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u/sxooz · 2 pointsr/urbancarliving

Great info so far. Start paring down stuff now so you're more mobile, I linked the power bank that worked best for me. A small rice cooker is a great way to cook (nearly every park has a plug). You can cook rice, noodles, eggs, etc. If you really embrace this it doesn't have to be horrible. I really loved spending my evenings hiking, reading, hanging with friends, attending free events at the library, etc. What kind of vehicle will you be in? Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Outputand and PowerIQ Technology, External Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy & More (Black)

u/jondoelocksmith · 2 pointsr/urbancarliving

You may also look at dual battery under the car. I used to keep a 7AH SLA (sealed lead acid) from a UPS under my passenger seat, plugged into an accessory area of the fuse box. It had leads going out for cig-plugs, to charge phones and leave everything going when the car was off. SLA means there is less chance of off gassing, but they can be expensive, on the other hand, sometimes they are just enough to get the job done and use the main battery up less. Not to mention they can be tipped with no problem, and are sometimes available free from recovered items, such as UPSs, alarm systems or jump packs.

Also look for areas under the car that can hold a spare battery. Keep it away from exhaust and moving parts, but there may be a wealth of space you never even think to use.
I have also seen some of the fold-up panels available, so if you are in a place you can openly camp, like an open campground or a park, you can lay them across the top of the car, or on the ground / against a tree, for some extra charging, especially of a house battery or phone. Also, the flexible panels are more able to be removed and replaced as needed.

With your starter battery double duty, you may want to look at a good deep cycle, especially if you can fit in a bigger one, as deep cycle tends to lose cold cranking amps as you gain deep stability.

Spent a while out there, myself, and want to prepare if I ever have to do it again.

u/Mr_You · 1 pointr/urbancarliving

Use the trip calculator to see about how much you'll spend on fuel.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is the most visited national park in the U.S. Be aware traffic will increase around the peak of fall foliage. It's worth experiencing even for a very short drive. Early in the morning you might have certain areas all to your self. Asheville is a cool town if you've never been.

IMO, the most comfortable tent is an 11' hammock tent. You'll want tree straps, an under-quilt (or camping pad), bug net, and tarp (can be $20 box store heavy duty tarp if you want). Generally speaking Ozark Trail/Walmart camping products are good bang for buck. A tarp may be the only way to keep any tent dry during heavy rain. Backpacking gear doesn't take up as much space. A lot of folks like their JetBoil. I have a cheap PocketRocket knock off and a lot of people are happy with their Etekcity stoves.

Don't keep food or food trash in your car or make sure it's in an air tight sealed container.

Stealth/private camping vehicle ideas:

Tri-fold mattress, blackout curtain, 35% or state legal tint, Rain Guard and ShadeSox (bug/privacy screen), and optional hyper-insulated custom window covers. Avoid covering the driver and front passenger side windows, not as stealthy. Only use a windshield sun shield in the summer. Avoid covering the driver and front passenger side windows, not as stealthy. Only use a windshield sun shield in the summer.

u/elnet1 · 1 pointr/urbancarliving

If you look on your power adapter, it should tell you the watts, if not, to calculate watts, multiply volts x amps. So, for my laptop, it was 65 watts, and the Samsung fast charger is 10 watts for a total of 75 watts, so I could have gotten away with like a 100 watt inverter, but I was looking into getting a portable printer and wanted extra capacity.

I bought one like this off of amazon, worked good, but after a while, the USB port died (probably an internal fuse). But since it had "household" 110v outlets as well, it was just as easy to use the standard plugs that came with my laptop and Samsung wall charger.

This one is the same price (29.99), but 400W (400 watts):

At the time, I didn't have much money, but I would have liked to have bought a higher wattage one, like 2000 watts, so that I could use a hot pot to heat water for tea/coffee/soup, etc. The hot pot that I currently have draws 1500 watts, for example.

u/wupdup · 2 pointsr/urbancarliving

Try this one. It doesn't have an AC outlet. It has the input plug that plugs into the laptop to charge it. Although now that I'm looking closer, you may not be able to directly run a laptop off it, nor get a full charge. So consider a more powerful battery than this one, or more than one.

I also recommend a super capacitor jump starter. Those don't need to be kept charged to start your vehicle. Mine works better than the Grepro.

u/aboyhasn0name · 4 pointsr/urbancarliving

as others have mentioned, if it's the big flying ones it's probably a "water bug" or "tree roach" which aren't nearly as bad as the small German cockroaches. consider making screens for your windows with no-see-um mesh like you can make a stocking that slides over the top of the door/window that way it only has to be secured at the bottom. also if you store any food in the car, make sure its all in rigid air tight containers. nothing in bags.

u/sensing_intel · 2 pointsr/urbancarliving

You can put something like that up on your car windows. I know it's Amazon and you don't have your own place, but they should have similar products in local stores around your area. Just make sure you don't violate any window tint laws.

u/longtrekkerDOTcom · 1 pointr/urbancarliving

Yes! Two of these: Universal UB121000-45978 12v 100AH

If I had enough space I'd get more. When I upgrade to a van I'll probably switch to lithium batteries.

u/FERRISBUELLER2000 · 1 pointr/urbancarliving

Cheap coolers under $100 for ice retention YouTube video challenge


here is the winner.Igloo Marine Ultra Quantum 52 Qt. Roller Cooler $60 ( advertising 5 days of ice)

Be aware there's also how to videos with people modifying coolers by adding Spray foam insulation into the lids and small sheets of foam board insulation added to the interior of the cooler.

u/problem_fixed_kb · 2 pointsr/urbancarliving

ya this is the one that I got: Powkey 200Watt Portable Power Bank with AC Outlet for Camping 42000mAh Power Supply for CPAP ,2 AC Ports, 4 USB Ports, 2 DC Port

u/AllTipsCryptoPlease · 3 pointsr/urbancarliving

Dry socks. Change every day. Used socks have moist letting the cold trough.

I occasionally fill up two small plastic bottles with hot water from gas station bathrooms. Put them with my feet under a blanket.

Anyone tried USB powered blankets? From a powerpack?


u/damnthistrafficjam · 1 pointr/urbancarliving

You can buy a little setup from Amazon that includes a blinking light that’s battery powered and easy to mount;

D-yun Fake CAR Motor Alarm No Wiring Only Led Flash

Also, read some of the reviews about how others mounted theirs. The blinking light might make thieves believe there’s a wired alarm. Of course if they’re real pros they’ll take a closer look and not be put off. But you can only plan for so much. Just a few bucks and better than nothing.