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u/Quicr · 3 pointsr/verizon

This is all assuming that your low speeds are due to poor signal strength and not a busy tower. There's a couple of different things you can look at. The first option is if your MiFi has an external antenna port (like the 6620l) you can just connect an external antenna to improve signal strength. Two basic types, an omni or a directional like a yagi. Omnis (sample) are cheaper and don't require any fine tuning but don't add as much gain. Directionals (sample) provide more gain but are more expensive and you have to point them in the direction of the tower. Gain is measured in dB, higher is better. A quick search found a number of different options on Amazon for the 6620l.


The other option is a booster which picks up the signal, amplifies it, and then rebroadcasts it. Something like a weBoost (sample) although there are other options. More expensive than adding an antenna but works not only for the MiFi but all other phones as well.


In either case your best performance is going to come if you can mount the antenna outside. Being inside cuts your signal level considerably.

u/y_r_u_mad_bro · 1 pointr/verizon

I really like the Motorola line of phones. I have used the Moto E, Moto G3, and now have the Moto G4 Plus on verizon. My favorite features are the battery life and clean android os. I usually get 2+ days of battery life (light user) and the OS doesn't have any of the crappy built in carrier apps, but I can still add the ones I want.

I just got the Moto G4 Plus and it's amazing. It's less than half the price of a new Galaxy/iPhone and doesn't compromise on much depending on how you use your phone. It's only 16GB but it has an SD card slot to add up to 128GB of storage.

They also have a really cheap ($150) Moto G4 that amazon subsidizes with adds on the lock screen.

So far the G4 Plus has worked really well and is comparable to my SO's Galaxy s6. It even supports the advanced calling features on verizon's postpaid network. It also has a turbo charger that gets me from 10% to 45% in less than 15 minutes.

I usually watch and ebay for deals on used phones as well. I got my SO a Galaxy S6 64BG (new open box) for $250 on ebay.

Edit: I also save money by not carrying insurance. The phones are cheap enough that I could buy a second one for less than what the insurance policy would cost.

u/pilotavery · 3 pointsr/verizon

Moto G4 Play is my 100% favorite choice. You're limited with Verizon, since most unlocked phones are GSM only.

EDIT: I just noticed someone else posted about the same phone.
It's a fantastic phone, with nexus like software, for only $130.

If you have Amazon Prime, and willing to accept pre-installed amazon apps, audible, and ads on the lock screen (Only, wallpaper advertisements on lock screen only, all vanished when unlocked) You can pick one up for $99.

u/Logvin · 1 pointr/verizon

I really like the Netgear 1120 modem.

The plus side is it will hold its value much better as it also works on TMO and ATT. The reviews had someone say it worked great on Verizon.

u/nayabkl · 1 pointr/verizon

Here is the cheapest way if you have an iphone Xs or newer.

  1. Convert your physical sim to esim for Verizon and turn off roaming.

  2. Buy the following sim card.

    PrePaid Europe (UK THREE) sim card 12GB data+3000 minutes+3000 texts for 30 days with FREE ROAMING / USE in 71 destinations including all European countries

  3. Activate before going overseas.

  4. Once you get to the UK, you will have full speed data offered by Three. And Verizon will use the Three sim for imessage, sms, & phone calls on your Verizon line.

  • If you have iPhone X or older
  1. Download messages+ from app store and activate the software.

  2. Turn off imessage.

  3. Buy the following sim card.

    PrePaid Europe (UK THREE) sim card 12GB data+3000 minutes+3000 texts for 30 days with FREE ROAMING / USE in 71 destinations including all European countries

  4. Activate before going overseas.

  5. Once you get to the UK, you will have full speed data offered by Three. And all of your messages and phone calls will come in to the Message+ app. It allows calling over cellular as well.
u/xxile · 3 pointsr/verizon

That antenna only works on Band 13. You want something that can support all of Verizon's bands, like this:

I've used this one with great results.

u/Quan1um · 5 pointsr/verizon

There are many non-Verizon brand hotspots out there, I can't say that the one I use is the best as its the only one I've tried but the one I use has ports for antennas and 4 ethernet ports to hard wire in your computers which i needed for my work from home computer.

There is a workaround involved with getting this activated on Verizon prepaid which involves you owning a Verizon brand hotspot, registering that hotspot for the prepaid plan and then simply moving the sim into this device. i purchased a $30 Verizon Jetpack on ebay for this purpose.

MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4 4G/LTE Router AT&T T-Mobile Verizon Embedded SIM with Band 12

I also use the following products to get the best signal possible, currently:

(Quantity 2): Wilson Electronics Wideband Directional Antenna 700-2700 MHz, 50 Ohm (314411)

(Quantity 2): Wilson Electronics 20-Foot WILSON400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable with N Male Connectors - White

(Quantity 2): MPD Digital UC-5FHC-9DB9 N Female to SMA Male Right Angle Pigtail LMR-200 Double Shielded Coaxial Cable, 6-Inch


Signal Strength: -51 dBm (100 %)

Speedtest results (extremely dependent on location but these are my results for my location):

Ping: 28 ms Download: 82.55 Mb/s Upload: 15.97 Mb/s


Here are the videos I used to build my system (just a heads up there is nothing about Verizon Prepaid in these videos):

Fast Unlimited 4G Internet Router for RV or Van or Rural Off-grid: How to Setup the Mofi 4G Router

RV Internet - Get The Fastest Mobile Internet & Wifi On The Road - "How We Do It!"

u/cjbrigol · 1 pointr/verizon

I was hoping you get this NETGEAR 4G LTE Modem – Instant Broadband Connection (LB1120)

And then this TS9 Connector Antenna

To boost the strength. Our phones work out there, but only a couple bars, so just trying to be safe.

u/h1p1n3 · 1 pointr/verizon

you are correct. /u/thumbstickz is mistaken.

