Design I, if professors bring up illustration board, you're gonna need around 10 boards for the semester so do the smart thing and buy them in bulk

I hope your year goes smoothly!

u/DrIblis · 1 pointr/unt

For general number crunching I use my trusty TI-36x. It's $20, does definite integration and derivation and pretty much everything else that a TI-84 does (minus the graphing). It's also solar powered and rather small.

For heavy duty calculations I use my TI Nspire CAS

TI36x Pro:


u/Slayton101 · 1 pointr/unt

I was a sponsored PC gamer. I recommend a wired mouse that has weight adjustments (wireless mice dying during a game sucks and batteries cost money). Don't go for expensive stuff unless you know exactly what you want. You don't need 18 zillion buttons on the side of your mouse, they will just get in the way. Having 2 side buttons for your thumb is all you need in my opinion. For an introduction gaming mouse, I'd say you should look at the Corsair M65

As for the keyboard, most gaming keyboards are an absolute waste of money. They have lights, unnecessary buttons and that sort of jazz. Don't get any type of curved keyboard, those are also terrible. Personally, I stay far away from thin keyboards because they don't have enough tactile feedback for my taste. Something like a Logitech K840 is a good one to start with.

I've played with people who do well on all sorts of weird gear though. The most important thing is comfort. Look at customer reviews over website reviews. Gaming companies are notorious for paying for their equipment to get positive reviews, and (most) sponsored players are obligated to recommend their gear in public settings.

u/MegaCrapkin · 8 pointsr/unt

That's priced a little high for a 2+ year old smart watch that I can buy new for $179.99-$229.99. Electronics, especially smart watches, depreciate quickly.

u/buttsandbrawns · 3 pointsr/unt

While they start out on the smaller side, these plants will grow to be a little bigger, BUT they are vine-like and drape down rather than grow outwards. I highly recommend these because they are easy to take care of and you can forget about them for a long time without them dying. I like these because I like having a lot of plants, but these are the two that I started out with almost a year ago (and they're still doing great!). And they're much more unique than succulents/cacti.



u/ninjininja · 1 pointr/unt
u/teejaded · 5 pointsr/unt

The rec center rents tents for pretty reasonable rates.

Keep in mind cheap-o tents are cheap so if you're going to use it at least twice and have room to store it, you might as well buy one.

u/Shaunosaurus · 4 pointsr/unt

How much you willing to spend? The best money can buy is the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit but it's pricey.

What I use is the ABUS one. Used it ever since freshman year and still have my bike.

u/nauticalmile · 1 pointr/unt

If you know who your prof is, maybe email them to see if you can use the third edition? At the moment, they have it for $14.99 shipped on amazon.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/unt

first, get one of these and then get one of these

u/luckynumber3 · 5 pointsr/unt

Basically what everyone else said, go to class. Yeah I get sometimes you're tired but really you'll do way better if you go. 9 times out of 10 you are not that person who can only show up for tests and get an A (or even a B). If you hate waking up in the morning either a: go to bed on time and/or b: avoid taking morning classes.

A bike is a good investment but you really don't need an expensive one (in fact I'd recommend against getting an expensive one, bike thefts are really high around the beginning of the school year). And if you do get a bike, and I can't stress this enough, get a U lock. They're super hard to cut and make a lot of noise in the process so most bike thieves won't bother with them but make sure to loop it through the front tire and frame. Worst case scenario, they'll steal your back tire but its better than your whole bike.

Someone mentioned that you should avoid apartments and go for housing. Honestly apartments are fine as long as they're not student living apartments. Avoid student living like the plague. They seem tempting at first, furniture and utilities included plus separate leases, but you're generally stuck with shitty cable/internet and the furniture is basically low end IKEA stuff. Yeah it'll be a bit more expensive getting furniture at first but you can find decent stuff for cheap on craigslist. And you'll save a lot more if you have people paying for single rent then individual leases.

I'd assume many of you will be looking for jobs. If you're trying to support yourself on a single fast food job you're going to have a bad time. They generally give you basic minimum wage and don't give you many hours to begin with. When I was working at TC I was making $70 per week max. My roommate who works at JJ makes about the same. Really the only way to get decent money doing fast food is delivery. Go for retail/grocery store jobs. They suck too but you'll get decent hours at least.

And last try to avoid spending too much time in your dorm/apartment/house/etc. It's okay to be introverted (but as cliche as this sounds) meeting new people is part of the college experience. If you live in a dorm, try hanging out in the lounge. If you're in the other living spaces, eat at the dorm cafeterias (terrible food but you'll meet people). And joining clubs is not a bad idea. There's generally something for everyone.