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u/MakeMineMarvel_ · 1 pointr/wallets

hey thanks for the reply i appreciate it, ive been online all day finding different wallets. its like a whole new world and apparently a hobby i have no idea existed. your wallet seems cool sorry you cant find it either, sucks that this feature isn't more common when its super useful.

ive found a few that seemed interesting that i can link if you wanna look at as well.

Vaultskin MANHATTAN is also a bifold and has a front pocket as well as banknote wide rear slot(which is super rare to find in a minimalist wallet too apparently, everything is either a money clip(maybe ill get used to it if its a nice wallet overall or worse a bungee cord on the back(which is super ew and a no from me dawg haha)

and out of that category i found the secrid to be very interesting, it has a spring slide for cards inbedded in a more traditional wallet form. tho carrying cash can still be a little tricky

u/Ireallylovewatches · 2 pointsr/wallets

This has everything you're looking for. It's the wallet that I recently bought. I comes in 5 colors, my suggestion would be to get the "Cognac" color. I got the "Tan" color but it's a bit too bright brown for my tastes. The Cognac looks like a classic wallet that goes well with everything. Cheers!

Dopp Men's Regatta Front Pocket...

u/vxcta · 1 pointr/wallets

I have the Vaultskin Chelsea & it is my absolute favorite wallet. Nice & thin, small, & it holds 6 cards very easily. 2 in each pocket, you'll hardly notice it. Best of all, it's $22.

Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet with RFID Protection by Vaultskin – Top Quality Italian Leather - Ultra Thin

u/booboorocks998 · 1 pointr/wallets

I got this wallet recently and I love it so far. It's very slim and I have 7 cards in it plus cash comfortably. It can fit probably 2 more cards easily. You can get a huge rebate if you buy it on their website and post pictures of it on social media. Kind of scummy, but hey a deal is a deal. Also they have other slim wallets that I like on their website.

The wallet I got.

Their website

u/bg1256 · 1 pointr/wallets

Also, check out Allett and Big Skinny.

Also just learned about, which I think is a child company of Allett in some way.

If you're into all leather, I can recommend the Vaultskin Manhattan. Very nice wallet.

This wallet also looks pretty cool, and I'm considering it:

Slimfold Softshell is also nice. I have the micro and like it for outdoorsy situations:

I also like this one by Huskk, which is a knock off of Slimfold but way cheaper (although not the same high quality material, just the same design):

u/WhoBeThisMight · 2 pointsr/wallets

This one isn't a perfect solution but it is pretty close. In my experience you can actually slide out the metal money clip. Then it would be pretty close to what you are looking for.

u/wishingyoukarma · 2 pointsr/wallets

I've been rotating my other wallets with this Levi Zip Wallet for the past 4-5 years. I really like it a lot. I like the outside slot. Easier to retrieve to my Card rather than having to zip open the wallet first. But damn, that Bellroy looks hella nice. Might cop eventually

u/dosangst · 2 pointsr/wallets

I've been rocking this RUNBOX for about 6 months now, best one out of a few I tried. And it's nicely priced:

u/Thatoneguyone · 2 pointsr/wallets

I've got a Visconti Bi-fold wallet that has a divider and a little coin pouch. Love the shit out of it, I've even thrown it through the washing machine a few times on accident. Couldn't find it on their website though...

Closest thing I could find..

u/schematicboy · 1 pointr/wallets

Get a cigarette case! I use this one: . Cash fits perfectly in one half, cards in the other in a plastic 'photo insert.'

u/kshenoy42 · 1 pointr/wallets

Borgasets and Dopp on Amazon look pretty similar to the one in the picture.

u/KnightHawkRP · 3 pointsr/wallets

Im going to speak up since no one else has. I like Saddleback. I have maybe four or five of their wallets, in part because my wife steals my small ones. So I am going to give my review I suppose on the ID wallet since you asked for info on it.

  1. The ID area is not that big. Dont think you can put an ID in there and folks can read much off of it. I think when I had my TX DL in there, it chopped off some of the address at the bottom and stuff like that. Not all of it, and it worked for most times, but yeah.

  2. It was not hard to get the ID in or out like some wallets, in part because it isnt that cheap sticky type leather, this leather is going to allow the card to slide, and it wont stick to your card after a day or two.

  3. The reason I dont like it is mostly because of something I never really noticed until I got their leather bifold. On the back of the id wallet you have two slots for credit cards, one over the other. This leads to cracked cards when you sit on it, or step on it, or whatever, because you have two sets of cards, one offset of the other (Admitteldy a much bigger problem with a back pocket wallet, and less so for a front, but its a pet peeve now, so yeah.) Going witht he bifold style of just sliding them in flat, wont give you that worn cracked line at the name or strip part of the card. I hate that.

    My favorite wallet of his is one he doesnt seem to have on his website but does have on Amazon.

    Saddleback Leather makes good stuff though, no doubt. I tend to rotate wallets depending on what I am doing, and if I am going to travel or stay home or whatever. It also lets me keep less crap in them. Two of their wallets are in my usual rotation, the one I linked, and their bifold. They are good stuff and you arent going to find that kind of quality for that kind of price anywhere else.
u/SolaireDeSun · 1 pointr/wallets I just got one in black and it looks and feels good. There is a 12 card version and you can add a moneyclip card to the back. Sadly its a bit out of your price range, but if you find nothing else I'd say try it

u/SonOfASelkie · 1 pointr/wallets

Cool, thanks for the info! I'm trying to decide between the Ridge and the Ridge is cleaner but pricier, trayvax has more features but looks worse and doesn't have quite the organization of the ridge.

u/GreyMatt3rs · 2 pointsr/wallets

[The Radix One Slim Wallet?] ( but I've seen this type before, I don't know if this one is a clone or the original.

All the metal wallets I know are RFID blocking. But I don't know whether they specifically made them that way or they just use say stainless steel therefore they just say it's RFID blocking when a quick google search told me SS is not super effective as for example aluminum foil. So you may want to consider finding out more about that and maybe those wallets will still work for you even if it says RFID blocking? But I still don't understand why you don't want RFID blocking thought tbh.

Theres also the