First, lets look at the SIM.

Yes, the exterior perimeter is reduced in these next-gen devices, but look at the points of contact. They are still located in the same area. A converter of some sorts like this Will work to put your nano sim in a micro or full sim slot. A sim, is a sim. Besides physical size, the data and functionality of them is the same.

Now that size is out of the way, lets talk about sim swapping.

Since LTE came out, the FCC has ruled that Verizon CANNOT change your plan or limit you from moving a SIM from one device or another. A simple google search will show that. And the FAQ he posted below even states that

>Can I use my Verizon Wireless 4G SIM in more than one device?

Yes; the Verizon Wireless 4G SIM card contains all of your subscriber information, so the SIM card is portable and can be used in any Verizon Wireless-certified 4G device. All usage will be billed to the account associated with the 4G SIM card. (read: NOT THE PLAN)

u/Eizavie · 2 pointsr/verizon

Thanks for your reply! I did read that some protectors might not actually be that great. I'm not sure what you mean by an earth ground? I don't know if this helps at all but this is the thing Verizon left I'm using this

I really don't know anything about this kind of stuff as you can probably tell. I just want to make sure my hardware is safe and I'm also paranoid so I don't want anything to explode or catch fire ''

u/PazzoBread · 1 pointr/verizon

There's a couple of options, you can use something like this which will boost the signal for up to 15 Verizon customers within your business. Routes all Verizon customers calls and text over an internet connection.

Or you could do something like this This doesn't require an internet connection, it has an external antenna that you mount outside and an internal box/antenna that you place inside. You will need some signal in the area for this option to work. This option is also not carrier specific so it'll boost not only Verizon customers service, but all other carriers as well.

u/r_view · 2 pointsr/verizon

People that have this, please continue trying it in other devices and share success. Wish they'd allow it in regular lte routers. I had Millenicom a few years ago on Verizon, used a Cradlepoint router with a LTE USB stick and my cell signal booster. Worked well. But I'd need something new. Jetpack is ok, but handier in something else. Similar to this with this, just an example.

u/drewfromOG · 1 pointr/verizon

“How to activate:

  1. Simply insert SIM into your unlocked phone, make sure you enable roaming in settings.
  2. Wait for the signal, accept Three UK setting messages, then you are all set to go.
  3. Test it in the US before your travel”

    Amazon Link
u/s_i_m_s · 1 pointr/verizon

I wasn't actually recommending a case more something like this or this or a full size usb keyboard
Like I said more to keep up with but with a case stand could be a decent solution.

For functionality i'd go with something usb based if possible the bluetooth stuff all has a annoying delay since it switches the bt radio off after a few minutes of inactivity. It's only a few seconds and bt keyboards are still very popular so that part may not be a big issue to you.

The startup delay and occasional ghost keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeying of BT keyboards have killed them as an option for me. You can convert any usb or wireless usb full size or mini keyboard with something like this or this and avoid those problems but then you do gain a dongle to keep up with.

It's always something but it would still be nice if they just natively had a keyboard physical keyboard but it doesn't seem to be much on the market like that.

It's like trying to get a verizon flip phone with LTE they exist but you won't like the compromises you have to make to get one (only one on the market and it doesn't have a flashlight).

u/HayesCooper19 · 1 pointr/verizon

If you have amazon prime you could order one of these, pay $3.99 for one day shipping and it should, hopefully, arrive in time.

u/dabug91 · 1 pointr/verizon

Also, if you are successful in getting the G3 delivered to your house without them cancelling your order; you'll need this tool to cut the SIM card from your GNex into the proper size for the G3.

Nano-SIM cutter

u/dealsme15 · 2 pointsr/verizon

Buy an adatper off of amazon - just make sure you use a piece of double sided tape to hold the nano SIM in the adapter because if it slips out even a bit when you go to insert it in or remove it from the device, it can ruin the SIM card reader of the device. Also, the noosy's don't fit the Verizon nano SIMs very well.

I use these and they fit the Verizon nano SIMs:

u/sandmyth · 0 pointsr/verizon

just buy a sim cutter on Amazon.

alternative is to just have one mailed to you, you can order a replacement online

u/IAmNotWhoever · 2 pointsr/verizon

He said below he bought the phone off of amazon, it is a prepaid device.

u/kaos424 · 1 pointr/verizon

Moto G (4th Generation) - Black - 16 GB - Unlocked - Prime Exclusive - with Lockscreen Offers & Ads

u/iMacYouPC · 1 pointr/verizon

Signal Booster Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Cell Phone Signal Booster Subroad 4G LTE - Dual 700Mhz Band 12/13/17 Mobile Cellular Amplifier Repeater Kit for Home, Office Signal Coverage Up to 5,000 Sq Ft

u/genxer · 3 pointsr/verizon

Do you have filters on all your telephones? Your modem should not have a filter (unless it is an inline filter)...

u/dachuggs · 2 pointsr/verizon

I use to do it all the time! Every once and awhile the clearance items would also get the employee discount applied to them. I got these guys for $6.50 when they were clearance down to $10 and then the employee discount of 35%

u/DisscoStu · 1 pointr/verizon

Don't know...But from experience they do, and are instructed to. Last of my 4 family plans, rest were lost to employee "mistakes" aaalll along the same lines. Very shady, no trust left.

Ps....Is this a good cutter to go to nano from micro?