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u/HexCoils · 2 pointsr/vapeitforward

You know what adults really love at things like this? Shit they actually would use and not throw away. Like a cast iron pan, or a chef's knife (side note: I wouldn't buy that personally but it's the best looking one I can find for $25). I still have a blanket that I got from a White Elephant a few years ago. Doesn't match a thing in my house, but it's comfy and comes in handy all the time.

For the kids, and adults honestly, I'd recommend a nerf gun (expect to remember people getting shot with it the entire rest of the party), Jenga, or a mini helicopter.

Even if a kid gets stuck with a cast iron pan you know their parents are going to give them twenty bucks for it to make em happy.

u/SoupCanNort · 1 pointr/vapeitforward

Just two things;

You may want to invest in a Light Tent, something cheap like this would work, for your images of accessories and kits. The lighting in the images could really be better, and would help give the viewer a more clear image of what they are buying.

Additionally, there is nothing in the "Support" tab, maybe just some contact info or something. Perhaps even additional FAQ information could go there...something.

Otherwise, the site looks nice! I'd buy from you!

if I win, I love rootbeer, and am proud of my own DIY rootbeer, but would love to try yours! 18-12mg is fine for me, in a 50/50 pg/vg if possible

u/symplysintax · 2 pointsr/vapeitforward

I got my little cousins these for christmas this year for stocking stuffers:

Very similar to OP's scarab, but its a t-rex AND has to be built.

I thought they were awesome.

u/openist · 1 pointr/vapeitforward

This is good to know I was wondering if a cheap multi meter would do the trick, I'm not great at electronics stuff so something like this would do the trick?

u/NotSoMeanJoe · 2 pointsr/vapeitforward


I know that kid me would love this to annoy the hell out of everyone else.