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u/strolls · 4 pointsr/weedstocks

That risk and returns go hand in hand - this kind of thing is typical for frontier markets (which the cannabis industry basically is), and that's why you've been able to earn the kind of money you have been on this sub (largely from other speculators rushing in).

If you invest your money in Microsoft or Johnson & Johnson then you have a 20+ year track record of their earnings and you can be pretty confident of a few things: that their directors are aware of their regulatory requirements; that they employ auditors to make sure they're legal; and that if they do fuck up and they get fined or the stock price takes a hit, it doesn't matter because they'll still be selling software and talcum power next year and they'll still be earning revenues from it over the next decade.

Occasionally a large-cap S&P 500 company goes bankrupt and leaves stockholders with nothing, but it's far less common than small caps failing (or making losses for years).

If you take 80% of your money out of cannabis stocks and put them in an index-tracker of the S&P 500 or the MSCI World then you will feel like a mug when people here are claiming massive profits (usually unrealised, though). But providing you keep harvesting your cannabis profits and keep your weed holding down to (say) 20% of your portfolio, you will never lose your shirt and never suffer that sick feeling from having lost $100,000's that you can't afford.

Yes, the government should get involved. Yes, maybe the CEO should be sacked, but that doesn't get you investors your money back.

Another way of looking at it is that the government are, in fact, getting involved - they're regulating the sale of cannabis and punishing someone who's selling it unlicensed. When you bought stocks in this company you climbed in bed with this CEO and acted on the assumption that he was a good manager. Before a hedge fund buys stock they do a lot of due diligence to make sure the CEO is a good and honest manager, but I bet few people on this sub did that because they just saw stock prices going up. You might say it's unfair that you trusted him and he betrayed that trust, but that was the risk you took and that's less important to the government than punishing the unlicensed cannabis selling. The big picture is that a lot of people are going to think it's fair that the owners of a company suffer financially when that company is caught doing something bad.

It should not be quick and easy to make money - if it seems to be then you should question why it's happening.

Read Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor.

u/madfatter · 3 pointsr/weedstocks

no you're right. i was making a simplistic calculation on the interest.

i am familiar with options and black-scholes (i have the bible), but i just haven't fucked around with them much.

i need to read up on conv. debenture effective interest rate.

i'm assuming:
4.94/3.29 ~= 1.50, which annualized is about 22.5%, 7.1% of which is the semi-annual compounded coupon rate.

u/mollytime · 1 pointr/weedstocks

nice climb down.

a fluffer like you gonna head-pat me? Cute.

you need to ask mom to make you another sandwich. And lay off the marketing materials. TLO has already been done kid. /r/quityourbullshit


u/MonkAndCanatella · 1 pointr/weedstocks

I was looking through the beginner guide on the sidebar and the primary ones resources are amazon referral links.

this is the first link, a beginner's guide to investing

Here's where the link goes

ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl is a referral meaning someone's making money off these links basically.

Which is shady considering the links are there to provide noobs like me w info, but it's actually just a link to buy a book.... So I'm left wondering why "refer to the sidebar" is any good if it's just telling me to buy a book...

If the purpose is to provide information, then you could remove the referral link! Here's a referral-less link to the same book!

u/shantmelikian · 2 pointsr/weedstocks

Just look at the right side of r/weedstocks forum... if you scroll down enough you will see these :


  • A Beginner's Guide to Investing
  • The Intelligent Investor
  • Investopedia

    You can start there.

    Plus you can search content on this sub for new investors. A lot of people are nice enough and try to help new investors. Only bit of advice I can give you is do not FOMO (Fear of missing out). Always do your own DD (Due diligence) before investing. Take peoples advice with a grain of salt.
u/Donald-J-Pump · -1 pointsr/weedstocks

You're so wrong let me guess you're heavy ACB? ....dont call people noobs..both of your comments SMH...maybe time for you to sit back and reflect. Read a finance book can I recommend security analysis foreward by Warren Buffett..

u/utahphil · 2 pointsr/weedstocks

Oh, it ain't mine--you've got some homework to do.

Check these out too.

Into the Wild


u/circuitburner · 1 pointr/weedstocks

Here read this book first, it will tech you more about technical analysis than anybody here will.

u/RyoCore · 1 pointr/weedstocks

Well, I don't know much about Peter Lynch books, but how about one on Willpower? I'd recommend this read for 90% of the sub, for when the temptation to panic sell hits.

u/YachtShopping · 1 pointr/weedstocks

I own this book, but you should spend more time on the subject if you are going to make such factually erroneous statements. Let’s not spread fake news.

u/Alunidaje · 1 pointr/weedstocks

boom! check out this book. my wife and I did sessions w/one of the author's protegés. my wife's chronic and unexplained neck pain VANISHED.