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u/impshial · 2 pointsr/voyager

I'll second /u/deadfraggle's comment that /r/trekbooks is the best place to ask for Trek Lit info, but I'll throw some quick tips and links at you.

If you want to start reading the books that immediately follow the Voyager finale, start with Homecoming, and follow it up with The Farther Shore.

Once you've finished those two, you'll want to read the Spirit Walk books, Part 1 and Part 2.

After that, I recommend heading over to /r/trekbooks and browsing the "Almighty Star Trek Lit Verse Reading Order Flow Chart". It's linked in the sidebar with other great resources that will guide you through all of the hundreds of Star trek books available.

Hope this helps.

u/Super_Dork_42 · 2 pointsr/voyager

Wow, if she didn't smile as wide, she'd be perfect for the role in like a fan movie or something. Nice cosplay. You just need the badges.