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u/SuaveGerardo · 4 pointsr/utarlington

When I took it a year ago, the examples were sparse and it felt like the course didn't keep up with the labs. In the first week and a half, we were covering physics fundamentals, the syllabus, and the professor's standards in class and in the lab we jumped straight into voltage and current dividers. We had three or four homework assignments and IIRC there was a single circuit in each homework.

My advice is to get a really good fundamentals of electrical engineering book and work as much of that book as possible. I used this book and I found it very helpful. It would be a good idea to watch EE videos on YouTube as well. EEVblog, GreatScott, ElectroBOOM, and bigclive are all good resources.

u/woops_wrong_thread · 3 pointsr/utarlington

As someone whose had to park on both sides of campus, the west side of campus (fine arts, architecture), is soooo much easier. Or just take 8AM classes and not worry about it. I thought about buying one of these and charging people something like $5 to get to class lol

u/Partisan189 · 1 pointr/utarlington

Email your professor or wait until class starts to ask them. I just took Calc II and only bought the homework code and never needed the book.

Honestly I don't remember anything about a UTA specific version. The professor used the regular version of Calculus: Early Transcendentals by Briggs.