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u/diptheria · 2 pointsr/walking

I like the Keen Logan Mid. I have liked these enough to have bought them twice in a row now. They are fairly lightweight. I replace the insoles (I use those Dr Scholls inserts you get after standing on their special computerised measuring machine - which I put on top of a thin, flat Odor Eaters insole)

The Keen Logan Mid's run small, you'll probably want to buy a size larger than you normally wear. The shoes are leather free, Keen is in the process of auditing their supply chain to remove the use of animal glues from their shoes, but that audit is still ongoing so these may or may not be vegan at the moment, but I give them credit as they are working towards this goal.

Keen Logan Mid (they also come in men's sizes, which are similarly highly rated)

Dr Scholl's Custom Inserts (Available at select Walmart and CVS drugstores. They are pricey ($55), but this is still cheaper than the custom inserts I use to have made ($400), and you can return them if you don't like them)

Odor Eaters (you want these thin, flat versions so the Dr. Scholl's inserts can rest on top easily, though any flat foam insert would work (since you have to take the stock shoe inserts out of the Keens, and the Dr. Scholl's are only 3/4 length inserts, you need some padding in the toe box. And since I put 500-700 miles on a pair of shoes every 6 months, the odor eaters are a godsend)). That said, the stock inserts in the Keens aren't terrible, especially if you are a more casual walker.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/walking

More than enough time to walk the whole route then.

If the track is muddy or rocky I'd personally wear hiking shoes if they are suitable, I've been running in Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX hiking shoes whilst away from home and they seem to do the job - been wearing them everyday for the last two months running and walking.

*not a footwear professional.

Good luck to dog and you.

u/growboulder · 3 pointsr/walking

Asics Gel Nimbus. Like walking on clouds. I do buy them 1.5 sizes to big as my feet tend to swell at the 8-10 mile point. I use the heel slip method of tying shoes as in this chart. I'm also a massive fan of iniji toe socks. Haven't had a blister since I started wearing them. YMMV.

u/dkgreenwood05 · 3 pointsr/walking

I was in the same situation a year ago. I started wearing compression socks and a soft cotton ankle/no show sock. The compression socks were good for improving circulation to my legs, but there is a lack of protection for your feet from friction in the shoe. The ankle sock worn over the compression stocking offered that layer of protection. This also cut down on blisters on the tops and bottoms of my feet, but will do little for blisters between toes. I found that gold bond between the toes helped during walks.

Link to compression socks I purchased:

I also found that my feet toughened up over time and I don't need to take as many measures to prevent blisters anymore.

Hope this helps.