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u/heathbarrrr · 7 pointsr/wedding

I recently purchased the book A Practical Wedding and it was super helpful! it has all kinds of planning tools but it also gives you tons of ideas for saving money... some of the advice may be a little common sense, but there were a lot of suggestions in the book i was super surprised by - like having a brunch wedding instead of a dinner to save money (so you can spend it elsewhere or invite more guests)

a practical wedding

one of the things that was super helpful, is it suggested to make a list of what is most important to you and your partner and go from there! good luck planning :)

u/AnnaCvV · 1 pointr/wedding

When I got engaged a friend gifted me this "Bride To Be" book:

I thought it was lovely and sweet, so I gifted one to my friend who got engaged recently!

It's a book with fill in prompts meant to be filled out throughout wedding planning so you can remember everything when looking back! Kind of like a scrap book, but with more writing!

I also like to gift ring holders like this one because you can never have too many ring holders:

u/egjg · 1 pointr/wedding

Try books!

I haven't read this one, but it looks promising: The Wedding Officiant's Guide: How to Write and Conduct a Perfect Ceremony.

I bought this one because FH & I are writing our own ceremony for our aunt to officiate and it's been really helpful so far: The Wedding Ceremony Planner: The Essential Guide to the Most Important Part of Your Wedding Day. Head's up, she does recommend at the beginning that you don't have non-pro officiants, but we just disregarded that. There's tons of details in there about planning a ceremony I had never thought of, and a ton of ceremony examples.

EDIT: Oh shit just realized you're 48 hours out from the wedding??? You can read those in browser or on a Kindle if you have one... good luck!

u/UntimelyOccurrence · 3 pointsr/wedding

Nora Roberts has a great series of books about 4 childhood best friends who run an all-in-one wedding business together. In each of the 4 books, the girls fall in love. It's the Bride Quartet series:

Vision in White
Bed of Roses
Savor the Moment
Happily Ever After

u/orangemitch · 5 pointsr/wedding

Thanks! It was tons of fun!

The flower patterns came from this book, and they are mounted to bicycle wheel spokes. Most are made from magazine cutouts, and/or painted. The wife found them to be a great way to spend her time in front of the TV!

Woo! Copy away!

u/Cheat2Lose · 3 pointsr/wedding

We bought a book of photographs of Cape Cod where we're getting married.

Each page has about a 1.5 each white border and there are about as many pictures as guests. We're asking each guest to pick their favorite and write us a message on that page. It'll make for a nice coffee table book, since the photos are beautiful and messages will make it even better.

u/agreensandcastle · 2 pointsr/wedding

I didn’t find much that isn’t condescending on Amazon. Or just a planner or notebook 🙄

My best advice is to make your own. Make a quick photo book with free stock photos and traditions. Place for questions and memories and such. Try to model it after your mother’s if you like it.

I do! I do!: The Origins of 100 Classic Wedding Traditions

u/Karnivore · 4 pointsr/wedding

You can totally do it, it'll just be fast paced from the get go. You'll have to prioritize to get things done in the right time frames.
This planner helped me, it has great tips and timelines, but it has way more stuff than any sane bride is actually going to use. If you get it, just throw away the pages that you don't care so much about.
Pointers from me personally would be to set your budget and guest list as soon as possible as they dictate almost all of the decisions that follow. Then find a venue and photographer, as they book up fast. And finally, if you want a wedding gown done the traditional way (made to your specific measurements, instead of trying to find something that is already the right style/size) you should start looking now.
You will definitely be able to get it done! Hope it's not too stressful!

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/wedding

I definitely think it's worth it and that any couple can benefit from it. If you don't want to go the formal counseling book you could work through a book about marital counseling together. There's probably a good pre-marital counseling book out there, but my SO and I have been reading this and it's really great so talks about why a lot of marital counseling fails and real techniques to make marriage work, and ensure that you and your partner are compatible.

u/fonziier · 3 pointsr/wedding

I really recommend this book

Also make a day of itinerary and give it to your wedding party and vendors. Everyone was so thankful I made an itinerary and it made the day go much smoother and cut out a toonn of stress.

Let people help you. Don't try to do everything by yourself. But in doing that, don't let people walk all over you either. It's your wedding, so try not getting pulled into the "I have to make everyone happy" circle of death. You really have to learn how to say no.

Also don't focus too much on the ceremony itself. It's really all about the relationship with your husband afterward. A lot of times people get so carried away with the wedding that they forget why they're getting married in the first place. I really recommend pre-marital counseling wether it is religiously focused or not. It really helped my husband and I's relationship grow stronger and we learned a ton about each other that we didn't know. We started really understanding each other and why we thought things should be a certain way and it made it easier to compromise on things.

u/geeliwan · 1 pointr/wedding

Our gay roommate got an officiant certificate online for free and was our officiant for our outdoor wedding. I wrote the ceremony. This is the book I used to write my ceremony for our wedding last year:

I borrowed it from the public library. It helped to set up what parts of a wedding ceremony I wanted to include, and then gave several examples of each. I did not have any references to god, no church music, no prayers. And you know what, no one cared (or at least didn't share their disgust to my face). Good luck!

u/DoctorFaustus · 29 pointsr/wedding

No, I would not feel cheated. Those people are being ridiculous. Careful about reading anything on the Knot, you will start feeling insufficient very quickly and for no good reason. I highly recommend and the book that goes with it; it's extremely refreshing to hear a sane person speak about weddings after being immersed in the likes of The Knot and other popular wedding blogs.

u/remijp · 2 pointsr/wedding

A Practical Wedding is really the only book you'll need! Perfect to read it now before you totally dive in!

We used to organize our wedding related tasks.

u/Go_Bias · 2 pointsr/wedding

My fiancé's godmother bought me this book. It has every question, every to-do, every timeline and everything you could possibly overlook. I've found it to be the best, all-inclusive guide. Some of it is stuff that won't apply to every wedding, like outdoor tent wedding guides or destination weddings, but no matter what you're planning, it won't let you forget ANYTHING.

u/clothridge · 1 pointr/wedding

I bought this diamond cleaning pen on Amazon! It's great for getting around the prongs and underneath the diamond (mine is a french basket, so there are lots of areas where the diamond is exposed but too difficult to get to with anything else).

u/bmoreirish · 3 pointsr/wedding

People or physical planners? I’ve been recommended the one from The Knot:

The Knot Planner

u/SucculentSlaya · 1 pointr/wedding

Order this book, it has been a life saver for me!
A Practical Wedding Planner