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u/Azrama · 1 pointr/walmart

Lol man it makes me laugh every time I get on reddit and check my messages. Without fail I always have a message from you waiting and it really makes my day. It must feel pretty valiant to defend a company who doesn't give a shit if you're there or not. I'm glad you're making a difference in the walmart world. They don't appreciate you and never will, but good for you. How you can get so butt hurt over a company that thinks you're disposable is beyond me, but if walmart was ran by people who fought the way you did, maybe they'd be around another 70 years. But as we both know digital is the new marketplace, and walmart probably won't be around by the time we're dead...because the company didn't realize that internet shopping was going to be a big deal. Now excuse me while I go cook this bomb bacon that I bought off amazon, it's pretty legit. here's you a link if you want

u/TheEllimist · 1 pointr/walmart

I buy these for myself. They're really warm and pretty easy to slip off quickly to hit the screen on an MC40. They're $30 in season, but if you buy them off season they're only like $20.

u/VaultPool · 3 pointsr/walmart

They raised the price to $14

81 Easy Cut / EZ Cutter Replacement Blades 09703 STD Blades Box

u/AS76RL76 · 1 pointr/walmart

Try following this book. You can take the smoothie in one of these to work. They taste sooo much better than they look!

u/Ging287 · 5 pointsr/walmart

If you just search up on Amazon for "earpiece for motorola radio" lots of compatible earpieces come up.

Or if you want the one the majority of Walmarts use:

Obviously try to get one from your store mgt first.

u/efity · 2 pointsr/walmart

Box of 81 blades on Amazon. Split the cost with 3 people, you each get 27 blades for $4.50 each

u/tada_hi · 1 pointr/walmart

I went to the shoe department and spent an hr. trying on shoes after getting an exact measurement with the shoe measuring device.

u/DeadlyMime · 4 pointsr/walmart

According to a Co at my store, earpieces can't be ordered anymore.. could just be us, one of our assistants would order 20 of them every month.. and then forget where she hid them..

SM had a Co order a bunch of them off Amazon (, your store might need to do the same thing.

u/WobblyDirectAction · 1 pointr/walmart

Back when I was contemplating the idea of moving up (I'd rather drink bleach), I purchased this book that gives you a number of tips on how to professionally suck the excrement out of management's ass. Our entire western society is built on the hierarchical system where your self worth is commodified, meaning unless you know the rules of the game you're never going to climb the corporate ladder.

Hope this helps you get to where you want to go.

u/nickolathe · 1 pointr/walmart

Some Sketchers shoes, they are lightly padded, but I always wear thick wool socks. I cartpush in them and haven't had any foot problems.
This model:

u/mastersoup · 1 pointr/walmart

Watch some dumb ass YouTube videos or something to take your mind off shit. It's the frustration from not being able to sleep that's like a cycle, that then prevents you from getting sleep. Otherwise try Sudoku or something to keep your mind occupied.