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u/VegasRateRedditor · 35 pointsr/vegas

We have a user here, u/grandissimo, who is an author of several Las Vegas books, a writer for Forbes, and is currently the Director of the Center for Gaming Research at UNLV. He has a few books that you may be interested in. My personal favorite is Grandissimo; a book about Jay Sarno, who built Caesars Palace and Circus Circus, but was a complete degenerate yet shaped how the city's casino industry is fundamentally positioned today.

You can also check out a fantastic response he did in r/AskHistorians to the question "How much truth is there that the Mob built Las Vegas?". Super interesting thread to read through that gives great background to the history of our lil town.

If you're looking for a more modern day history, Winner Takes All is a book on the dynamic of the top CEOs of the city and how they all have different visions for the city and their companies.

One I have not yet read but intend to is Blood Aces. It's about Benny Binion - mob boss, casino owner, and creator of the World Series of Poker. He's another huge influence on how casinos operate today. If I remember correctly, he was the first one to put chairs in front of slot machines, offer complimentary rooms and drinks to players, and much more.

u/TwisterII · 10 pointsr/vegas

Great list! I would like to add a few more:

Stay in tune with what is actually happening downtown/on the strip. u/MsKim has a list every week. Great new restaurants open every few months - Mr. Chow at Caesars Palace will be a must and opens soon but many locals do not know about it!

Grab a Vegas Seven, Las Vegas Weekly, or any of those free local magazines when you see one.

Also, keep up with the financial news of these companies. More than 50% of the labor force in Las Vegas works for the hospitality company in someway. Being knowledgeable about your economy, I think, makes you feel more 'at home' too.

Hell - why not learn a little about the fascinating history of this city! There are a ton of great books out there on the history of Las Vegas. My favorite is Grandissimo. It's written by Dr. David Schwartz who often contributes to Vegas Seven. He's a great writer and very nice guy.

Oh, and, watch the movie Casino. It's based off a real story that's right in your backyard.

u/Big_Baby_Jesus_ · 3 pointsr/vegas

I read this one forever ago and remember it being pretty good.

The Money and the Power: The Making of Las Vegas and Its Hold on America

This is a fantastic and heartbreaking story that takes place mostly in Vegas.

One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey ',The Kid', Ungar, The World's Greatest Poker Player

Stu Ungar was maybe the best Gin Rummy player in the world as a teenager. Since nobody would play him, he had to go to his second best card game- poker. He was maybe the best player in the world at that too.

u/nixtamal · 3 pointsr/vegas

If you need a good digital tuner option try -- I bought this and am very happy with it. You'll need an antenna to hook up to it -- usually a good idea to get one you can put on a window like -- and you're good to go. One nice thing about the tuner I got is you can hook an external USB hard drive or USB flash drive up to it and get DVR capabilities.

u/WaffleSports · 2 pointsr/vegas

Not at all a speak easy but Frankie's Tiki Room is a very small tiki dive bar that has some of the best handmade drinks(there's over 70 drinks but only a few actually on the menu. The owner released a book that has all of them - book- ) . Best part about it besides the rum is that it isn't full of typical Vegasians.

Be warned there is smoking allowed in there and your clothes will be fully saturated in the smell when you leave.

u/Detached09 · 1 pointr/vegas

It's not old, but still something to understand about Vegas in the modern day. Beneath the Neon is a great story about our less than glamorous side.

u/fiwer · 2 pointsr/vegas

Here's the book I was talking about, by the way:

My friends and I used to hang out in one of the ditches and tunnel entrances when I was in middle school, never went inside really but we met some of the people that live in there. Good luck!

u/alanw8 · 2 pointsr/vegas

I liked "Beautiful Children". It's pretty dark, takes place in Vegas. Fiction.

u/splorf · 18 pointsr/vegas

According to this book, hunting for a job online yields about a 3% success rate.

Knowing someone who can help, ~80%.

Physically handing out resumes, ~65%.

u/grandissimo · 4 pointsr/vegas

Here's the best Siegel biography I've read:
[Larry Gragg's Siegel bio] (

Some really great stuff there, including a thorough investigation of the myth/rumor that Siegel had the chance to kill Hermann Goring and Joseph Goebbels. Gragg uses actual sources, including interviews with people who knew Siegel first-hand, to reconstruct Siegel's life.

u/codeymccodeface · 6 pointsr/vegas

Check out The Mob Museum gift shop, they have tons of selections. I picked up When The Mob Ran Vegas ( there and it was a really interesting read.

u/Tom_Servo · 2 pointsr/vegas

Winner Takes All is good if you want to learn about the corporations took over.

u/feckinmik · 1 pointr/vegas

For Las Vegas history I would go with Resort City in the Sunbelt.

As for Nevada history, I liked The Silver State.

u/spilk · 3 pointsr/vegas

I enjoyed Grandissimo which tells the story of Jay Sarno, who originally built Caesars Palace and Circus Circus. I think the author may lurk around here.

u/thelitt · 3 pointsr/vegas

Well, if reading Bringing Down the House taught me anything ... Strippers.

u/Schneider28mm · 5 pointsr/vegas

It's a wild story and ultimately, Michael Madsen (aka Mr. Blonde) helped my movie get distribution and in front of the audience. It's also available here on Amazon -

u/smnokey · 2 pointsr/vegas

There is a radio show segment in town on NPR called "Nevada Yesterdays"... googling for the link also returned this associated [book](

u/IWASABORTED · 1 pointr/vegas

I have never heard of a class but this book is incredible. History, technique and all things sushi.

u/Big__Baby__Jesus · 1 pointr/vegas

The Money and the Power: The Making of Las Vegas and Its Hold on America

It's about the people who built Vegas.

u/secretly_robotic · 1 pointr/vegas

For those who haven't read it, Matthew O'Brien's book "Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas" is an excellent read exploring the lives of some of the "homeless" inhabitants of said tunnels.

u/bathysphere22 · 45 pointsr/vegas

St. Thomas, NV, is a ghost town located 65 miles northeast of Las Vegas, within the boundaries of Lake Mead National Recreation area (just past Valley of Fire, where VoF Highway meets Northshore). It was founded in 1865 and existed for more than 70 years until it was flooded by Lake Mead following construction of the Hoover Dam. St. Thomas sat underwater for more than six decades until drought exposed the ruins in 2002.

I took this photo in late 2018 looking east toward the Gentry Store and, behind it, the town's post office.

For those interested, I wrote a novel set in the town, Lords of St. Thomas (Amazon, Goodreads), that is based loosely on the final resident to leave the town in 1938. There is also a history book written on the town, St. Thomas: A History Uncovered, which I recommend!

u/_Big_Baby_Jesus_ · 17 pointsr/vegas

Little bit of Bugsy trivia-

Nobody called him Bugsy to his face. He would be mortified that he's remembered by that nickname. He was very eccentric, and "bugsy" was a then-common insult meaning crazy.

He was a notorious micro-manager. There are stories about how he would see a half built wall, demand that it be torn down and moved 10 feet closer to the pool, then come back a week later and demand it be moved 5 feet farther back. The mobsters assumed he was stealing that money, but it was really being spent on cost overruns.

The Flamingo started the trend of "carpet joints", casinos that had carpet on the floors instead of wood floors covered in sawdust to soak up tobacco spit.

Here's a book recommendation if you're interested in the crazy mobsters who created Vegas-

Preview- Meyer Lansky got involved in casinos because he was making so much money off of heroin that he couldn't launder it through corner grocery stores anymore.