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u/ChizuoMatsumoto · 4 pointsr/waterniggas

I hear ya, but if you ever feel like trying something new, check this out. It’s really delicious.

Tealyra - Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls - Loose Leaf Green Tea - Jasmine Green Tea with Pleasant Aroma and Tonic Effect - 113g (4-ounce)

And here’s a cheap easy little tea pot and cup. I used both to get off energy drinks at work. I teaspoon of tea, and fill it up with almost boiling water. Then let it sit for like a minute or two. You can steep it again a bunch of times.

AliArchery Portable Tea Set Handmade Kung Fu Ceramic Tea for One Set-Teapot & Tea cup

It’s crazy good, and I wasn’t a fan of tea at all before this.

u/torenvalk · 2 pointsr/waterniggas

I bought one of these and love it: The cap is tritan (plastic), but the bottle is borosilicate glass. They have metal lid versions too. I bought one with a felt cover to reduce breaks and keep tea hot.

I also can't believe no one sings the praises of Trace Minerals Drops:

It makes tap water taste like Evian (my personal fav). Just a few drops is needed, that bottle is expensive but lasts forever.

u/xRonnieIsDOPEx · 4 pointsr/waterniggas

Doesn’t taste like Dasani to me. More like Kirkland brand RO water. Tastes like delicious nothingness to me. Comes with everything you need to install, plus spare filters.

u/BlerpDerps · 3 pointsr/waterniggas

Holy crap I cannot recommend this water bottle enough! It's this 32 oz Embrava Sports Water Bottle ($22) that I got off Amazon! It definitely leak proof, doesn't add any weird taste to the water, it can hold a lot of water without being ginormous, it has really fast water flow (to the point where you kinda have to get used to it when you first get it), it's overall amazing! 10/10 highly recommend!

u/Bumblescrew · 1 pointr/waterniggas

Is there an ice ball mold that will fit my Zojirushi bottle?

I'd love to do this.

u/CoochieCleanBoi · 1 pointr/waterniggas

ZeroWater, 23 Cup Pitcher with Free Water Quality Meter, BPA-Free, NSF Certified to Reduce Lead and Other Heavy Metals

Better than Brita, look up the test.

u/I_Am_A_Virus · 1 pointr/waterniggas

Recommend this, used it for past year and a half with daily abuse from school and is still great. Straw is nice so you don't get deepthroated by an ice cube when you take a gulp.

u/josiah_nethery · 12 pointsr/waterniggas

I prefer Pur, and if you're feeling like dropping some money on the big guns, get a Berkey

u/realityruinedit · 1 pointr/waterniggas

Don’t think so — here’s what I got and really like:

Hydrapak Watergate Wide Mouth...

u/Nomb317 · 1 pointr/waterniggas

Here’s an amazon link for the book if you want to check it out: