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u/armarshall1 · 14 pointsr/washingtondc

I spent my senior year of high school studying gentrification and demographic patterns in the District for my senior thesis and used these three sources extensively, they're superb books that are great reads for anyone even remotely interested in the District. They're pretty pricey to buy, but DCPL has each book, and the last one is available for Kindle.

City of Magnificent Intentions is an amazing book. It's the DCPS textbook for D.C. History (mandatory to graduate high school) and is filled with great facts, photos and drawings. Although it's formatted like a textbook, it is still a fantastic history of the city. It does a great job addressing planning and general demographics. It's probably one of the best books on D.C.

Dream City: Race, Power, and the Decline of Washington, D.C. is a fascinating read on the politics and racial history of the District, and it's co-authored by Harry Jaffe and Tom Sherwood! It has a great section on the riots, how they affected the District, and the rise (and I believe also the fall) of Marion Barry.

The Great Society Subway is an incredibly detailed history of Metro, but might also interest you based on the way it details the impact it made on various sections of the city and suburbs (For instance, it goes in depth about how the green line was the last line built and how that impacted the neighborhoods it passed through, often the poorest in the city).

u/ihatereddit321 · 10 pointsr/washingtondc

To be fair, you can carry a knife (of reasonable size) and pepper spray/gel legally and in the metro.

The knife is more of a tool than anything else, but it's there if a situation occurs where I need it. The pepper spray is my go to. I keep it on one of those retractable kevlar key strings. I have yet to use it, probably because I look like the abominable snowman (or so I've been told) and no one wants to screw with me, but I'd rather have options if something does happen, whether to me or someone nearby.

Even though I expect most of the people posting here can take a single teenager, the problem is they're like raptors. They hunt in packs. I might be able to take two on, three if I'm lucky. The pepper spray helps incapacitate enough/all of them to balance out the odds to where I escape with limited injuries and hopefully, end any situation with the would be attackers in custody.

I really wish people would be a little bit more assertive and proactive about their safety. Take a self-defense class. Start carrying a (legal) weapon and learn how to use it. If you can't be bothered to do any of this, remember that a hard strike to someone's throat will bring most people to their knees.

u/philo_farnsworth · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

Yes and no. The idea was that the Metro would serve as both a subway system and as a commuter rail-- thus the bad seating layout and the decision to have carpets. They wanted it to feel more like a commuter line.

If you looked at a map of NYC that included the full length of the NJT and Metro-North lines, it would look far more absurd.

I do think that there's path dependence between the Metro and sprawl, but I think that saying it's a causal relationship like you are is overstating it.

Also, might be of interest to some in this thread: Zachary Schrag's The Great Society Subway.

u/oldbkenobi · 17 pointsr/washingtondc

The book Dream City is the authoritative guide on this. It tracks Marion Barry's life and career while also providing a great guide to the political history of the District in the past 50 years. It gives a good portrait of Barry's complexity - he was brilliant (had a master's degree in chemistry), inspiring, had great ideas, but also couldn't control himself.

Make sure to get the updated 20th anniversary edition.

u/maximusthered · 9 pointsr/washingtondc

99% sure they’re the same model, which was also available on Amazon for $500 a while back before they sold out

Edit: looks like they’re back on Amazon for $600 now:

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, 18.6 Miles Long-range Battery, Up to 15.5 MPH, Easy Fold-n-Carry Design, Ultra-Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter (US Version with Warranty)

u/skrepetski · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

The book they reference there is pretty fantastic. Incredibly thorough and comprehensive history of WMATA and Metro, right from the start.

u/SandBoxJohn · 12 pointsr/washingtondc

Zachary M. Schrag's Great Society Subway is worth the purchase. I ordered my copy from Barnes and Noble in Salisbury MD.

