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u/iamadsgnr · 2 pointsr/ween

Here you go :)
Regular or
Personally I'd love to see Gener play one with a Boognish head.

u/RiggenBlaque · 4 pointsr/ween

The book about Chocolate and Cheese from 33 1/3 has a pretty funny story about this song. Basically, they came up with the music video first and worked backwards from there. They knew they wanted a couple of sweaty looking Lebanese dudes cutting up meat with shots of Deaner walking along the beach at sunset and then made the song to match to that theme.

u/HappiestMattress · 2 pointsr/ween

I believe Amazon sells them.



As far as actual shops go, I doubt they'd typically sell them unless it is an indie store.

u/DarthSnoopyFish · 3 pointsr/ween

I don't like to be a buzzkill, but it doesn't look legit bro. First off, I think Deaner only signs his first name when doing autographs plus there are big differences in the signatures.

Other Autographs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

u/OneWeirdTrick · 1 pointr/ween

I know it's not what you're asking for, but the UK band Ash covered 'What Deaner Was Talking About' a couple of times.

There's a normal version but also a much more 'hard rock' version on their album 'Live at the Wireless' which was what got me into Ween in the first place! (Ween have never been that big in the UK)