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u/TexasWhiskey_ · 4 pointsr/webergrills
  1. Learn how to use a chimney starter. Not needed, but very nice, are the weber starting cubes.

  2. Learn how to use 2 zone cooking. is a great starter.

  3. If you want to upgrade your getup: Slow N Sear by Adrenaline BBQ Co is amazing and worth every dollar. Buy some bbq insulation for the lid as well, super cheap and prevents leaking.

    With this you can cook everything from amazing tuna steaks, to slow cook brisket.
u/Savage_Warrior_13 · 4 pointsr/webergrills

you could get a cast Iron Skillet (this is the one i have and it's awesome

I've used it to make Al Pastor and it did a great job on the grill (I was using my dad's Char Broil Commercial Series Infrared Grill)

u/fortyforte · 2 pointsr/webergrills

The one that Weber makes for this is garbage - it's like a thicker version of a trash bag. I got this and am very happy with it:

u/MPK29 · 2 pointsr/webergrills

Aura Outdoor Products Kettle Zone Cooking System for 22 Inch Weber Kettle Grills - Turn Your Grill into a Smoker, Oven, and More

It's a 22" Kettle just shot with a wide lens 👌

u/GatorChamp44 · 3 pointsr/webergrills

I have this and it has served me well. Does what I need it to do without spending crazy money. The more important thing to have though is an instant read probe like this.

u/lowlyauditor · 2 pointsr/webergrills

I have the Maverick XR-50 and so far I'm really enjoying it. I had one of the Therm-pro ones, like others have mentioned, but it got wet and broke. I like the Maverick for the 2 extra probes (can monitor grill temp and two butts or point and flat in the brisket) and how durable it is. It also has low and high alarms, which is a nice feature. I have noticed the range is a lot better than any of the other thermometers I've used.

u/modmans2ndcoming · 3 pointsr/webergrills

Buy the Lansky diamond knife sharpening system

Lansky 4-Stone Deluxe Diamond System | Precision Knife Sharpening Kit

u/Bokonon45 · 5 pointsr/webergrills

You can upgrade the ash pan to the enclosed one, just buy the part and snap it on the legs. Weber 65143 Ash Catcher Assy for 2015 22.5" One Touch Grills

They do not sell the carts, you’ll need a side table or you can build a cart if you’re inclined. That’s what I did, didn’t want to buy a brand new grill just for that.

You can also upgrade with a slow n sear, the Weber gourmet grate and accessories.

u/thrillhelm · 1 pointr/webergrills

The review comments on this Amazon product listing for a tank adapter seem to echo the feedback you received from Weber about the code and that this thing was all they needed:

u/jimbene14 · 4 pointsr/webergrills

Get a slow n sear
Adrenaline Barbecue Company Slow 'N Sear Plus - Version 2.0

u/D3STR00 · 1 pointr/webergrills

I was told to go this route...

Classic Accessories Ravenna Kettle Grill Cover

u/Simplefly · 1 pointr/webergrills

This is the item but it appears that they're currently out of stock

u/Stephen_danger · 1 pointr/webergrills

I had a cheap Walmart cover that I hated. Just bought this one and am very satisfied.

Classic Accessories Ravenna Grill Cover, Medium

u/Zr2sparky2000 · 1 pointr/webergrills

I found this but I don't know how well it will stick to or be nearly as durable as the original porcelain coating. Is it really bad?