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u/shockfactor · 7 pointsr/weekendgunnit

The challenge here would be to physically move them from the phillipines to hong kong.

You would be better off going from the phillipines to vietnam hidden in normal shipments and then carrying them over-land the rest of the way instead of attempting to cross the chinese border in open sea.

Also, have we considered just sending them a bunch of instant cold packs to help with the bruises? These could just get mailed.

u/Slammed6MT · 1 pointr/weekendgunnit

Got it off amazon a few months ago.

[here](iPhone Xs Max Case, Cool Black Street Fahion Classic Designer Camouflage Slim Popular Cover Case for iPhone Xs Max

u/gobuyastick · 5 pointsr/weekendgunnit

Check any bearings for slop. Threading would be a nightmare, but could likely be done seeing as how he has the gears for auto-feed. Harbor Freight's got this little guy

and get yourself a Machinery Handbook

u/monkeyviking · 86 pointsr/weekendgunnit

EVEN AFTER ALL THAT it took Shays' Rebellion to nudge the Bill of Rights into existance.

u/Lost_Thought · 24 pointsr/weekendgunnit

Source: This internet slapfight. Pointed out to me by /u/opreee8ter

> "The barrels not even a required part, its harder st shott but would still kill fine."

Explanation: In absolute terms, it is possible to discharge a round as long as the firing pin is struck. However, without a barrel to trap the expanding gas and impart spin on the projectile you will wind up with a very anemic gun.

As an example, Small Arms Defense Journal did a study on barrel length in relation to velocity of 5.56x45 NATO.

> The maximum velocity for the M855 projectile occurred in a 20-inch barrel. This is anticipated since the cartridge was designed specifically for this barrel length. Velocity drops rapidly as the barrel length decreases, especially below 10 inches where the velocity drops below 2,500 fps. M855 bullets traveling below 2,500 fps when impacting a target will not produce a lethal wound channel.

The minimum barrel length tested was five inches, resulting in 1800 fps (about a 60% reduction in projectile energy). This velocity is well below the 2,500 fps minimum to reliably produce a lethal wound channel. Based on the graph presented, the relation of barrel length to muzzle velocity is initially close to exponential before tapering off, meaning that losing inches of an already short barrel hurts velocity far more than cutting down a longer barrel. did a similar study that got very similar numbers, you can check it out here.

Bullshit Rating: Although the person’s assertion that guns can be made by anyone with mechanical aptitude is true, he grossly underestimates the importance of a barrel for having an effective firearm. And as covered in GatFact™ brand GatFact™ #138, cartridges going off outside a proper chamber and barrel are not generally dangerous.

oblitum fertur in rationem

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