Here is what I wrote about it shortly after it was published.

u/stupidgit · 8 pointsr/washingtondc

If you wanna know why it happened the way it happened, I highly recommend reading The Great Society Subway: A History of the Washington Metro.

u/captainsmoothie · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

Dream City is an excellent read in terms of understanding the peculiar politics of DC.

u/jforres · 1 pointr/washingtondc

I'm reading S Street Rising and it's awesome so far.

u/Gumburcules · 4 pointsr/washingtondc

City of Magnificent Intentions was the textbook we all had to read in 10th grade DC History class.

u/herpa_derpa_sherpa · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

I'm a fan of greenbelt park because it's close to me. You should consider this book, it's worth the money.

u/chesterworks · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

Thanks for the recommendation! Added to my Goodreads queue.

My standing D.C. book recommendation has been and will remain Dream City by Harry Jaffe and Tom Sherwood.

u/aelphabawest · 19 pointsr/washingtondc

Dream City. Most definitely. The library has 20bazillion copies, and you'll understand a lot more why DC is the way it is after reading it.

u/stolenbikesdc · -1 pointsr/washingtondc

I go with pepper gel and keep it on this for quick and easy access.

u/RomanRoy10 · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

A good addition to the "Hometown Washington" section would be Empire of Mud by J. D. Hickey. It mostly tells the story of DC's rough-and-tumble history before 1900.

u/Arashan · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

I suggest purchasing this book:

The best Metro accessible hiking includes:

  • Rock Creek Park
  • Capital Crescent Trail
  • Teddy Roosevelt Island
  • Mt. Vernon Trail
  • National Arboretum
  • Lake Artemesia

    Roosevelt Island and the Arboretum are both inaccessible due to the shutdown. Rock Creek, Mt. Vernon, and Capital Crescent are under NPS jurisdiction, but as far as I know still available to use, although restrooms along those trails are all likely to be shuttered. Lake Artemesia is under the jurisdiction of Maryland, so it's still very much accessible.
u/herrsmith · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

Our cat binges and throws up frequently as a result. We got him this (unfortunately, it looks like it's not available right now), and we haven't had a problem since. It took him a bit to get used to it, so we started out with no tubes, and moved up to all of the tubes (including the tall ones).

u/cloverstack · 11 pointsr/washingtondc

Direct Amazon link if you don't want to go through OP's affiliate link

u/Falldog · 7 pointsr/washingtondc

I've heard good things about this, The Great Society Subway (about the construction of the metro). Unfortunately it's been sitting on my shelf since December and I haven't gotten a chance to read it.

u/kc_dc- · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

Oh I just got mine from Amazon. The Kindle version is only $7.

u/ipjlml · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

> How common is it to job hop here?

Job hopping is common.

Leave sooner, rather than later.

Find a new job, if your interviewer asks why you are leaving, say "The position is not a good fit".

Read this book -

u/smacktoward · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

David Brinkley's Washington Goes To War is a good look at how the city changed during World War II.

u/dcd00d · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

The Green Line wasn't "half-assed" as much it as was the subject of endless legal and political battles. The Wikipedia article discusses some of that background. But if you truly want the gory details, check out this book. DCPL has it in circulation too of course.

You're also correct about not operating at capacity. PG county has utterly failed to properly develop the real estate around their stations. This is not WMATA's fault.

edit: sorry couldn't figure out how to embed a link that contains a paren with reddit. It kept breaking the link to the wikipedia article.

u/cngut5 · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

Buy this one:

I unfortunately had to use it twice - one at an uncollared rottweiler that was running at me and my dog and another on a would-be mugger/whatever at night. They both dropped immediately.

u/arguewithatree · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

there are feeders that help cats slow down so they don't eat til they puke. i can vouch for this style working for my fat pukey cat. it helped her lose some weight too.

u/MrTheorem · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

The definitive account of the lack of a Georgetown Metro (and the lack of an Oklahoma Avenue Metro--this one really was stopped by residents) is found in Zachary Schrag's Great Society Subway.