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u/missyscove · 1 pointr/veterinarians

There's a table of common veterinary prescription abbreviations in Plumb's which I also recommend to pharmacists. It's our most popular formulary and can answer questions about dosing for you as well. For example, canine doses for levothyroxine are often 10 times that of common human doses. I have had a personal case where I prescribed prednisolone for a feline patient that was instead dispensed prednisone - despite me having warned the owners of the possibility when I handed them the prescription.

u/HonuDVM · 1 pointr/veterinarians

Most of the mammalian muscles are very similar, as noted previously. This may not be exactly what you were looking for, but as a visual reference, it will probably help you identify muscles as well as any resource:

u/Penizette · 2 pointsr/veterinarians

stay calm, your cat is reacting to stress. When cats are stressed they start marking their territory nuteured or not.

At the pet store get some cat urine cleaning products and get some calming medication for the cat, it is hurt and needs to rest, but obviously it cannot as it is very stressed out.

Do not punish the cat, punishing will result in more stress and more marking.
Give the pet love, favorite treats and vet provided medicine or just get this
Feliway Diffuser
But your cat sounds like it is in pain and needs some sleeping pills or pain relievers, please consult your vet