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u/rlvnorth · 1 pointr/waterloo

In case it's of interest, I found this book so helpful when my daughter was young. It helps really understand sleep patterns and how to navigate things like big transitions, travelling, change in naps from 2 to 1, etc. It covers up to age 5 and it was my bible. I hope you figure it out and life gets less stressful - good luck with the move!

u/hbalagtas · 12 pointsr/waterloo

I think it's called a "buff" or bandana there are many ways to wear them, I wear one all the time when I ride my bike or when I'm walking outside and it's cold. It helps me keep my ears warm and also so that I don't inhale cold air when I'm riding. I grew up in warm humid climate, wearing this lets me enjoy winter and be active.


u/danbrotherston · 1 pointr/waterloo

There are free 2 hour parking lots all over the uptown area:

As for street parking, if you're so close that the 2-3 minutes (uptown is really small) spent looking for a parking spot is longer than driving, you really could choose to bike or walk then, and save the parking for those coming much farther.

Additionally, this is a very strong argument for charging for street parking. If parking wasn't free, it could be priced such that there is always a space or two on every block. Then those who need quick parking, could use that, instead of parking being filled with people who could easily walk, or who are employees, etc.

This isn't my idea of course, the book, The High Cost of Free Parking, makes an extremely compelling argument for no free parking:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

u/graydog_BH · 1 pointr/waterloo

Ive wanted to do exactly what you posted for a while but not sure if there was other interest. It would be great to get him a large djembe drum. I would donate to this if you do set it up.

u/-Mediocrates- · 1 pointr/waterloo

Organic 101 makes the best natural deodorant I have ever used in my life, hands down. USDA certified (so you can actually trust the ingredients), lasts all day on me, no baking soda (so no rashes), does not stain shirts.

usually get mine on amazon

u/monkeyboyWaterloo · 1 pointr/waterloo

Not to discount the value of a good course, but this series of books is a really easy to follow and will get you exactly what you're looking for. In the intro he describes how his goal is to teach you the practical side of photography, not the science and math behind it. He covers camera settings, composition, lighting, etc.

u/bylo_selhi · 1 pointr/waterloo

> SD cards are usually cheaper than CF for the same size so If I'm spending $15-20 on a 4-8GB CF

That was my point. If 4GB is enough consider something like this from PNY 4GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card 10-pack for US$40

I haven't checked, eBay etc. so you may be able to do better than ~$5 per card.

u/boyb · 2 pointsr/waterloo

I picked this up for my parents VHS, apparently it does vinyl as well. I can't comment on it though because it was a christmas gift and they haven't opened it...also you can't borrow it because they live in Newfoundland...but it might be worth picking up one yourself.

edit:Yes, I did forget the link

u/monigram · 5 pointsr/waterloo

Bought us 2 of these. Although our van is small, it's still kind of tall. My wife is also small, but not tall, but can clear the van's roof.

u/-Lady_Rainicorn- · 3 pointsr/waterloo

Just buy these screwdrivers. It'll be cheaper by far than going anywhere, like a specialty video game console shop to get it cleaned. And a can of compressed air.

u/TheJester73 · 2 pointsr/waterloo

i was diagnosed late in life, your doctor could refer you to a psycho therapist, however there is still a stigma around adult treatments, and unless its changed, the best i was offered was group therapy and i hated it. ive done very well on my own without treatment, but that is just me. everyone is different. i also suggest picking up the book driven to distraction.

just make sure you are being treated for the right reasons, adhd in adults leads to other issues such as depression, that doctors treat without treating the root cause, so make sure you communicate well with them.

u/corsicorsi · 1 pointr/waterloo

I'd just order them on amazon or another online vendor.

u/tolocdn · 2 pointsr/waterloo

Shoot. Sorry to hear it has not been found. You can 529 your bike online btw and even via Amazon:

u/MOntarioGreatAgain · -1 pointsr/waterloo

$177 CAN

Now send me the 2% affiliate link fee you lazy search fucker.

Also fuck you for not using the internet and making me think there was some crazy shortage of giant stuffy bears for my grandkids.