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u/drl_02 · 2 pointsr/weed

There's a pretty nice 4 piece metal grinder on amazon, it even comes with a kief scoop. It's something like 8 bucks, definitely worth the buy. Golden Bell 4 Piece Spice Herb Grinder, 2-Inch - Black

u/CounterStrikeDoge · 1 pointr/weed

Golden Bell 4 Piece Spice Herb Grinder, 2-Inch - Black

This is mine! I've had it for about a year and love it! Plus it doesn't break the bank and is super durable! Plus I've collected a nice amount of Keif with it;)

u/QwopMob4 · 1 pointr/weed

Masking is potentially a solution. I know people who use this on the day of the test and have had success:

However for best results: use within 3-5 hours of the test time.

u/brettsap · 1 pointr/weed

I highly recommend 420 Cleaner; it's effective and efficient. You'll most likely find it at your local headshop, but if not you can get it on Amazon.
If you're a baller on a budget, rubbing alcohol (preferably 99%), salt, a couple ziplocks (to shake it around), and few pipe cleaners will suffice.

For anyone interested, they also make a "710 Cleaner" (OIL upside-down, I recently learned), which is made for oil rigs and/or any other apparatus used to hit concentrates.

u/benzarella · 1 pointr/weed

You should get a joint/cigarette roller like this one . It’s great for shaky hands because it does all the work for you. They are also cheap. One of these would help you so much!

u/L_andmine · 6 pointsr/weed

We got my uncle to read this book. It made him comfortable enough to try cannabis during his chemotherapy. Full of science and research studies, if you’re into that. Also follows the “reefer mania” and how cannabis got the hard reputation it has under the law and why that’s changing.

Really suggest it. It’s a good book for anyone to read, really.

u/bigdanlowe · 1 pointr/weed

This is a real good book, from beginner to expert you'll always find something helpful in here

u/WillGrowNE · 1 pointr/weed

Use Jazz-sized guitar pics like these. Keep it right on the screen. Not only can you use it to shovel ground up herb into your bowl, but it helps knock more kief into the chamber too.

u/jpiethescienceguy · 4 pointsr/weed

This was actually an indoor soil grow using a spacebucket type setup (you can see an album with pics of the bucket here if you're curious). I used the pretty standard issue fox farm trio as nutrients, watered with pHed tap water, and the soil was miracle grow nature's care.

u/cHorse1981 · 2 pointsr/weed

As far as rolling a joint goes if you don't have the patience to master doing it freehand you can always get a rolling machine. They are sized to fit a particular size of paper so be sure the roller and papers are the same size.

Trade-Ctore RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

how to video

u/objeteh · 1 pointr/weed

How are you smoking? Make sure the apparatus or the end of the joint is sealed airtight. Residue is extremely odorous.

u/TubbyWadsworth · 1 pointr/weed

For inside, this works great - Oxo Sealable Container. I use two - one for accessories and one for product. They do well to contain odor.

For public use, it's trickier. My impulse is to suggest "don't do it at all", as the police can be far from understanding and it may just not be worth it. That said, keeping it in a baggy, perhaps double or even triple bagged (the extra bags do help), may do the trick. Just make sure everything gets sealed properly.

u/banjomoob · 1 pointr/weed

Yeah go for a sploof, or a smoke buddy (that's what I use in my dorm).

Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

u/ziggythebear · 3 pointsr/weed
  1. Grab a booklet of RAW rolling tips as well
  2. Work on your rolling
  3. Post to /r/trees
u/Holtian · 1 pointr/weed

Here ya go!

American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK Digital Personal Nutrition Scale, Pocket Size, Black

u/SwaggySwimmer · 2 pointsr/weed

American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK Digital Personal Nutrition Scale, Pocket Size, Black

u/wicked420klown · 2 pointsr/weed

I am a manager at a Cannabis distributions company. I assign 1 staff member daily to microplane hash all day.Microplane Zester Grater made in USA stainless steel blade for zesting citrus and grating cheese - plastic handle - black

u/theycallmewil_ · 1 pointr/weed

I have this one. It's good and the matte black looks sick
Golden Bell 4 Piece 2" Spice Herb...

u/Prossh_the_Skyraider · 1 pointr/weed
The device hides the smell and smoke when you exhale. You might wanna check it out.

u/zlarks1229 · 2 pointsr/weed

I would try to find the strains with lower THC counts, trying to grow a plant and keep it malnourished is not a very good idea IMO. You can find strains with lower THC counts and do the bare minimum during harvest and hopefully that will give you the results you want

My main question in response is why? I’ve never heard or even thought about someone wanting to grow/obtain LESS potent bud.

Weed All About It

Edit: I bought Weed All Bout It and it has a lot of info on growing bud in addition to rolling and cooking. Highly recommend

u/htownchuck · 2 pointsr/weed

I do but im not sure how to show you on here.
I'm new to Reddit and still working on the ins and outs.
Here's the link on Amazon from which I ordered it.

RAW Artist Series: GHOST SHRIMP Metal Rolling Tray - Large 14" x 11"